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The Rev. Mark Heizer Ordained With Us In 1977 Brother Mark became a beloved minister with us in 1977 while still in the military service and then became a prison guard and for over 20 years worked with prisoners and helped many hundreds to turn their lives around. Brother Mark came out of a great historic family of men and women of God and most notable is his great grandfather who was a circuit preacher who rode horseback in the great Montana mountains spreading the Gospel in the old west! Brother Mark after retiring a couple of years ago from his work in prisons has a great new ministry among the poor and the elderly as he now ministers in old age homes, does hospital visitation and prayer for the sick , provides food, clothing and Bibles to many hundreds of the poor. His bible track ministry places many thousands of Bible tracks in the hands of people each year. We love this great brother who is a great man of Faith and is a very special man of God with a very special heart that loves this his Church with all of his heart! Thank You Jesus! ~Dr. Davy


Dear Ministry Team, visitors and posters:

I am proud to say that I was honored to be ordained by this wonderful
ministry over eight years ago.

They have provided me with the kind of fellowship and help that every
minister needs and without their help I really don't think I could have
achieved all the goals I had set for myself when God first called me to 
the ministry.

Everywhere I have been able to travel and preach the Gospel the road
was made easier because of this Church that knows how to help in very
special ways rarely found elsewhere in the body of Christ.

Every time I come to this beautiful site I remember how blessed and filled
with joy I was the first time I came here and I know that the Holy Spirit
led me to this Spirit Filled ministry that is the greatest ministry in the

God bless Dr. Davy, this beloved church and the true servants of our Lord who love
people with the heart of Christ!

~Rev.Jerry Lawson

Dear Dr. Davy:
Thanks for taking my phone call it was a great blessing to have prayer
with you, a wonderful conversation about all that we spoke of, the
help and blessing I received in that call I will never forget!I just finished
mailing the application late this afternoon, you should get in by Monday
next!...God Bless You!

Thank You Dear Bishop for all the time you spent with me!
~Ken Jackson
Florida Gulf Coast

Dear Dr. Davy:
I am mailing my application today for ordination and fellowship in this great ministry. 

There are many reasons why I wanted to join in this great work for  Christ! When I read
the Ministry CODE OF VALUES ...I knew  that God had sent me to the right place because
this ministry has values that are so important to the work of the cross and without worthy
values that are right as rain no so called church can be of God.

This great church has refused to give up it's values just to please the world and such a church 
is truly of God and the Bible......few online today can compare with this great ministry!
God bless this great church and you Dr. Davy for standing on the truth!

~Glenn Jenkins

Dear Brother Davy:

God bless you dear Bishop.....I just got my welcome package! As I began to look at the materials and my
ordination, ministers license and the wonderful honorary degree of a Doctor Of Pastoral Ministries I can see 
how all that you send works hand in hand for the glory of Christ Jesus and not any man or anything else but
Jesus and HIS cause! 

As you know I left the church I had pastured for over 8 years because the church board failed to understand that
I was called to Pastor and not them! It is such a great relief to at last be free and at liberty to begin an independent 
church under a First Church Of The Gospel Ministry Charter and at last be free to preach and teach all that God
puts on my heart and to lead a great congregation as the Sheppard of our Lord rather than have to bow 
down to six people on a church board who want their way instead of our Lords way!

God bless this great church that is standing on the truth and I thank God that HE raised up this great Christ
centered church over 82 years ago and has placed at it's head a great Bishop and a great team of people at
the missions center who are there to uplift you and set you at total Liberty in Christ Jesus and for the spreading 
of HIS Gospel, the Truth and the Great Commission of our LORD!

God Bless You Dear Bishop
~Dr. Harold

FULLY COMMITTED TO THE WORK OF THE CROSS! Our Commitment & Goal In 2010 Is To Ordain And Field Over 5,000 New Men And Women Of The Gospel All Over The World And We Are Moving Rapidly Toward Reaching That Goal! JOIN US NOW! Our Main Call In Line! 330-231-3741 10 AM To 6 PM Monday Through Friday! Our Mission Center Is Closed On All National Holidays! We Are Available To Assist You, Provide Prayer , Christian Fellowship And A Worldwide Professional Ministry Connection For The Furtherance Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ!

First Church Of The Gospel Ministry
World Missions Center
P.O. Box 428
Bucyrus, Ohio, 44820-0428 USA

Dear Dr. Davy & The Missions Team:

Thanks so much for your hospitality and all your help! It was so
good to at last meet you and the team! Our visit gave us a greater 
appreciation for this wonderful church and ministry! 

It is such a joy to be ordained by this great church and to know 
that our credentials are the best in the world! We are truly 
not alone out here doing what God has called us to do as ministers
of the Gospel of our Lord, as you and the team are always there for
prayer, guidance, answers to questions, problem solving, love, 
kindness, help and a great monthly mailing of good news and more
help that comes to us every month!

What a joy and blessing we all get as ordained ministers in this
church and it's all because of you dear Bishop and the love you
have for those that God has called and you have ordained!

Thank you Dear Bishop and we will see you again in May!

God Bless This Mighty Church And Ministry For Christ!

We Love You!
Rev.Bob & Carly
Why Not Get The Best? We Ordain Dedicated Men & Women Of The Gospel! These Great Men And Women Are Flourishing, Prospering And Successful In Ministry Everywhere Because They Honor God In All Things! Isn't it about time you boarded the right ministry train to outstanding success in independent Ministry by getting the best Christian ordination program in the world that is legitimate, ethical, honored and respected around the world???
Dear Bishop Davy:

How in the world can I begin to thank you for all that you have done for me over the last 10 years?
Well I can't!!!... but what I can do is come to see you again and shake your hand and be with you and
the team and see all the glorious work you and Sister Cathy have doneto remodel that old Church building 
and help make the little Village of Nashville Ohio a great place to visit and enjoy not only a great music 
theater but hear the Gospel of our Lord preached by a man of God who with your great humanitarian heart 
and hands works so hard to reach out all over the world  and ordain and field hundreds of great God called
people who are spreading the Gospel and taking hold of the great commission of our Lord while they are 
building new independent ministries and Churches all over the world.

You are truly a man whom God has blessed and that blessing touches and blesses millions of other people 
the world over! I have always been amazed at your ability to find new ways to do so much to help the 
ministers you ordain and send forth for the cause of Christ!

May our Lord continue to bless you and sister Cathy and all of us that you Ordain into this wonderful ministry!

Yours In Christ
~Rev.Boyd & Christy
Let Us Labor Together And Let God Be The Workmanship Of Our Faith! Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved.. sleep. Lo, sons are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons of one's youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them! HE shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
(Psalm 127. A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon.) ~Dr. Davy April 18,2009
The Lord Jesus bless you!
 I have been praying for the last year and a half to find a ministry like
 yours. Affordable and available.
 I have gone over your site; your mission statement and doctrine; soaking
 up everything and praising God, crying, that such a ministry that the Lord
 had me searching for all this time really exist. It is as though I myself
 started this ministry, it is everything that the Lord has revealed to me.
 There is not enough time to tell you now.

 A ministry that Honors God and the Lord Jesus in every way, with out
 partiality and compromise. God bless you Mighty man of Valor! 

I will be joining this ministry I know it is the Holy Spirit who has directed me to
you. Hallelujah to All-Mighty God, Glory be unto HIM forever and ever!
~ Michele

Dear Dr. Davy!.....I would not miss coming to see the great music shows that weekend as 
I have been wanting to meet you in person for over 2 years since you ordained Martha and
I....We love you dear Bishop!

We have been so busy with the work of the Lord and thanks to this great church and you 
dear Bishop we have become all that our Lord would have us be for the work in the Ministry
of Christ Jesus. We would have never got this far had it not been for your prayers, love, 
encouragement, leadership and help dear Bishop!

So at last we are going to get to meet you on memorial day weekend and see the great music
shows that you have put together to help with the Bible missions and other important needs
that we know the mother church has. God bless you Dr. Davy!....We love you and Sister Cathy
so much!

See you on the 24th of May!


Rev. Perry & Martha 
JESUS SAID! "Go into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in!" Thank You Lord Jesus! ~Dr. Davy There Is Mighty, Miracle And Wonder Working Power In The Shed Blood Of Jesus! Only!.. .....Jesus!..Is The Way The Truth And The Life! BECOME ORDAINED! THIS CHURCH HAS THE ONLY INDEPENDENT ORDINATION PROGRAM THAT IS 100% RESPECTED ALL OVER THE WORLD!

WOW!!!!.........This has got to be the greatest ministry in the world
and I want to Join in this great work for Christ. My application
for Ordination is going out today!

God bless this great Church and you Dr.Davy for being there for
the real people of God who are searching for the right covering
and a ministry that looks beyond the vail of religion and does
the real work of the cross where people really live!

