"As My Father Hath Sent Me Even So I Send You!" Founded in 1926 Our 91st Year Of Ordaining And Fielding Great God Called Men And Women Of God! We Have Been Online Over 24 Years! The Church That Ordains God Called People The World Over! We Proudly And Professionally Ordain And Field More Men And Women Of God Than Any Other Ministry Or Independent Church In The World And Over 90% Come By Recommendation By Great Men And Women In The Body Of Christ All Around The World! ~**~ "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven!" ~Matthew 5:16 An Outreach Missions And Faith Ministry Where Miracles Occur, Prayers Are Answered And Dreams Come True Because JESUS ....Lives! OUR MINISTERS LOVE US AND YOU SHOULD KNOW US! A Victorious Church History! ~**~ Glorious Beginnings And More Than 9 Decades Of Documented Foundational History! Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick Senior Bishop Of The Church And Chairman Of The Missions Board! "Dr Davy is an apostle and prophet of our Lord separated unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ for this generation and a man that God speaks through just as he did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through revelations and discernment." ~Dr. S.K Thomas PCG -Punalur, India ~*~*~*~*~ We are fielding new God called brothers and sisters every week! Join Us Now!... In This Mighty Ministry Of God! ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! Here Is The Link To Our Other Important Pages! YOU CAN BE A SUCCESS IN MINISTRY! WE HAVE A PROVEN PLAN OF SUCCESS FOR ANY MAN OR WOMAN WITH A CALL ON THEIR LIVES FOR THE MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST AND WITH THAT PLAN ANYONE CAN FIND GREAT SUCCESS IN MINISTRY! Wanted Dedicated Christians! "Who are not for sale; Who are honest, sound-true to the heart's core; Who condemn wrong in friend or foe; in themselves as well as others: Whose consciences are steady as a needle to the pole; Who will stand for the right if the heavens totter and the earth reels; Who can tell the truth and stand by it;Who will neither flag nor flinch; Who can have courage without whistling for it,and joy without shouting to bring it; Who have the current of everlasting life running deep, still and strong, Who know their message and tell it, know their duty and do it, know their place and fill it, who are not too lazy to work and sow into the the store-house of God for the work of his Kingdom so they may be blessed of God for their giving and who are willing to eat what they have been blessed with and use what they have paid for!" ~Dr. Davy If you are being called of God to the ministry of Christ Jesus dial our Mission Center @ 330-231-3741 We Are Here To Help You! 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YES!..See what our Visitors, Ministers & Millions of others all over the globe are saying about this beloved church, why the ministers are supporting our missions and why hundreds in the USA and around the globe are becoming ordained as new pastors, evangelists, bible teachers, chaplains, missionaries and ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the professional time honored and successful spirit filled ordination and fellowship program of this very special Jesus ministry! We Are Highly Recommended To Others All Over The World!...... For Nearly 100 Years! Greatest Christian Website In The World! A Faith In Action Ministry For The Cause Of Christ And The Leading Ministry In The World Who's Independent Spirit Filled Ministers Have Become The Super Stars Of Outreach Missions And Worldwide Evangelism! ~*~*~*~ State By State Marriages Laws Here Is The Link To Our Other Important Pages! OUR ADDRESS & MISSIONS CENTER! FCGM MISSION CENTER P.O. 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