Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick Bishop Of The Church
A Bond Servant Of Jesus!
Victorynetwork.org The Spiritual Victory Network "As My Father Hath Sent Me Even So I Send You!" First Church Of The Gospel Ministry Ministers In All 50 States And Over 60 Nations Of The World! Founded In 1926 “Dr. Davy is an apostle and prophet of our Lord separated unto the Gospel of Christ Jesus for this generation and a man that God speaks through just as He did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through revelations and discernment." Dr. S. K. Thomas -Punalur, India Become Ordained! We Seek The Faithful Servants Of Christ Jesus!  We Love All Peoples Of The Earth And All Need The Love Of Christ Jesus! WE HAVE A PROVEN INTERNATIONAL PLAN OF SUCCESS FOR ALL PEOPLES OF THE WORLD! Our Minister’s Love Us And You Should Know Us! Here’s Just A Few Of Them! “Our ministerial brothers and sisters are called by our Heavenly Father to the ministry of Christ Jesus and each are being led by the Lord into a work for HIM!” ~Dr. Davy Over 95 Years Of Ordaining Good People All Over The World! Become Ordained  With Us And You Will Have The Most Respected Credentials Found Anywhere! To Become Ordained With Us Just Email Sister Cathy At sistercathyk@gmail.com  For More Information Or You May Call The Mission Center At 419-562-1308. The Kings Cross Victory Bible College Get  Credit For What You Have Already Studied! We Offer Over 60 Spiritual And Honorary Degrees! WE  OFFER THEM  TO ANY CHRISTIAN PERSON ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! These Beautiful Degrees Will Help Open Many New Doors For You! For  your best gift  to our home study bible college! Because of our over 95 years as an international ministry these degrees are respected by most Christian organizations and people the world over! HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THEM! Get the entire list of these beautiful spiritual degrees that have Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees! Here’s How To Get The Application! E-mail Sister Cathy - sistercathyk@gmail.com In 2022 we will celebrate our 25th year on the web! Copyright ©1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009- 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021
A Bond Servant Of Jesus
Sister Cathy Secretary Of The Church
Doctor Of Philosophy In Theology Doctor Of Christian Counseling Doctor Of Spiritual Gifts Ministries Doctor Of Youth Ministries Doctor Of Music Ministries 55 More!
Doctor Of Divinity Doctor Of Biblical Education Doctor Of Pastoral Ministries Doctor Of Biblical Studies Doctor Of Healing Ministries 55 More!
Doctor Of Evangelism Doctor Of Crusade Ministries Doctor Of Hospice Ministries Doctor Of Chaplaincy Ministries Doctor Of Humanitarian Ministries 55 More!