Yours In Christ
Bob Martin

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sir, When I have visited your website i pleased and tears of happiness were in my eyes to think 
that God has give his people the men of God that can change the world. Because the Holy Bible 
says that "Some remove landmarks.......JOB (24/2). 

I pray for you, your events in Jesus Christ that God will bless you much in coming years. Your personal 
testimony has given me a great motivation and spiritual passion in my life to work in Pakistan for the 

Sir, I am working in Pakistan for the Jesus Christ and i am the chairman of a ministry that is Gospel 
movement Ministries. I am working in different cities of Pakistan and especially in villages Gospel 
movement Ministries 

I wish that we could work together in Pakistan to change the Pakistani Nation. I pray for you, your 
family and your Ministry.
In the Jesus Christ
Your Pastor Nadeem Arjun

Hello Dr. Davy!

We just got the welcome package in the mail today!  Keri and I are just thrilled with the entire package,
the Ordination papers are truly the real thing and are professional in every way! It's easy to see why
Ordination in this great church is respected and honored everywhere in the world!

Thank God for this our new church and for the mission center staff that is there to provide the love and
continued help that anyone needs who has a call to the ministry and only wants the best in Ordination and
a living fellowship with the real people of God!

God bless all of you that do so much for the ministers ordained by this Church!

Rev. Bob & Keri Messner

Dear Bishop Davy:

I want to thank you for the wonderful visit we had with you and the tour you gave us of
the expanded church building at Nashville Ohio and it's new home for the world mission center.

We can see clearly all the things you are doing there that will benefit all who are Ordained into
the membership of the professional clergy of this great ministry. You are truly a man of God 
with a God given vision, a spirit filled mission and a great humanitarian heart for people of the 
world who do not know our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.

You, Sister Cathy and the expanded mission team you are putting together there to help serve
the needs of all those ordained with us will help each to reach the world and further the work
of the great commission that our Lord has called every believer in him to do for HIS cause.

We learned first hand so much more about this great ministry from this visit and we are greatly
blessed to be ordained by this God given ministry and great Church that is a church and a ministry
of honor that has served the cause of Christ for over eight far reaching decades!

We look forward to coming back again very soon to lend a hand with anything we can
do to be of help with the build out and remodeling of the facility that will be a blessing
to millions all over the world.

God bless you dear Bishop for your great heart, faith, help and the love of people who
have a real independent call on their life for the ministry of our Lord.

Rev. Mark & Sherry
A 24 Hour Blessing! If you can be of help and a blessing to just one person in a 24 hour span of time...then you have accomplished a great work! The work of any ministry starts with Jesus then you and that one person each day that you help with the heart, mind and love of Christ and a burning desire to lead them to Jesus! When you do this then hundreds will want to follow and support your work for the cause of Christ! ~Dr. Davy STANDING FIRM ON THE WORD OF GOD SINCE 1926! We Will Ordain You And Help You To Get Started As A New Minister And This Mighty Worldwide Family Of God! We Ordain Ministers, Evangelists, Chaplains, Preachers, Pastors, Street Preachers, Bible Teachers, Missionaries And Great God Called Christian Men & Women All Over The World!

Dear Dr. Davy:

I am so impressed with the great work you and this great church are doing all over
the world to bring people into the unity of Christ.

Your vision of building an evangelistic music and performance Center
and helping to make the little village of Nashville!... Ohio's Capitol of
Bluegrass, Country and Gospel Music is indeed brilliant!

In talking with you by phone I became blessed and aware that the new performance
center will give the ministers ordained by this church a platform for preaching
the Gospel to the world through radio, video and worldwide television 

I want to join the work of this great ministry and my application for ordination
is going out this week!

God bless you Dr. Davy!

~ Paul Cummings

Dear Sister Cathy:

As a woman I appreciate so much your ministry as a leader in this glorious Church who's history is so rich
of nearly 100 years of success in ordaining and helping both men and women all over the world to have the many 
gifts of Christian love, prayer and support for them as they begin a real ministry for Christ!

I like so many other women here on the web made the mistake of thinking that ordination papers from just anyone 
offering them was all I needed!.... how  wrong I was and many other women have been. 

Papers from some online paper mill are truly worthless because they have nothing of respect behind them and little or no history!
Most are far from being Christian and don't even believe what the Bible says and have cut it up to suit themselves and have helped
 to lead people in all the wrong directions and give them all the wrong ideas about Ordination it's self!

This Church with all of it's great history and the outstanding work it has done and is doing all over the world is the only one
online that has a proven track record of success not only for it's own outreach but helping hundreds each year to become
a success in ministry......PRAISE GOD!

My application for respected and honorable ordination in this church and worldwide Christian fellowship is going in the
mail on Monday!

May God Bless You In Abundance Sister!

~Evangelist, Marion Barbour

Dear Dr. Davy and the ministry team:

The new year has begun and I want to get a fresh start in ministry by
becoming Ordained by this great Church and worldwide fellowship!

I have been wanting to be properly Ordained after trying to get some
papers from some of the others online and I got some!... but they proved
to be worthless in finding respect and building a good ministry that
people will support.

I have found that no one will support a ministry where a person has got
papers from the church paper mills here online! So now is the right
time for me to start the new year right by getting the real thing with the 
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry!

My application is going out today!.. I thank this great church for being
here for people who want the best in independent ordination instead of the 
make believe cyberspace so called churches here on the web!

Thanks!.....God bless you!
~Martin Belche


CHRISTIAN IGNORANCE OF GOD'S HOLY WORD! No Faith In The TRUTH And No Spiritual Armour! The problem with many so called Christians today is that they are totally and 100% ignorant of the truth in the living word of God and would rather believe what someone has said or wrote about the Bible rather than to read the Bible and nothing but the Bible!...then ignore what the world of religion, educational theology and men have said about God's word! In the laws of America and nearly every other nation "IGNORANCE" is no excuse for the law! Ignorance of God's word and the mighty wonder working power of the shed blood of Jesus is no excuse for lack of FAITH in the word of God and that ignorance is why there is no spiritual power among most Christians, and it is why there is a falling away from the TRUTH as is pictured so clearly in the little book of Jude which only has 25 verses, but those 25 verses speak so clearly to us from across the ages and gives us clear sight for today so we can see the very last days of man on earth as the end comes ever nearer each day! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! THAT WE WHO ARE SEALED NOW AND FOR EVER IN YOU IN HEAVENLY PLACES WILL WITH OUT FAIL, STAND UP AS TRUE MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD, AND IN THIS LIFE SPEAK THE TRUTH OF THE LIVING WORD OF GOD FOR YOUR CAUSE AND YOUR MIGHTY KINGDOM! ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! Take On The Full Armour Of God That Is Found No Place!... But In HIS Holy Word!
Dear Dr. Davy:

As a long time visitor to this site and a person who has been blessed by praying for and
planting seed in this ministry for it's great work all over the world I have submitted
many questions concerning the Bible to you and the mission team and my questions have
always been answered and the answers have blessed me so much!

I now have this question to ask of you Dr. Davy:....."WHAT IS HOLINESS?"

Thanks and God bless you dear Bishop!

Click Here To Read Dr. Davy's Answer To This Often Asked Question!
God Called! God Ordained! God Anointed! God has called and raised us up through prophecy to ordain and field hundreds of thousands of men and women evangelists, street preachers, tent revivalists, pastors bible teachers, jail, prison, corporate and community ministers, missionaries, crusade evangelists, youth ministries and many others for the cause of Christ and from every walk of life and nation of the world! FIRST IN THE WORLD! Opportunity For Thousands More In Independent Worldwide Ministry! We Have Been The Leaders In Independent Ministry Start-Ups For Over 82 Glorious Years And We Were The First In The World To Ordain People By Mail All Over The World! We Began This Great Work In 1926 And Are Still The Leaders In The Field Of Independent Ministry! Thank You Lord Jesus!
The Little Crippled Child! "Every person is born with two spirits in them! The first is the spirit of rebellion and sin that all have inherited from Adam and the second is the spirit of a little crippled child who has been crippled by the sin of the world into which it was born! For all have sinned and come short of the Glory and vision God has for each of us!..but it is the finished work of Christ upon the cross and HIS precious shed blood that turns that crippled child into a saint of the living God and an heir to HIS Kingdom! Therein is the true work of the Cross and without that work that we do for others as the beloved of our Saviour!.. mankind would be forever and hopelessly lost!" "GO TELL SOMEONE ABOUT JESUS TODAY!... A LITTLE CRIPPLED CHILD IS AWAITING YOUR LOVE, CARE AND CONCERN!" ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! To Our Little Giant Home Page!
Another Request for Dr.Davy to come to Kenya!
Dear Servant of God Dr. Davy:

I happened to read on your exciting  website and was greatly touched and ministered to 
as I  read through your mission. God  bless you greatly for obeying his voice to minister 
this kind of healing to the body of Christ.

