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The Misguided Concept Of Praise And Worship!

A Whirling Dervish!

Few today who call themselves Christians are willing to honor and love God according to the full council of God and nearly all of the heresy seen today is a direct result of people and so called churches that don't know, understand, won't read, study ,preach and accept God's word just as it is written in HIS Holy Bible but will take anything but the word of God and make that their religion and then make it their God!

Like almost everything else written in the word of God people are willing to make a few of HIS words or anything else that feels good their God instead of God himself and this is true of so many so called praise and worship people and hundreds of buildings called "churches" who meet in huge gatherings to so call praise and worship God!

In these meetings we see people swaying back and forth with their eyes closed as the hypnotic drum beats of praise and worship music with singers and musicians playing and singing lyrics that raise the emotional levels of those sitting, standing, lying down, jumping around, dancing , clicking their heels, rolling on the floor or whirling around with their arms in the air like a whirling dervish for hours on end and shouting "OH HALLELUJAH!...
PRAISE THE LORD!!! ....and of course having now felt good and got their emotional fix and so called "spiritual high" they have in their childish minds and their wrong way of thinking feel good religion that they have worshiped God and now nothing or little else is required of them when it comes to God or the work of the cross and the Great Commission of Christ!

They of course feel that praise and worship is the way to reach God and to hear from him and as well receive great spiritual gifts and direction from God as to how or what they should do for God and of course since they are on an emotional fix they mistakenly think they hear or feel God's presence upon them and they act upon that and can say to others; "I have heard from God today and "HE SAID!" this or that or the other thing or HE said nothing...and now I have God's direction!".....
That is all just a cheap sack of Baloney Folks!...How silly, childish and stupid this is and out of this emotional high people are mislead by others into the most heretic concepts and works of the devil ever seen in the body of Jesus Christ! These are the same people who are do nothing people of any value for others or for the cause of Christ but are people of emotion and are more than likely to be self centered, unteachable and refuse to accept sound Bible doctrine and get into the real work of the cross and accomplish something worthwhile for God by being truly led by the Holy Spirit and taking Action Upon FAITH based on God's word and not the words of the emotional lyrics of so called praise and worship music! We as Christians have already heard from GOD...HIS words are in the Bible which is our road map for living and doing all that God has commanded us to do and we should do what HIS word says first and once we have done all that HE has said in HIS word then go to HIM in prayer, praise and worship and ask HIM what else HE would have us do!

Worshiping God to most of these people is just something to make them feel good for an hour or so and right along with that comes the idea that you don't have to read the word of God or even teach it but all you have to do
is just "Praise The Lord!" ...Well!!!.. the likes of Jim & Tammy Fae Bakker and other unholy and slick talking TV religious toads and weasels have made millions of dollars off of feel good religion, praise and worship schemes and it's carnival like Elmer Gantry sideshows of it's unholy gangs of TV preachers and their
Hypocrite type VOODOO Evangelisim

Nearly all of the un-holy praise & worship schemes, tongue jabbering,
prosperity and get rich jargon, the name it claim-it's heresies, the
drinking of so called "poison", snake handling, the pink wigs
and false eyelashes of TV's voodoo evangelism, easy fig leaf
and couch potato religion, it all came out of the old
sawdust floors of the old holiness churches of
the 1920's and 30's in the Appalachian
mountain regions of
It's all just baloney folks! Made up by
religious, toads, weasels and
sideshow money grubbing
TV carnival barkers!

It's Just three-karat Christianity And Nothing More!

LISTEN!.. When the object of our affection and love is placed on the wrong path such as praise and worship, easy fig leaf religion and gyrating whirling dervishes and it becomes our God we have sinned against the Holy Spirit and God will not forgive us! The Unholy Praise and Worship movement we see today came out of the same old sawdust floors of the old ruff cut lumber holiness churches in the late 1920's and 30's of the Appalachian mountain regions of America as well as the handling of snakes, drinking poison, name it claim it prosperity get rich jargon and the unholy tongue jabbering we see and hear today on so called Christian TV. All of these things are signs that the devil and these so called churches and TV show people who practice these hellish doctrines of devils are the workers of the Anti-Christ and their unholy buildings called "churches" and their TV ministries are the snake pits of hell and of the demon world that rolls out of the gates of hell to deceive millions all across the globe as the end grows near and our Lord Returns!

~Dr. Davy
The Bondservant Of Jesus!

"Lord save us from off-handed, flabby-cheeked, brittle- boned, week-kneed, thin-skinned, pliable, plastic, spineless, effeminate, ossified three-karat Christianity." "Let's quit fiddling with religion and do something to bring the world to Christ!" ~Billy Sunday! (1862-1935) THE TRUTH NEVER CHANGES! OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH! What Have You Struggled? What Have You Sacrificed? What Have You Given?... OH!... What Have You Done For Jesus??? If it has been NOTHING or BEGRUDGINGLY and SELFISHLY Little.....then you cannot be HIS!

….OH!….HALLELUJAH!…..JESUS!…..IS! .......COMING!!!
"Go Into The Highways And Hedges And Compel Them To Come In"
I send unto each of you this day and hour all of my love and affection and I thank God for your faithful
witness for Christ and the love you have for this your church and a beloved family member in this
family of God called and led men and women of the cross and we give unto Jesus this day and
hour all of the Praise, all of the Honor, all of the Victory and all of the GLORY!....from
the age to the ages!...now and forever!...Amen & Amen!
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
A Bondservant Of Jesus
Bishop Of The Church & World Missions Director
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry

Listen!......... One And All!
"Christianity Is Not A Religion But It Is A Living Person And HIS
Name Is Christ Jesus! Do You Really Know HIM Or DoYou
Like Most People Just Know Of Him? You Can
Meet Him Right Now For Today Is The Day
Of Salvation And Only Jesus Is
The Door To Eternal Life!"
~Dr. Davy

Jesus Is Coming!......Very Soon!
Just As Is Pictured So Clearly In The Word Of The Living God
We Are In The End Times And The Lord Jesus Is
Coming Soon! For The Evidence Read
The Book Of Revelation
For Yourself!

As You Read The Book Of Revelation Ask God
To Give You The Gift Of Understanding Of
What Can Be Seen With
Your Own Eyes!
What Happened On 911 Was Pictured So Clearly In The
18th Chapter Of Revelation So Read REV 18: 9-11
And May Your Eyes Be Opened To
~Dr. Davy

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