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The Legendary

Box Car Willie!
The World's Greatest Hobo!
I had the good fortune to see Box perform in Nashville Tenn in 1980 and got to
speak with him along with some other people for over an hour! Box was one
of the greatest people I ever met and he loved our Lord with all of his
heart and he had a boxcar full of love in it for all people and because
he loved the Lord, God blessed him and Box in return gave his
love through his music and his great stage performances!
Box sold millions of records and gave the world so
much enjoyment, smiles, fun, understanding,
happiness and love!
Before Box past away he was asked how he would like to be remembered?
Box Said; "I would like to be remembered as just a guy who tried!"
Thank You Lord Jesus!
~Dr. Davy

HOBO SIGNS! Hobo Signs & Markings Were Used To Help Each Other Find Work, Food, Shelter And Stay Out Of Trouble! Hobo's From 1929 To The 1950's In America Were Not Bums They Were Men Who Were Trapped In Poverty And Found Refuge Along America's Rails And It' Hobo's Jungles. They Took Care Of Each Other As They Traveled From Place To Place And The Markings Below Were Marked Along The Rails On Water Towers, Buildings, Railroad Depot's Work Sheds, Barns And Fences! PA! Dr.Davy's Favorite Box Car Willie Song! BOX WAS A GREAT SONGWRITER! Box was indeed a great songwriter and the words he wrote to this song remind me of so many people I have known that had everything in life that money could buy but never gave anything to the poor or to the work of the cross and their greed and selfishness caused them to lose it all and they ended up just like the words that Box wrote! Box was a great entertainer and he knew and understood life and the way God works in our lives often without us even knowing it! Box is now walking on the streets of glory this very moment and we who are in Christ will get to see him again on the other side of the mountain that is just beyond the valley of the shadow of death! THANK YOU JESUS! ~Dr. Davy ONE MORE FROM THE BOX! Here Is One More From The Box For All You Great Country Music Fans And Our Beloved Ministers Who Love And Support This Great Worldwide Ministry And This Your Mother Church! God Bless Each Of You! ~Dr. Davy Bible Pete! SEE !!!...Dr. DAVY' S BIO AND READ ABOUT A HOBO HE MET AS A YOUNG BOY KNOWN AS "BIBLE PETE" THAT CHANCE MEETING WAS TO CHANGE Dr. DAVY'S LIFE FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST! ~ Webmaster! YOU CAN BE A SUCCESS IN MINISTRY! WE HAVE A PROVEN PLAN OF SUCCESS FOR ANY MAN OR WOMAN WITH A CALL ON THIER LIVES FOR THE MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST AND WITH THAT PLAN ANYONE CAN FIND SUCCESS IN MINISTRY! 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