You are really a vessel the Lord uses to touch  lives in all the world. The new foundation you have 
really laid in lives is great, strong and powerful, God bless you Dr.Davy!

We are writing to thank you for such good Job for Christ. We have never been ministered to 
the way your website did to us. Our lives have been transformed and new fires of evangelism lit
in our hearts.

Could you please pray with us about the possibility of coming to Kenya and minister the gospel to 
the lost in villages and markets and  SPEAK IN conferences?

 ~Pastor Lucas and Jane Obanda
 New Hope Fellowship Church
 Box 1111 Mumias-50102-Kenya

Dear Dr. Davy:

I feel so blessed that I was recommended by one of your ministers to seek ordination and fellowship in this
church and after having the honor of speaking with you I found out that this great church, ministry and you
dear Bishop are just what he told me you great people are! Then I spent several hours on this beautiful website
and found out so much more about this ministry and my "gosh!" dear Bishop I am so filled with joy and respect
for this church.

I want to become ordained in this church and begin a homeless and local ministry for Jesus as I myself
several years ago was homeless for over a year and I would have given anything if someone from the people of God
would have found me sooner than they did and given me just a good place to sleep and something to eat so I know
what it is to be homeless and God has called me now to the ministry and I will begin at once under the great
Christian leadership of this church to begin my work for the poor and homeless!

Bio was one of the most heartwarming things I have ever read and it shows what God can do with those
of us who are not afraid to step out on faith and be led by the Holy Spirit!

Dear Bishop I know several others who have been very unhappy with the ordination they received from others online
and I will have them call you or one of the mission team. I know they will want to be part of this great ministry too!

I printed out the application for ordination and for the D.D. as well and will mail them in tomorrow!

God bless and thanks for taking my phone call and the wonderful time we had together in prayer I shall never
forget that wonderful day and time for through you dear brother God has begun a great work in me and I thank
HIM for you and this church being here to love others with the heart and mind of Christ!

You are in my prayers Dr. Davy and I know I am now in yours and I am at last a happy man!
Yours In Christ
Bro. David Lee Johnson

Dear Dr. Davy:

There are just no words for me to express the love I have for this my new church that provides the
great respected covering it does for those who are called to the ministry of Jesus Christ!

When I first called and wanted to speak with you I just knew that if I could talk with you that you
would understand what I have been through in trying to find a church that was worthy of being ordained by and a fellowship of God instead of getting papers of ordination in something that is really nothing except a make believe cyber space church and a website that offers nothing but words on paper that are totally meaningless that you can hang on the wall and say; "see I am ordained!"...that is not ordination of God but of document mills who hide behind the name of God or Jesus and have not one bit of credibility!

I am so happy that God sent me on to you and this great church.
Rev. Jenkins & Patty

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
What can we say but! Oh Hallelujah! ...We got the ministry package today and we just
danced for joy and shouted the praises of the LORD! Everything in the package is not
only beautiful but spirit filled and professional in every way!...the PROVEN PLAN OF
SUCCESS is just AWESOME!....we loved the newsletters and look forward to getting
them from now on! The whole package is worth 100 times more than the small cost of
$39.50...and we don't know how you do it for that small cost!

Now we know why people love this church so much!...it's the real thing!... and the best!
Oh Hallelujah! 
Rev.Tom & Becky Smith


Dear Dr. Davy and the mission center staff!..........Thank God for this Church!

Jane and I are so grateful to be able to find a church that has principles and requires those seeking
ordination to take honorable Christian vows to become ordained by it! It is amazing to find this
beautiful website that is just filled with the love of Christ, the truth and for the cause of Christ.

This Church has no agenda except the spreading the Gospel all over the world and has been active in
the great commission of Christ to go into all the world and tell the world what Jesus has said!
It's history of over 82 years of doing just that makes it a real honor to be ordained by this great
independent church that in our hearts and eyes just outshines all others in the world!

We and are applying for ordination with you wonderful and true men and women of God!.....
.....thank you Lord Jesus!

God bless you Dr. Davy!

Rev. Linden & Jane

Dear Dr. Davy:

It is such a blessing to find this great Christian website here on the web which I think is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The great music playing on every page and the links to where you can buy the artists music has made me a great new fan of country gospel music as I never really listened to country music before coming to this site several months ago!

I am a pastor in another church organization and for many years I have known about the great work of The First Church Of The Gospel Ministry as my father was a pastor as well and knew your founder Dr. Tarbox and often spoke of the great work he did in building orphanages and his great work among the lepers of Mexico.

I am sending a love gift to help with your Bible Missions and I would encourage all who visit this great
ministry site to send their best gift as well!

With as many people who are surly blessed as they visit and explore this beautiful ministry and outreach missions church ought to show their appreciation by their gift giving to a church and ministry that deserves the support of people everywhere.

God bless you Bishop Davy you and this great church are now part of my daily prayers!

Yours In Christ
Pastor Carl

LIFE'S MEANING AND PURPOSE IS ONLY FOUND IN THE LORD JESUS! Living life in the beloved Lordship and the mighty wonder working power of the shed blood of Christ Jesus gives our life a divine meaning and a life long purpose for living and our mission is made clear and is of HIS spirit! For it is HE who leads us, and as our life is lived through HIM we are no longer unsure of life or it's purpose, or it's definition! Our identity is of HIM and each day we know where we are going and how to get there! We know what to do and how to do it for HE has shown us the way! For in a life lived in Jesus there is no such thing as a frustrated life or and unsure purpose because HE and HE alone is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus!

Oh! ....Hallelujah! Being Many In Christ We Are One Body! "For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another!" ~Romans 12:3-5

We Stand Firm Against Racism! We have always stood firm against racism in any form and have for over eight decades; and we have done our best to bring all peoples of the earth together under the loving banner of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior while standing firm on the TRUTH , The Living WORD of GOD and standing up and defending or supporting that which is right based upon the word of God, The Holy Bible and what is just and right for every person regardless of their national or ethnic heritage! The Respect Of Cultures We respect the cultures of all nations and our mission has always been to enhance their cultures with the love of Christ and the Salvational message of the Cross and to instill in them peace and love for one another and provide unto all an effective evangelistic and humanitarian outreach for all peoples and nations of the world. In The eyes of Christ Jesus and our Father in heaven there is only one race and that is the human race! ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! Featured Pastor! Former FBI Agent Now Pastors One Of Our Great Independently Chartered Churches In Pennsylvania! Pastor Rodriguez One Of America's Greatest Pastors! The Rev. Dr. Raul Rodriguez, III We Ordained Brother Rodriguez On The 6th Day Of July 2001
Over the last several years I have enjoyed the wonderful fellowship and personal friendship 
of this great man of God and I was delighted and honored to have ordained him into this 
beloved church. Over the years I have called upon him many times in helping me in a number 
of areas as I have led this great church on to greater victories for the cause of Christ.

He is a man of great faith and God given wisdom and a good friend to all of the ministers
in this beloved church and a man who preachers and teaches the living word of God just as
it is written with apologies to no man as he lifts ever higher the banner of Christ!

After we ordained him Dr. Rodriguez completed his Doctorate with our home study Victory 
Bible College while he and the beloved ones who labor there with him built a great Church near 
East Stroudsburg, PA. 

I am looking forward to working with him on some of our worldwide evangelistic outreach 
short~wave broadcasting programs this year and to preach the Gospel with him at his great
church in Stroudsburg!

This great Pastor served on the battlefields in Vietnam as a combat medic and then after his 
military service became a police officer and then became a Federal Agent and after his retirement 
from the Federal Bureau Of Investigation he joined the work of this church and has become one 
of our many great pastors who over the years has built a great Bible believing church that continues 
to grow!

We thank God for the life and ministry of Dr. Rodriguez who has not only served 
his Nation in so many ways but has served the Cross of Christ for many years as one
of America's great pastors and we give unto Jesus this day and hour all the Praise, all
the Honor, all the Victory and all the Glory!...from the age to the ages now and forever
Amen & Amen! ".....~Dr. Davy
To All Who Visit And Post Here:
This great church and worldwide ministry is the best hope for America and the world by the ordaining 
and fielding of true men and women of God by the hundreds that will teach and preach the truth all over 
the world and they are doing one of the greatest works in the history of Christianity and the great commission 
of Christ!  It is for this cause they have been anointed of God and called forth for this our time!

May God continue to bless this great work for the peace of the world and may all who come here help
all they can to support this great work of God!

