It’s Absolutely Beautiful! This Ring Identifies You As Servant Of Our Lord And Saviour, Christ Jesus!           We are delighted to offer our ministers this very special hand crafted and custom made FCGM ministers ring. The symbol of the Cross has been worn by our ministers for many decades and they have served with honor and distinction on all over the world for the cause of Christ and we are very blessed to offer you this very special ministers ring that would retail for as much as $499.00; but, is available to all of our beloved ministers for only $150.00.  It is a wonderful ring that you can wear with pride as a brother or sister in the work of this glorious outreach missions church.      Yes, this heavy mounted Solid Sterling Silver ring with a hand-crafted raised Cross is available in men’s any size including half sizes.  Our women’s minister’s ring is identical to the men’s except in smaller proportions for the ladies and is available in any size including half sizes. Send $150.00 + $7.00 for shipping, handling and postal insurance: Total $157.00 for each ring you order.  If you live outside the US please add $37.50 for Priority Shipping.  Total $187.50.  Each ring is custom made so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Make your check payable to FCGM. Order Here Name ________________________________________ Phone ____________________ Address _________________________________________________________________ City ________________________ State ________________ Zip Code ______________ Number Of Rings Wanted ______ Men’s Ring(s) - Sizes ______   ______   ______ Number Of Rings Wanted ______ Women’s Ring(s) - Sizes ______   ______   ______ $157.00 Per Ring Ordered. Total Amount Enclosed $____________ Make your check payable to FCGM. MAIL TO:      FCGM Mission Center           P.O. Box 428           Bucyrus, Ohio 44820-0428 USA                            Type Of Card  [   ]  Visa  [   ]  MasterCard  [   ]  Discover [   ] American Express Name On Card _________________________________  Card Number __________________________________ Expiration Date ________________________________ 3 Digit Security Code _____________________________ Signature _____________________________________