“As My Father Hath Sent Me Even So I Send You!”
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry  
 Our Glorious History
   The original church (Church of Gospel Ministry) began to form in 1926 by Dr. Irving O. Tarbox (1907 - 2007) after he was ordained by Aimee Semple McPherson (1890 – 1944). Dr. Tarbox was a humanitarian working in leprosy and among the poor in California, Mexico and many other nations. He supplied food, clothing and other essentials to the poor of California opening thrift stores up and down the West Coast of California. He also established 2 orphanages and went on many missions of working with lepers in Central America and Mexico. The church disbanded over tax matters in 1986 but began a new work that continued until 1999.
   Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick was ordained by Dr. Tarbox in 1976 and began an evangelistic ministry on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Then in 1999 at the request of Dr. Tarbox took over the Bishopship and he formed a new church (First Church of the Gospel Ministry) and along with Dr. Kenneth C. Conrad formed the Kings Cross Victory Bible College at Wooster, Ohio and incorporated the church in the state of Ohio and began a worldwide outreach for the ordaining and fielding ministers of the gospel and humanitarian workers in over 60 nations of the world and ordained ministers in every state under the proper 501(c)(3). The church is in good standing with the state of Ohio and every state in the United States and over 60 nations under its international charter and 501(c)(3).