~Rev. Carl G. Lewis
Fear! "If fear can be found in any of us who are the Bondservants of Jesus!... then let that fear be that we fail to be the very footsteps HE takes in us!.. for we must dwell in HIM without fear!... or we cannot be truly HIS!" ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! "Fear Not, little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to Give you the Kingdom!" Luke 12:32


Raised Up By Our Lord For This Generation! "Dr Davy is an apostle and prophet of our Lord separated unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ for this generation and a man that God speaks through just as he did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through revelations and discernment." ~Dr. S.K Thomas PCG -Punalur, India
Dear Dr. Davy:

I have for over ten years now been trying to get into the ministry and become 
ordained and be part of a great ministry such as this, but because I am a woman every 
local church in this area, their pastors and some of the members of those churches 
told me that women are not allowed to preach the Gospel. Dr.Davy I have read the Bible
more than thirty times and I have studied extensively the women of the Bible and I
knew that God raised up many women and blessed each of them for the tasks and work
HE called them to do.

I was about to give up several times but our Lord Jesus kept tugging at my heart
and the call to ministry and the preaching of the Gospel just kept getting stronger
every day! I just kept praying that the Holy Spirit would lead me to where I knew
God could use me.

A few days before I called your mission center I was at a shopping mall and after
doing some shopping I stopped at a little Bistro for a cup of coffee and met there 
a woman (Mary Levy)and she just came over to my table and said; "God has asked
 me to speak to you!"... Dr. Davy we talked for over an hour about the Bible and 
about our Lord and I told her about my call to the ministry and that I knew God had called 
me to the ministry! She said; Don't you worry about what these local church people say
and she opened up a little notebook from her pocket book and wrote your name, web address,
 e-mail and phone number on it and then she told me so many wonderful things about The
 First Church Of The Gospel Ministry and after visiting this site I knew God had led me here
by way of Mary Levy.

I thank God for Mary Levy and the Holy Spirit for opening the door of this great ministry
and I want you to know Dr. Davy that I love you and this great Church for being there
for women like me who are called of God and need a place to serve our Lord and preach
HIS Gospel into all the world!...thank you Dr. Davy for allowing God to make the 
decisions on who HE calls to the ministry and then agreeing with God that HE made
the right decision and giving women a place of honor in this wonderful church.

My application is in the mail by overnight express!....PRAISE THE LORD!

Yours In Christ


The focal and pivotal point of Gods revealed Word, the Bible-from Genesis through Revelation-to Man is JESUS.

Jesus - Genesis 3:15 cf Galatians 3:16
Jesus - Matthew 17:4-8 cf 1 Peter 1:16ff
Jesus - Luke 24:27ff
Jesus - John 12:21
Jesus - 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
Jesus - Hebrews 12:1-4 cf 1:3, 8; 3:1
Jesus - Revelation 1:8; 22:16

In 1226 verses in the New Testament Jesus Name is mentioned 1275 times.

The anticipation of both angels and prophets was the presenting, in “the fullness of the times”, the Messiah, Jesus the Son of God(Read 1 Peter 1:10-12; Hebrews 1:1-5; John 1:1-18; 5:39; Acts 4:12).

The entire biblical testimony focuses on Jesus Christ.

The Law was focused on Jesus Christ.

The Psalms were focused on Jesus Christ.

The Prophets were focused on Jesus Christ.

Angels were focused on Jesus Christ.

God the Father was focused on Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit spoke of Jesus Christ.

The Apostles and New Testament writers focus was on Jesus Christ.

It is without dispute that the whole of Scripture is focused on Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

On What Or Whom Are You Focused? Is it “Doctrinal” fixation? “Problems of the Church” fixation? Is it present “Issues” fixation? “Traditions of men” fixation? Is it a “favorite preacher, teacher or writer” that is your focus? Are you focused on your "Self"?

Do you see Jesus? Are your thoughts and eyes fixed on Him?

A motto is defined as “a short phrase with a guiding principle”. My motto is to be “Jesus Focused, Grace Oriented and Love Motivated”.

Until Jesus is the focus, grace will not be understood, appreciated and properly received. Only when Jesus is one’s focus will it be possible to love, that is “ to love as He loves.”

All human problems, within and without the church is due to a blurred and distorted view; a cock-eyed view, a wrong focus.

What would happen if we truly fixed our eyes on Jesus?

With Jesus clearly in focus we will be: firmly rooted in God’s Word, solidly founded on “God’s righteousness, joyful recipients of His grace, desiring to be obedient to His will, thankfully humble and grateful, gracious, kind, long-suffering and accepting, non-judgmental nor contentious but graciously forgiving.

As the Lord Jesus taught all His disciples we shall become and be as one who is poor in spirit, meek, mourns, hungering for His righteousness, merciful, pure in heart and a peace-maker (Matthew 5:1-16).

In the words of our Master we shall be “Salt and Light”. We shall Be Like Him, our Lord and Master, truly Jesus Focused. We shall see one another as Jesus see us. We shall see ourselves as He sees us. We shall BE and BECOME more like Jesus every day.
~Larry Deason




False Prophets! Read The Truth For Yourself! Click Here! "False prophets do not know what the word ‘truth’ means. To believe that these supposed men (and women) of God are saved, redeemed, and born-again, is to carry delusion to the farthest limit. On the contrary, their great swelling words should give one a sense of Déjà Moo....... ........The distinct feeling one has heard all this bull before.!" ~In PlainSite.Org


Dear Dr. Davy:

First, I would like to say thank you for the warm welcome I received upon becoming a part of "First Church of the Gospel Ministry".

It's always good to know that I have all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ supporting me as I spread Gods love.

Tiffany and I are currently attending a wonderful church here in Singapore where the word of God is taught every Sunday. I'm currently assisting the Youth Pastor with the young people. There is nothing like seeing young people on fire for Christ, it brings me so much joy!

Rev. Cornelius Johnson

Dear Bishop Davy:

After talking with you several times I am at last getting out of the document mill clip joints on the web 
and doing what I should have done a long time ago which is to be part of this amazing ministry that is the
best there is for people who are intelligent enough to know that you just can't get some worthless 
papers from these paper chukkers online and expect to build a worthwhile ministry that has the trust
and respect of other people!!!!...I have tried it and it just don't work no matter how hard you try!

It takes real Christian people who are truly called of God and a church that has a history of helping people
to be successful in independent ministry and who know how to help you with any work that you are called 
to do, provide a lasting fellowship and resources that can make your call to ministry a joy instead of a
lonely struggle that most experience who just buy some papers from some ninny turning them out of 
a mobile homes spare bedroom or worse yet ordains just anyone who wants to believe anything except 
God and the Bible!

This church does not sell papers but instead honors you as you honor it and God in all things and that
is why it is the best because it is honestly doing a real work for Christ and has done that work for over
81 Years!....Thank You Lord For Giving The World This Great Ministry!

Nothing built on lies of the devil will last very long and that is why these church website document 
mills come and go all the time!....they are just not real!... but there is one ministry and church online that is
 real and that is The First Church Of The Gospel Ministry!....PRAISE THE LORD!

My application is on it's way!.... I am joyful and excited!


Dear Dr. Davy...........GOD BLESS THIS GREAT MINISTRY!!!!

Over the years my family and I have been uplifted, blessed and spiritually feed by you and this great Church that simply outshines 
all other Christian web sites on the internet.

There is nothing but the TRUTH and GOOD things at this website and it is the most beautiful place for the eye and heart to see 
and feel the love that this church has for all peoples of the earth and you great people are truly ANOINTED OF GOD and are 
DOERS of GOD'S word and not just hearers of it!

I recently had a conversation with a young man in our community who has a call on his life to enter the ministry and I gave him 
your phone number and the site address his name is Chuck Lewis and I know you will be impressed with this young mans heart 
and his call to the ministry. I can't think of any other Church in the world that any person seeking a great church and a loving 
fellowship to join and become ordained in than this church for it offers the best place to get started in a ministry for Christ!

We love you so much and our best love gift is in the mail for this month and we know it will be put to great use for the 
spreading of the Gospel all over the world!

Yours In Christ!
Jannie and Bob
To the visitors who discover this site:

To me it is hard to imagine that anyone spending time at this site would not be able to see the great
calling that God has on this great church and all who serve in it!

I am applying for ordination, membership and fellowship this week!

God Bless this great ministry!

J. E. Wallenbrook

Dear Missions Team:
Of all the web sites on the internet this site is the most beautiful and the work and ministry of this church
is one of beauty, sacrifice and love for the cause of Christ. 

God Bless This Ministry
Larry & Barb

Dear Dr. Davy:
I use to give money to some of the big evangelist that preach on TV and hold their big circus type
meetings in huge arenas around the world until I began to see that the work of the cross was not
their real purpose, but was solely to gain wealth for themselves.

What does anyone who loves our Lord need with a 10 million dollar house with gold plumbing in it
and millions of dollars hid away in off shore bank accounts that these TV preachers have when there is so
much hunger and suffering among the poor not only in America but all over the world????

