Dr. Davy’s Message
How To Really Understand The Bible!


Hardly a week goes by that someone does not call me and speaks unto me these words:"Dr. Davy I study the Bible yet I cannot always understand it, can you help me to understand the Bible?" Listen!… by the time I was seven I had already read the entire Bible from cover to cover and as I grew to a teenager there was a time in my early boyhood and my door to door Bible Tract ministry that I too often had the same problem that perhaps many of you and untold millions all over the world that have much difficulty as they READ the Bible and attempt to study it to get a spiritual understanding of the word of God! I spent some time on my knees in prayer in my early teen ministry asking God to help me to understand HIS word, to act upon it, live by it, be blessed by it and go forth to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus! My prayers were soon answered when God led me to a great old street preacher by the name of Jim Stewart.

I came upon brother Jim for the first time as he was preaching the Gospel on a street corner in downtown Cincinnati where at that time I took a local bus from Hamilton and went to Cincinnati everyday in the summer to shine shoes and sell newspapers on the east corner right at Fountain Square in the heart of the business district of that massive city and even though I was only a boy brother Jim and I soon found that each of us had some very special spiritual gifts and Jim spoke unto me that God was preparing me for a great work for the Lord in my lifetime and that someday my name would be known, respected and loved in every nation on earth and that God would lead me to lead and field many thousands of ministers and missionaries all over the world! Little did I know then that his prophecy would begin to take shape in 1976 when I become ordained in this beloved church by our founder Dr. Irving O. Tarbox and then I became the new Bishop and reorganized the church into a new outreach missions Church more than 20 years ago!……Thank You Jesus! (see church history)

As brother Jim and I spoke for the first time Jim asked me what I had been praying about and I told him that I had asked God some time ago to give me a full understanding of every word and passage in the Bible! Brother Jim with the fire of evangelism burning his breast gave me his glorious response and it was to be the precious key that I needed to open the Bible and begin to get an earnest spiritual understanding of it for the first time!


The KEY!…Davy ; Said Jim; "Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God and so does understanding, knowledge, wisdom, spiritual gifts and all the blessing that God wants to bestow upon us from the more than 8,000 promises of God in HIS Holy word! So brother Davy STOP reading HIS word and start speaking every word of it with your own mouth from Genesis to Revelation!"

How spiritually right brother Jim was and I began that very day to speak the words of God starting with Genesis and speaking every word through the book of Revelation until I finished the entire King James Bible! Since then I have spoken it over 150 times as I have long ago made it a weekly practice to speak several books of the bible each week! Yes! I believe we as ministers need to hear the word of God spoken with our own mouths! YES!… hear the word of God from our own lips in order to come to an understanding of the total Spiritual Nature of God and the complete plan HE has for the work HE has called us as ministers of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus to do for HIS cause and not ours! Listen! We can and will be far better led by HIM as we HEAR the word of God spoken with our own mouth because as you pour the word of God into yourself in this manner it is as if GOD is speaking HIS word to us and by speaking it ourselves we begin to HEAR God in the spoken words of HIS spirit and HIS understanding and not ours for in HIS word HE says: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and HE shall direct your paths! ~Proverbs 3:5

I know for sure that the most important things we can do as the people of God is speak the word of God out of our own mouths instead of just reading it with our eyes or having some spiritually dead weak kneed pastor with his church robes swaying in the breeze telling you what he thinks any portion of the word of God means!When in fact it is so simple and easy to fully understand the Bible when we begin to speak every word with our own mouth and …oh!.. what spiritual power we begin to obtain!…oh what wonders we discover oh!…what miracles we speak, feel and touch,…oh!.. what wisdom we obtain oh!… what knowledge we begin to gain as day by day as the people of God we sit down and open HIS word and begin to speak with our mouths …. the living word of God!

