"As My Father Hath Sent Me Even So I Send You!" "Go Into The Highways And Hedges And Compel Them To Come In!"
A Ministry Must Have A Divine Purpose!
Starting at age seven I will  begin more than 60 years in ministry in June of 2012 and my 36 th year as an ordained 
member of this beloved outreach missions church. As I began to look back over those years I came to realize more 
than ever that every ministry must indeed have a divine purpose and what brought that thought to mind was that 
a couple of years ago I and a dear brother visited a great friend at Mt. Eaton Ohio; Dr. Kenneth Conrad 
who is now in his late 90's and he said to me "Dr. Davy, my ministry is over as I no longer have a purpose
in ministry and I want to give you all of my ministry and theological library as I no longer have a purpose!"

Doc Conrad's library had many hundreds of books that contained nearly every set of commentaries on the Bible 
known to man and hundreds of other books on the bible and church history throughout the ages and many are 
first editions that his father, grandfather, great grandfather and great, great grandfather had since all were in the 
ministry as pastors and ministers of the Gospel and each had past his books on to the next.

We accepted the gift of the books and we will add a few of them to our ministry library which has always been 
very small as I personally have never sought to build a large library of books on the bible as I have simply trusted 
in the Bible it's self  and what it says rather that read the comments of others about the Bible or the theological view 
points of theologians and Bible scholars as I know that the work of any ministry is not done with mans head 
knowledge but with heart knowledge and the pouring of God's word into yourself daily because the Bible 
THAT'S WHAT!!!.....THE BIBLE!....THE BIBLE and NOT what man has said about it 

The Bible studies I have taken over the years and those we provide our ministers and other students at our 
home study Victory Bible College are 100% Christ centered and King James based and rely 100% on what
the word of God says and not what man thinks or has said concerning the word of God! We don't teach Bible
theology we teach the word of God and only the word of God!

I still have the same King James Bible I started with after I was ordained in this great church more than 36 years
ago, it was given to me by our founder Dr. Irving  O. Tarbox and I have poured it into my heart daily as I always 
knew what my divine purpose in ministry was and I needed no other book but the Bible to perform that purpose
which was to make Christ known and to act upon the great commission of Christ to go into all the world and tell 
them what HE has said!

The work of the ministry of Christ Jesus is not about you or I...but it is a continuation of HIS ministry and not
of your ministry! It's not about you, it is about HIM and HIM alone and being led by HIM and not the instruction
of men and their theories and comments on what they think, understand or teach about the Bible!...NO it's all about 
what the Lord Jesus and God teaches and all that they teach is in one HOLY Book called the BIBLE and no other 
book is needed to act upon your call to the ministry of Christ Jesus the SON of the living God and having a faith
that is strong enough to realize that!.. and act upon that faith in HIS HOLY WORD!......Nothing else is required 
or needed in ministry but the word of God and when you do that you will always have a divine purpose in ministry
till the day you cross over that mountain and on into Glory!

The whole purpose of ministry is to serve God and the Lord Jesus and not the thoughts or theories of man or men 
with a bunch of letters behind their names because...NO MAN NEED TEACH US BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT
TEACHES US! and with the HOLY SPIRIT teachings you will always have a divine purpose in ministry and not 
of yourself because ministry is not about you but it is about HIM!

As the Bishop of this glorious Church and ministry with hundreds of new ministers we ordain yearly into the 
ministry of Jesus Christ one of the hardest jobs we have is to convey to our ordained ministers and get them 
to fully understand that ministry is not about them but it is about HIM and that ministry is so easy to conduct 
under the tillage, instruction and the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT and no other instruction is needed!....it is 
so simple that many cannot seem to get it! ....and because they don't they often struggle around for a number 
of years until as last.... THEY FINALLY  GET IT! and finally understand that it's all 
about HIM and not!..THEM!

If any one who is truly called to the ministry and will act upon that call and then continually pour the word of 
GOD into yourself,  your purpose in ministry will automatically find it's divine purpose and the purpose God 
has for your life in the ministry of Christ Jesus!...all the books in the world cannot and will not lead you to
your divine purpose in ministry except just one book!....THE BIBLE WHICH IS THE LIVING WORD OF GOD!

God Bless All Who Read This Little Message And Will Act Upon It For The Glory Of Our Lord And Not 
Of Themselves! 

 A Bondservant Of Jesus

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