I will now begin to send my gifts to this great outreach humanitarian ministry for it is one of the 
very few worldwide ministries that I feel is worthy of my Christian gifts!

I would encourage all who come to this site to begin sending your gifts of support as well!
God will bless you for your giving into the great work of this church and ministry and to the ministers
it ordains and sends forth that are truly called of God and are doers of HIS word and not just hearers
of it! 

It is joy to find men and women of God who are not in the ministry of our Lord in order to heap 
the gold and silver of the world upon themselves!

God bless this wonderful work!
~Bonnie Pierson
The Gaining Of Wealth And Riches! "In the short and fleeting days of our lives it is not what we gather up for ourselves that makes any person rich, but it is what we give up, sacrifice and give to others that makes us rich not only in possessions but in the GRACE of our LORD and Saviour Christ Jesus the Son of the LIVING GOD!" God will bless us when we pay our tithes and give good gifts to the work of the LORD! JESUS SAID SO! "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6;38" "To Gain, We Must Give!.. And For All That We Give! GOD Will Give Us Ever Increasing Blessing And Wealth! Oh Ye Of Little Faith!...What Have You Given?, What Have You Sacrificed?... For The Work Of The Cross? If It Has Been Nothing Or Begrudgingly Little Then You Cannot Be HIS! If You Do Not Believe In And Practice GOD's Plan Of Bible Tithing And Gift Giving Then You Are A Hypocrite!... And Cannot Be A Christian!" SO SAYETH THE LORD OUR GOD! ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus!
Dear Dr.Davy:

I just got this months mailing from the home team and I got so many blessings
from the CD message from you and our new International Bishop of women's ministries! 
What a great women of God she is and what a great blessing
she is to all of the women we have ordained around the world and to all of the
men and their wives as well! She is an absolute delight to hear speak and give her 
heartfelt testimony how God has raised her up to be a blessing and a helpmate to all
of the ordained women in this church worldwide!

Dr. Davy I cannot tell you how much your part of that glorious message meant to me as it
reminded me once again of all the reasons why God led me to this church to be ordained
by this mighty ministry and how thankful I am for the great fellowship I enjoy in this
church as an independent minister of the Gospel and the great covering it provides 
that has given me the respect among others in the body of Christ who really love 
and work for the Lord and not for their own agendas and purpose but for HIS cause 
and HIS Glory!

Dr. Davy the loving way in which you handled some very sensitive matters and concerns
of the missions board was done with so much love that it brought tears to my eyes and
only a living, loving Bondservant of Jesus that you are dear Bishop could have spoken
with so much love that you did and I thank God that I have fellowship in this church and 
that you dear Bishop are always there to pray and be of help to all of the ministers 
ordained by this our loving mother church and I thank God for sister Cathy
and the great staff at the world mission center. I have never felt alone in ministry 
since I became ordained by this church over six ago. The communications and love is 
always an open door and the love given and received by all is a real blessing to 
independent ministers of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour!

I am blessed and thankful!

God bless you dear Bishop!
~Rev. G. A. Fielding

My Beloved Dr.Davy,

 More grace from God the Father and blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ be added to you, Amen.
Sir, going through your website and seeing God's hand and His grace on you, I deem it necessary to invite 
you to be my special guest speaker in my 2008 city-wide crusade coming up by  NOVEMBER 2008 in 
OWERRE CITY grasshopper stadium of IMO STATE  OF NIGERIA. You will be speaking in a four night event
 and in morning session programs. 
This program will  also include,crusade,church workers conference, Widows and less-privileged children 
seminar,  An official letter of invitation will be sent to you on your wiliness to be my special guest.
 During your visit, your are expected visit our State Governor and some traditional Leaders.
 After much prayer, the Lord has lead me to  extend a hand of friendship and partnership to you and
 your wife to come over to Nigeria, the giant of Africa, a country highly blessed by God to present His 
undulated Word to lost souls.
Choose one of the months you prefer ok for you, and we will plan with you.
 I am a Reverend minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria, I am one of the leaders of the mission.
 I will be grateful if my invitation is accepted.

 Thanks for you understanding and concern.
 Till I hear from you, I remain your brother for the great Harvest
~Rev Godwin E. N. Ajoku

Dear Christian friends around the world! 

On January 26, 2007, 76-year-old Shuang Shuying and her son, house church leader Hua Huiqi, were attacked, 
wounded and arrested by police while walking near a 2008 Olympic hotel site in Beijing. Shuying has numerous
medical problems and is serving two years in prison. We invite you to write a letter of encouragement to Shuying.
We have experienced incredible results when readers write to believers who have been imprisoned for their faith.
The letters often result in shorter prison sentences. Send a letter of encouragement to Shuying and let her know 
you are praying for her. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting she be released. Let your friends know 
about suffering believers in China and encourage them to pray and write too. Please!...Get involved. 

 Your letters will let her know you are praying for her. Writing letters of encouragement and praying for Shuang
 Shuying makes a difference. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting Shuang Shuying be released
 immediately. Some previously featured prisoners have been released early or received better treatment in prison.
 Stand with Shuang Shuying and forward this email to your friends and encourage them to write and pray too.

 Get involved! Pray and write to Shuang Shuying today.

Dear Dr. Davy:

We just received the new ministers welcome package, our ordination credentials etc. We wanted 
you to know dear Bishop that we are so excited and 100% thankful that God has led us to this our 
new church, worldwide Christian fellowship and our new family of God! 

The new ministers manuals,the great bible degree studies and the FCGM Proven Plan Of Success are
 just awesome and we have begun to put into practice that great plan that we instantly saw that if we
 have faith to follow this glorious plan that it will be so easy to build a successful ministry and a 
great independent new church in our area for the cause of Christ and the work of HIS Kingdom!

The whole program, materials and proven plan is just the very best in the world for anyone who 
has a genuine call on their lives for the true ministry of our LORD!

We are THANKFUL, we are HONORED, we are BLESSED, we are JOYFUL, we are EXCITED 
and we LOVE you Dr. Davy and this our new church which we are so very thankful to be 
members in and the professional ministers of our LORDS Gospel. 

God Bless You Dr. Davy 
Yours In Christ
Faye And Gene

Dear Dr. Davy and the faithful believers of Christ,
We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His blessings and mercy.
Thanks be to God for safety of my family and we are peaceful in Christ.
Keep on praying for me, my family and our church ministry of Pakistan.
Maria John

Hello! Dr. Davy and the ministry team:

We just received the new ministers package! Oh Hallelujah!.....It's
a full scale blessing and we can at last go to the next level because
of the love and the spirit filled resources of this great church and
ministry for Christ!

Who in the world would want to be ordained by anyone other than this amazing
and great end time outreach missions church that God raised up in 1926 and HE
raised it up for this time and for the total 100% work of the cross!

Thanks for sending the extra materials that you spoke of when I first talked with
you dear Bishop!... they are a great blessing that few in the world who call 
themselves Christians even know about or for that matter may not be able to
comprehend if they had them because many in this world who call themselves HIS
are so spiritually dead and know little or nothing of the true nature of God, the 
Bible or our Lord Jesus!

Terri and I are sending eight other people who want the best and we know 
"the best" is right here at The First Church Of The Gospel
~Rev.Juan Manual

Dear General Secretary:

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and Savior.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work which you are doing.

According to Hebrews 6:10. The Bible records that God is not unjust to forget 
your work you have labored for the saints. 

Through the First Church Of The Gospel Ministry we are experiencing more breakthroughs 
both in our churches and headquarters. 

Count us from today as one of the FCGM in Kenya. We had attached the invitation letter for the
meetings in Kenya.

We are praying and waiting to hear the response from you. 

Thank you so much for the audio cassette you send me, it has blessed me and the entire team.

It’s a clear message and very Biblical. May the Lord bless you abundantly.
Yours truly,

~Rev. Dr. Michael Wafula 

Dear Dr. Davy, Sister Cathy!
I Learned A Great Lesson!
My experiences with the online document mill churches may have some value to those
seeking legitimate ordination!

Before I became ordained with this great church I was (so called ordained) by one of the 
(so called churches online) but when I went to register with the state so that I could perform 
marriages the state refused to allow me to perform marriages because they said that the
(so called church) that (so called  ordained me) "Was on the States list of document mills 
and they were not a real church but are just document mills that look like real churches or 
ministries online but are nothing but document sellers and they said that buying some 
papers online does not make you a minister and they refused to grant me the right to 
perform marriages!"

I thought for sure that I was really ordained but after the talk with the state office I then 
knew I had been schemed out of over $250.00 that I paid for a startup stuff and some 
ordination papers! I then e-mailed these people and told them what the state said and
they never e-mailed me back then I tried dozens of times to call them but they never
answered and then they changed their number to an unlisted phone number!