Yes!…. God’s word in HIS Holy Bible is a living spirit and when you pour it's spirit, Righteousness and TRUTH into your being then it begins to do a great work in you that you never thought was possible! When we speak it instead of just reading it we soon discover that what His word says is just what it means!… just as it is written! ….AND……..all of a sudden you will begin to be filled with spiritual power and those things that you thought were impossible to obtain or do!… not only become a reality but you look upon them as finished as God begins to bless you with every possible blessing just as HE has promised to do in HIS word!…..Yes!!……..HIS word becomes alive and active in you, powerful, purposeful, far reaching and you become all that God wants you to be and the new work you begin to do as a minister of HIS Gospel becomes not of yourself but becomes HIS purpose and HIS far reaching and heavenly mission and plan for your life!…..and your work becomes a continuation of our Lords work that becomes alive in you and you cannot fail to achieve what ever HE has for you to do…. and you know what?… People will marvel at what God is doing with your heart and hands because they become the heart, hands and your mind becomes the mind of Christ Jesus the SON of the Living God!…and you know something else?… people will begin to follow you and want to be near you for they shall look upon your person and shall see the Lords spiritual light and the living truth that flows forth from your mouth and from your belly shall begin to flow living waters of eternal life! Yes! ..His living word will come to life in you and your bones will be set on fire to preach and teach HIS word just as it is written and to reach the lost for Christ by bringing them into a personal relationship with Christ and those you bring to Christ will begin to help you win others to the Cross! Your ministry will flourish and prosper for the cause of Christ Jesus and not for your purpose, wants, desires or the murmurings of others! You will stand up tall by having taken upon yourself the full armor of God and the Righteousness of God and you will, with unstoppable courage go forth into the good fight for our Lords cause and the Kingdom of the only Living God!

Once you begin to pour Gods word into yourself by speaking it outloud you will also find there are lots of things you may have now that you will no longer need, such as Bible Commentaries, Bible study books and all the books you may have about the Bible or what some theologian has written about the Bible! The Bible tell us to study to show ourselves approved! STUDY WHAT? The BIBLE AND ONLY THE BIBLE!....BY SPEAKING IT WITH YOUR OWN MOUTH!....the Bible says no man need teach us but the HOLY SPIRIT will teach us as we begin to speak Gods word page by page, chapter by chapter, book by book and word by word!.....OH!!!… HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Right now this very day and hour untold millions all over the world are hungering for the TRUTH in the word of God and God needs each of us on the firing line for the cause of Christ, so today this very hour open your Bible and speak the entire book of Ephesians and when you have done that this day you will find out who you really are or can be in Christ Jesus in the Kingdom of God!

Yes!…is it not time that each of us become truly the Righteousness of God and the Glory of our Lord and Master Christ Jesus?…..OH!!!… HALLELUJAH!!!!!…. LET EACH OF US SPEAK HIS WORD JUST AS IT IS WRITTEN!

OH!!!… HALLELUJAH!!!!!….thank you Jesus for the life of Brother Jim the street preacher and the day he spoke to me and showed me how to understand your precious word and to rightly divide the WORD OF TRUTH through a spiritual understanding of the living word of GOD!……..OH!!!… HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Our prayer for each of you whom we have honorably ordained with a respected covering into this fellowship in this your beloved church and sent forth from and on behalf of this ministry and our Lord Jesus for the spreading of HIS Gospel, and as well we pray for those beloved ones who labor there with you this day and hour! Let us now pray together and for each other this very moment! Gracious God grant us your Holy Spirit that we might pray according to your will for this beloved Church in all the places around the world it now serves the cause of Christ and for every ministry each has received from Christ. We pray for all of our beloved brothers and sisters whom we have ordained with love for the Glory of Christ Jesus all over world, as we pray for those in positions of public trust, for our nation, for the good in all human labor, for those in poverty, danger, sorrow, sickness, hunger, suffering and for ourselves, that you Lord Jesus be first in our hearts as we in this far reaching ministerial fellowship and this beloved ministry will be in all of our daily prayers, and the unselfish giving of tithes, love gifts and offerings so that this our beloved mother church might go forth without need to do the far reaching work it has been doing on the mission fields of the world with honor and distinction for more than eight glorious decades for the cause of Christ and not of ourselves! All mighty God you have given us grace at this time with one accord to make our supplications known to you, and you have promised through your well beloved Son that when two or more are gathered together you will hear our heartfelt and honorable requests. Fulfill our desires and petitions, as may be best for all, granting us in this world knowledge of your truth, and in the age to come eternal life, through Christ Jesus our Lord and Master! We thank you Father for this very special Jesus ministry and for those it ordains with love and sends forth for the cause of Christ all over the world and ….we give unto Jesus this day and hour all the Praise, all the Honor, all the Victory and all the Glory!….from the age to the ages now and fore
ver!….Amen and Amen!

My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips! ~Psalm 89:34
Jesus said: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the
Kingdom of heaven: but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
~Matthew 7:21
Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my sayings, he shall never see death.
~John 8:51

Yours In The Beloved
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
A Bondservant of Jesus



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