“Virtue Is Honor” The Kings Cross Victory Bible College Enrollment Application For Doctorate Of Ministerial Studies Dear Dr. Davy, please enroll me in the Doctorate Of Ministerial Studies program in the home study department of the Victory Bible College. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name                                                                                                                                        Phone Number ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address                      City                                            State Zip Code Please answer the following questions: 1.  What is your highest level of secular or public education?_______________________ 2.  Would you say you were a poor, average or above average student? ______________ 3.  If you attended a college or university what was your major area of study?___________________________________________ 4.  Have you ever attended a seminary school or a bible college? ______   If so give name of school and any degrees earned. ____________________________________________ 5.  How many times would you say that you have read the Bible all the way through from cover to cover? ___________ 6.  In your personal study of the Bible which portions of the Bible have you study most in?  Old or New Testament? _____________ 7.  What is your favorite book of the Bible? ____________________________________ Here Are The Books You Will Need To Complete The DmS Study Program: 1.  Halley’s New Edition Bible Handbook  2.  How To Prepare Bible Messages By James Braga (You can purchase these two books at www.christianbook.com) 3. The Study Workbook. This study takes you through the entire bible and is one of the most in depth studies of the bible that is both easy to understand and can be completed in a few weeks of part time study! Dr. Davy, I am enrolling in the Bible College today and have enclosed my check, money order or credit card information in the amount of $149.50 to cover the cost of enrollment, administration and the mailing of the course study for the DmS and the workbook.  If you live outside the US add $35.00 shipping and handling by Priority Mail.  Total $184.50.  I understand that there will be an additional charge of $75.00 when I have completed the DmS study and send in my completed workbook.  This fee is for the grading of my workbook and the issuance of the degree and certificate of completion which will be mailed to me within 2 to 3 weeks after I have submitted the completed workbook.  I also understand that during my course of studies should I have any questions or need help of any kind in order to complete the study I may call 330-231-3741 or email my questions to: sistercathyk@gmail.com I thank you for this opportunity to enroll in the course of study and look forward to getting started, as soon as possible. _______________________________________    _______________________________ Signature Of New Student                                        Date USE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR INCLUDE YOUR CHECK OR A MONEY ORDER IN U.S. FUNDS MADE PAYABLE TO: FCGM [ ] Please Bill My Credit Card [ ] Check [ ] Money Order $149.50 If You Live Outside The USA Add $35.00 Additional Postage $184.50 Type Of Card [ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard [ ] Discover [ ] American Express Amount: $______________________________________ Name On Card __________________________________ Card Number ____________________________________ Expiration Date __________________________________ 3 Digit Security Code _____________________________ Signature _______________________________________