Then a few weeks later I was in a chat room and made contact with brother Roberts 
and he told me about this church and of course I finally became really ordained in this 
historic church and when I got my ministers welcome package from the church I went
to the state office and instantly registered with the state and had not one moments problem 
in getting a license to officiate marriages!

The fact is that this Church is one of the only churches offering ordination online that can
be trusted for legitimate ordination and that is in good standing with every state in the nation
and every country in the world!  It's more than eight decades of work and great history makes 
all the difference in the whole ordination process and getting the kind of fellowship and respect 
that anyone needs if they intend to do anything honorable in ministry!

I hope I have been a little help to any who are seeking legitimate ordination...if you are then
you came to or found the right place and church!

Yours For Christ
Rev. Terry A. Daniels
God Called! God Ordained! God Anointed! God has called and raised us up through prophecy to ordain and field hundreds of thousands of men and women evangelists, street preachers, tent revivalists, pastors bible teachers, jail, prison, corporate and community ministers, missionaries, crusade evangelists, youth ministries and many others for the cause of Christ and from every walk of life and nation of the world! Opportunity For Thousands More In Independent Worldwide Ministry!
To Our Little Giant Home Page! Dear Dr. Davy and the home outreach team: HORN OF PLENTY!
I am honored and filled with joy in the Lord to be able to honestly say that this great church is the
 HORN OF PLENTY when it comes to credible independent Christian Ordination, 
brotherly love, professional help, faith, leadership for Christ, fellowship, special and
often needed resources that are not found anywhere else in the entire body of Christ for
independent and new ministers of the Lord!

My experiences with this beloved church have all been great and I have never once asked 
for help in any area of ministry that I may have needed, that the team always helped me with 
and have always been there for me and they have given me the kind of true love and fellowship
that they are known and respected for around the world! If you want only the best in ordination
then you can only find it right here!

If any of you who are reading this posting have been ordained by any of the others online then I recommend
you do what I did!....I resigned from the other church that I was with and I become really ordained with the
real thing and now I am at last with the right church and the best Christian people on the face of the planet!
....Thank You Lord Jesus!

Here is the only Church online who offers to professional ordain you that is truly of God and they do it for all the
right reasons and provide the best in ordination and lifetime fellowship to found anywhere in the world and they 
do it all in a professional and caring way and you get it all for so little, it only cost $49.50 processing,shipping and 
handling to get the best, so there really is no reason to seek ordination anywhere else! If you do you will have
missed the best Christian opportunity of a lifetime!...PRAISE THE LORD!

I love and thank God for this great church!
Rev. R. W. Dennis
Dear Dr. Davy and the mission team!.....Praise The Lord!

I just got my new ministers welcome kit last Friday and I was filled with joy when I saw all that
the package contained. The 3 ministers manuals and the great proven plan of success are just outstanding
not to mention the 3 free bible study degree programs that come with the kit and the most beautiful ordination 
documents, ministers license and special letters and info from your office dear Bishop!
We have placed them in a beautiful frame and have them displayed with pride in our little ministry

I knew I had found the right church and ministry to become ordained in the first time I called the mission center.

I am so thankful to be part of a real ministry and Christian church and have this historic church be the
glorious cover for men and women truly called to the ministry of our Lord!

Yours For Christ!
Rev. D. Garrett

As The Bondservant Of Jesus I Write ...Thus Sayeth The Lord!... "Ambition for the work of my Kingdom knows no father except the Holy Spirit moveth upon thy heart in love for me!...go now and tell them what I have said for I am coming again....soon!" ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! April 8th, 2008

Dear Dr. Davy and the great home church team:

God bless everyone at our home church and the missions teams!

I just opened up the new ministers welcome package and was I ever surprised at what it contains for just $39.00

I can't think of one other thing anyone would need to start and build a success driven ministry by just following
the great proven plan of success the welcome package contains! It's just so anointed with the Holy Spirit and
anyone can follow it and build a great ministry with this great Church and fellowship!

It is so rewarding to be part of something that is real and a member of this great church and organization
that is doing the real work of our Lord and all that HE has called us to do as HIS followers and ministers.

I now can't wait to go through all the ministers manuals and the other great materials and get activated
right away!

I am so thankful that I am now a member in this ministry and now it's my church too! You have blessed my
socks off with the wonderful way I have be treated and loved by each of you on the team!

Your new brother and minister in this great work!

Rev. Sammy

Brothers and Sisters of the FCGM,

Praise the Lord for the beautiful and extraordinary work you have been doing for so many years for the cause of the spreading of His Word. To keep going so long, only God could give you the perseverance and the determination needed.

I have been serving in ministry since my new birth in 1981. I have been studying the Bible since then.However I was limited in what I could do and perform in my church. I have been looking for months for a Ministry where I could apply for my credentials. I read so many pages about missions and ministry that left me unsatisfied. Finally I decided to give up my search. One week later I resumed my hard work of searching, and met the FCGM website that does not stop calling my attention. There are many reasons for why I have chosen the FIRST CHURCH OF THE GOSPEL MINISTRY:

You are not a credentials seller!
Your ministry is God-centered!
You give a lot of importance to people!
Your website contains more information than the hundreds of ministry web sites I have explored on the internet!
The social activities of your ministry, by example the India/Africa Outreach Ministries!
Your agreement to ordain women!
Your 8 decades of existence!
You preach the Word of God, and nothing else!

I am saying that to help you understand that I have not chosen the FCGM like a child. I have really explored the website, read a bit of everything: The history of the church, the testimonies of Dr Davy, the announcements of the installment of 2 new Bishops, the Victory Bible College, the comments of Great Men and Women who have benefited of your spiritual support. Then I prayed and finally chose the FCGM. May God bless you.

Thanks a lot for helping me. I am going now to fill out my application form and send it to you. I need your help, and I need your prayers, I need your support. My church: EGLISE BAPTISTE DE FOND RAMIER (BAPTIST CHURCH OF FOND RAMIER) needs your constant prayers!

Jean Yvon Pierre, M.Sc.

A Prayer Request..From A Great Brother We Ordained In 2001 Who Is Now Serving 
The Lord Working Full Time In A Juvenile Justice System In South Carolina! 
"Thank You Lord Jesus For This Great Brother! Let Us All Pray For Him And The Great Work He Doing 
In The Lives Of So Many Troubled Young Boys And Girls!" ~ Dr.Davy!
Hi , Dr. Davy, Jeannie & The Staff!
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am  now serving  in South Carolina as you can see
 from my signature below, my full time job is as the Spartanburg County Director for the SC
 Department of Juvenile Justice. I want to ask for special prayers for the children and families my
 agency serves. 

We have over 300 12-18 year-old youths on caseload here, and my staff of dedicated probation officers
and administrative staff do all we can to keep them and the public safe, and to help them get on the 
right path as they traverse the often difficult path of adolescence.

 While we have many programs and interventions, and yes far too often jail, as means to deal with their behavior, 
as a Minister I know what these kids really need is to show them how they can live for something far more important 
than the moment and all the worldly things they so often seek. And when the door is opened we tell them about our 

So please pray for our kids and their families, my staff, the courts, our law enforcement, and in be agreement with
us asking that the Lord will bestow peace on our community and dispatch his angels to protect all of these from 
the evils of this world. 
God Bless you Dr. Davy and all the staff at FCGM. 
Reverend R. Michael Smith
R. Michael Smith, Director
Spartanburg County
South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

Dear Dr. Davy:
I applaud you as one of the greatest Christian ministers and leaders in the world today!

With all the Christian "Politicly Correct!" hypocrisy and millions of heretics that are online
who call themselves Christian who are really the pawns of the devil and have turned the word of God 
into the devils lies by twisting it to suit themselves, but this church and you Bishop are an absolute
delight to the eyes, ears and the soul!

TRUTH is what this church and you are all about and you are not afraid to tell it like it is no
matter what the rest of the world says or thinks and that is a rare quality in the Christian 
world today!  No wonder this church and ministry are respected all over the world by true
people of faith!

I love this website so much!... it is a lighthouse of faith, honesty, nothing but the truth 
and a great work for our Saviour!

God bless you Dr. Davy
Jerry Fuller

This Historic outreach missions church is the most outstanding ministry of real Christians and servants of 
the Lord in the world today! 

They know how to get the job done for Christ and everyone who visits here should begin to support 
this great work with your love gifts and offerings!...  because here is one of the few ministries on the
internet that is worthy of everyone's support!

We are supporting and standing with this ministry over all others in the world today!

We love you great people of God!
~The Mayer Family
This website is just overwhelming but it is the most beautiful place on the internet! 
I am sending it's link to everyone on my mailing list because this site just has to be seen
and enjoyed by everyone in the world!.....What a great work for Christ! 
Louisville, Ky

Dear missions team and Dr.Davy:
We are so thankful for this great church and ministry for all the help it gives people it ordains into
ministry of Christ all over this troubled old world and we want to be part of it's great independent
family of God!

We have seen a lot of others on line who offer some ordination but in the end we knew this was
the right Church and ministry just like so many others from all over the world who have made 
the right decision to get the best ordination and Christian fellowship program in the world!

We mailed our applications today!
We Love You!
Tim & Vera 
....PREACHING! "Preach The Word!"..II Tim 1:22 "We preach Christ Crucified!"... I Cor 1:23 "We Preach Not Ourselves But Christ!"...II Cor 4:5 "I Preach the Unsearchable Riches of Christ!"...Eph 3:8 "Go Ye into all the world and preach the Gospel!"Mark 16:15 "Repentance and Remission Of Sins should be Preached in HIS Name to All Nations!" Luke: 24:47

Dear Dr. Davy:
I must admit that I made several mistakes in trying to get and find a credible ministry or church here online to become
professionally ordained in.  As an honest person who feels a call on my life to serve God and our Lord Jesus I wrongly
thought that just any ordination by any who offer it online was all that I needed but each time I did I suffered for it 
in one way or the other and I just made mistakes in my thinking that any that I got papers from were ok!...how wrong I was!

After much prayer and finding you and this ministry I took the time to call and I had no trouble what so ever in getting you 
on the phone dear Bishop and my life and my call to ministry was changed forever as you led me in the right paths and the
right thinking for the call that I have had for so long now for the ministry! 

Today I sent in my application to your office and I thank God that I finally did so instead getting just another one those silly
paper packs from the online church document mills that have nothing to offer what so ever that is even remotely credible, 
honest, legitimate or respected by anyone in ministry. Only this church knows what it is doing and has a track record
of success all over the world in independent ministry and in helping those it ordains and I thank God for it!

I am sending several others I know who have had similar bad experiences with those online document mill churches!

Thanks again dear Bishop and may God continue to bless you and this great Church and worthwhile fellowship!

Terry O'Dell

Dear Dr. Davy and the team:
In finding you wonderful people of the Gospel I have at last found a home for the ministry I began
over a year ago. 

I like the fact that this Church allows us to remain independent ministers yet provides us a respected
covering and a worldwide fellowship and personal accountability program that is respected all over the
world and this great ministry is second to none! 

It is the best of both worlds for anyone truly called to the ministry!

No other independent church or ministry in the world can match it's success driven history and I am sending
in my application for professional ordination and lifetime fellowship in this my new home and my church as

God bless this great Church!
~Dennis Bardley

Dear First Church:

I am so thankful that a real church offering to ordain those who are called to the 
ministry has a site here online and what a beautiful site it is!....it is joy to the eyes, 
heart and soul!

I have looked at and tried nearly all the rest but there are so many document mill type 
churches that are online one day and gone the next, but thank God there is one that is 
always here to help those of us who are searching for the right covering and heartfelt
Christian fellowship that has the resources and love for it's ordained yet independent 
ministers!..... Praise the Lord!

I am honored just to be able apply for ordination in this great church and ministry for Christ!
My application was mailed today!...........thank you Jesus!

~Tom Willis

Dear Dr. Davy:

Grace and Peace to you from The African Project Office.

It is with great love, joy and happiness that I write this letter in advanced to congratulate you on your
66th Birthday.

It is the grace of God that reaches a man before he can stay up to 50. For you reaching 65 is a 
thing of pride to us here in Nigeria and Africa.

I recall in 2004 when I came into this beloved church as a minister that I was nothing, but this church has 
helped make me somebody today by the help of God.

I send you my love and felicitations and will certainly observe this date in my fellowship yearly.

My prayer and that of the entire Africa, especially the West Africa, is that God keep you and raise men of
your reputation into the world for the smooth running of the affairs in Christendom.

I bring this words to let you now that God is working hard and preparing things that have not enter into 
men's heart for you, which will culminate into much blessings.May God make you younger than Mama 
Cathy and keep making you all what He wants you to be.

Total Peace, Love , Joy and Strength,be your portion.
Dr.Godwin Osung-CEO/founder
Pastor Samuel Rappheal,
Watchman Okon-Akan Henry,
Evangelist Maria Favour
Dr.Durable Osung,
and all other ministers and members of The African Project!

Dear Missions Team And Webmaster:

ATTRACTION FOR THE LORD! I Love the great variety of music and the artists you post
to every page!  We have never been fans of Country or Bluegrass music but you great people
of the Lord are fast making us fans of Harold Jones, Bobby Osborne, Randy Travis and all of 
the country artists you play on the pages of this beautiful website!

God bless all of you and keep up this great work for our Lord!
~Sharon & Bob

Dear Dr.Davy and the team!! 
Julie and I want to thank you for all the time you have taken to help us with getting started 
in building a successful ministry for Christ and thank you so much for giving us some time
at the ministers retreat in September so we can have a little time away from the work to enjoy 
Indian Lake and meet with you, sister Cathy and the team!

See you in September!
God Bless You Dr. Davy
Rev.Tom and Julie

A Message From Our Great Brother In Nigeria Dr. Osung!


Total peace!
I write to appreciate your courage to do God's work and your newly appointed Bishops and the 
ones coming soon.

It is my joy an happiness to continue to love and pray about you as you take this world burdens 
upon your shoulder to reach out to the un reached.My prayers is that God strengthen you.

I do believe you got my few copies of the book"signing blind contract". I send your way.

Today is May 29th where the new set of Government takeover the affairs of Nigeria, with moslem 
as the head and Christian assisting.

I believe in your love for this country and continuous prayer. Please put me in prayers.

I am no more with The Living Grace Mission.I am running Kings Palace which is 
non-denominational in nature, this give me more opportunity to walk with you
and our beloved church.

Kings palace is growing with five associate pastors and one assistant pastor to me.
God is working here in Eket, and his environment.

I covert more of your prayers for good health and divine favor.
Once again, congratulations,on the new appointments of
Dr.Godwin Osung

Hello!.. Dr. Davy:
After reading your commentaries  I think America should be very proud 
that it has a good man that I also believe would make a great man from we the 
people to elect to the office of President!

I understand why you would not on your own steam seek that office but basically you 
have said and want the people of America to wake up and get united to put someone
in that office that is from we the people and not of any political party, but who is totally 

I thank God that America has a great voice in you for us little people out here!

Thanks for speaking up and telling the truth they way it should be told!
Merry Christmas!
~J.J.  McGuire


Hello First Church!

Dr. Davy is a true American God called and anointed man of truth and victory 
for the cause of Christ! 

After reading so many of his opinion and commentaries he has become my hero
because Christianity and America needs a hero for the the truth and no better
example of a true man of God and the truth than is Dr. Davy!

Thanks Dr. Davy...the world and this nation needs a man such as you to raise 
his voice and speak the truth!.....We love you and this great ministry!

Our daily prayers and support you can now count on!
~Marvin & Sharon
Washington DC

Thank You Lord Jesus!
Dear Dr. Davy:

Twelve of us are sending in our applications this week for ordination with this great 
independent church!

We are planning on building a local evangelistic street ministry team to preach the
Gospel here on the streets of Jacksonville every day!

We found out about this church from local pastors who told us to seek ordination with
you and they said that this church was one of the greatest works of God they have ever seen
and after we began to come to this site we were just overjoyed as we had been meeting and praying
for over two months, we asked God to send us to the right Church and a few days later God led us
to a local Pastors prayer meeting and we all testified and told of our plans and that is when we found out
about this church that will soon be our mother church and the spiritual covering we needed before we
begin this street ministry that God has called the twelve of us to do!

We just printed out the applications and are filling them out right now!...They will be in the mail

Thank God for The First Church Of The Gospel Ministry we love all of you there at the mission
center and thank our Lord Jesus for you Dr. Davy!

Your Twelve New Brothers In Jacksonville Florida!
~"The Called & Anointed Twelve!"

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Today we received our ordination and welcome package and we are so happy that we have
been ordained by this church.

We started a ministry for Christ sometime ago and now we know that it will at last begin to
grow faster because of the professional fellowship and leadership that we have with this ministry!

Prior to coming to this church we spent over $400.00 on an ordination program online only to find that
we were not dealing with a real church at all.  Hardly anything we paid so much for was of any practical
value and as we began to read some of the materials they sent it became obvious that they were not at all 
totally honest or of God but were just making money off of people trying to find professional ordination
and a real church organization for the professional covering that everyone needs if they intend to serve the Lord.

What we received from First Church Of The Gospel Ministry with our ordination was worth far more than
all we spent with the other people and we only spent $49.50 shipping and handling because this church
does not sell ordination but you provide the kind of independent fellowship and welcome package that is the best.

The three, free Bible studies you sent with the ordination to help us to expand our understanding of the Bible 
and earn additional degrees from your bible college are a real blessing!

It is easy to see why so many people are becoming ordained and affiliated with this church and the historic
record of it's success for the cause of Christ is one of the reasons this church and those you ordain are so 
respected by people all over the would!

Are we happy? Yes! But we are more than just happy we are blessed of God!

Many thanks to Dr. Davy and the whole ministry team and we thank God for this great independent church!

Rev. Carl & Julie

A Letter From A Great New Brother In Kenya East Africa!

Dear the Servant of God Cathy, Secretary Of The Church:
We would like to appreciate very much for the wonderful work which the Lord is doing through First Church of the
Gospel Ministry (FCGM) around the world. We have been praying for a long time that God may join us with 
Brethren for the same vision and focus that may build the Kingdom of God and we thank God that our prayers 
have been answered. 
I would like also to send more appreciations for the Bishop and the Director of World Missions Dr. Davy whom
the Lord has dedicated for this wonderful task to serve the Body of Christ worldwide. 
I appreciate very much for releasing me from the chains that have bound me for so long now and for ordaining
me officially and for the wonderful credentials, commission, license, ordination, certificate and honorary degree. 
I have served in the Ministry for about 20 years, but I have never been honored in any way until I found this 
our beloved church. It so exciting! I will never forget on 26th June 2007 where I was ordained officially as per the
Ordination decree. I have been blessed with the free Bible studies you provided so that I may achieve some 
educational degrees and earn a Doctorate in ministry studies. 
We also extend our sincere appreciation, for the application of a Church Charter which we are now feeling 
and we shall send in the application. We have selected the name we shall be using in all our correspondences: - 
 "Glory Fellowship Ministry!"and our desire is to work in complete faith with First Church of the 
Gospel Ministry. As you will see as per the attached in the church charter Application form later.

We are also well placed to hear that Dr. Davy is ready to be invited anywhere and all over the world!
We are sending invitation letter soon that he may come and see his fruits in Kenya and bring a great
Victory Revival Crusade to all of the people of Kenya.  
May God bless you so much. 
Yours in Christ Service, 
Rev. Dr. Michael Wafula 
Kenya - East Africa

Dear Mission Team And Dr. Davy:
God bless you wonderful people of the Lord! 

We were ordained by this our Church six months ago and we are happy to report that we feel so honored to be part 
of this great work that is going on all over the world and the hundreds of our new brothers and sisters from all over 
the world that the Holy Spirit is leading to this great outreach missions church that is doing one of the greatest works
for Christ ever seen in the history of our Lord's church! 

JESUS.... is the Church and HE has raised up this ministry for this our time! HE is coming again and very soon and 
that is why all in this church are being blessed and all that are coming into this church who are faithful to the cause 
of Christ are being blessed of God and are prospering all over the world!.....THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

We  look forward each month to getting all the newsletters, CD's, Tapes, Books and all the great materials 
you send and they have helped us so much in the study of the Bible and so much more and getting them has been 
a real blessing to Jean and I!....THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

It is truly an honor to be Ordained into this great independent church that is doing such a great work all
over the world and is lifting up the banner of Christ and helping people everywhere who are called to 
the ministry of our Lord to get ordained into something that is far greater than any one person and that
is why God is blessing and prospering all of it's faithful and trusted ministers of HIS Gospel!

We love this our church with all of our hearts and are grateful for the love and Godly fellowship, 
open communication and love that the home team and you dear Bishop have shown us as we grow and
prosper in the work of our Lord! THANK YOU LORD JESUS!

God Bless!
Rev. Mark & Jean
The Movement Of Your Own Feet Expresses Fully The Righteousness Of God! "The Holy Righteousness Of The Living God And How To Obtain His Righteousness Is Forever Expressed In The Grace Of Our Lord And Saviour Christ Jesus! But That Righteousness Is Not Merely The Absence Of Doing Wrong Or The Presence Of Doing Right! It Is Only Expressed In The Movement Of Your Own Feet Which Sends You Bolting Forth In HIS Name To Expand And Establish HIS Kingdom In The Hearts Of Men Everywhere!..Who Without HIM!...Will Be Forever Lost! That Is The Work Of The Cross And In That Work You As A Christian Have Been Commissioned And Commanded By Christ To Go Forth Into All The World And Be The Living, Loving Righteousness Of God!" GO YE NOW!... IN THE NAME OF JESUS!...FOR HE IS COMING AGAIN! ..AND!... SOON! ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus!

Dear Dr. Davy:
I was on a slow dial up and on AOL and could not pull up all of this great site but now I am on cable
and it is fast so I can at last get all of this huge site and since I went on cable I have spent many
hours here! I have been lifted up by the joy of it all. It is all about Jesus and the work of
the cross and not document mill selling!

The Victory Network site is the most beautiful Christian site in the world and it just blesses me to see a 
real work for Christ instead of all the foolishness we see online by people who call themselves Christians 
and have all of those make believe ordination mills that are worthless and of the devil. I have checked most 
of them out and all are just document, paper and book sellers and nothing more!

I praise God that this great church and ministry is a ministry that is here for those who really have
a true call on their lives, a real church and a historic ministry to be truly ordained in!

My application went in the mail today and I am looking forward to the love, honor, respect,open fellowship
and all the help given to all the independent ministers who become professionally ordained by this ministry!

Thanks and God bless you!

Dear Bishop & The Team!

We cannot thank you enough for providing us with respected ordination and all the great 
materials you sent with the welcome package! It's is amazing how much we received from 
the team in this one package for just $39.50 shipping & handling!

There are more blessings and help in this package than anyone else offers who provide
some kind of ordination online! Some of those online charge over $300.00 for what we 
received from you for just $39.50 which is proof positive that this church is not a document 
mill but is the real deal for anyone seeking the best and the most respected independent 
church and fellowship in the world!

We told several other friends online who have been so disappointed with the people online who
sold them a box of junk religious books and ordination papers etc, and then they just disappeared 
in a few weeks and are long gone! All of our friends are now going to apply with this great church
that has been online for over 15 years and we know it will be here always to help those who are
called to a real Christian ministry!

God Bless this great independent church and fellowship who honors those who are called to 
the ministry with the best independent ordination program in the world!

Yours In Christ
Bob & Becky

Dear Dr. Davy:

After talking with you several weeks ago and then applying for ordination I now fully 
understand why this church and ministry is greatly loved by people all over the world.

This church does not sell ordination like all the others online but it empowers and helps 
people to begin a new ministry for Christ or improving an existing independent ministry 
by providing people with a proven plan of success, a respected church covering and a viable 
lifetime fellowship where people are part of a greater work that has been ongoing for
many decades and that work is Christ centered and blessed of God!

At first I could not imagine how this church was able to supply all that it does in 
the new ministers welcome package for a mere $39.50 shipping and handling but it does so
because this church is not about making money in the selling of ordination documents but
it is all about helping those who have a genuine call on their lives for the ministry 
and having them join in a work and a ministry that is respected all over the world!

I have been blessed by this ministry, my fellowship in it is of God and I am so thankful
that I am able to function successfully in independent ministry because of the wonderful 
fellowship and the love of all in this great church and ministry for the cause of Christ!

I love this my church!.... because this my church!.... loves me! 

Thank You Jesus!

Rev. D. S. Walker


Dear Dr. Davy and the ministry team:

As a Christian I am just filled with joy to have found this outstanding ministry and web-site several months ago and I enjoy all of the music and have already begun to buy Randy Travis albums at Wal-Mart I had no idea that Travis had put out so many new praise and worship albums until I came to this site!

I love the new Bluegrass Gospel stuff you now have on several pages and I really love the music of Harold Jones I just never heard anyone sing Gospel Bluegrass the way he does so thanks for posting some of his music it has lifted me up and blessed my heart!

I live on fixed income but I would like to do something to support this great work and I will be sending a love gift as often as I can for the Bible missions.

God bless all of you
Yours in prayer and support!

Dear Dr. Davy
What a welcome and wonderful surprise to pick up my phone only to find you on the other end of the line. Your words of comfort and understanding, along with heartfelt prayer, have helped to ease some of life's troublesome times.

When our conversation was over I was able to rest assured that joining the ministry was a positive step in advancing my relationship with Christ. For too many years I have remained on the sidelines when it came to harvesting souls for the Lord, that seemed like work for others who had more time than I. Only now do I realize the need to "open-fire" on those who persecute the Lord and his devoted flock, how sad to think of the countless years spent in foolish earthly pursuits that fail to yield lasting fruits.

With your help dear Bishop, as well as the guidance of the divine Savior, my heart and soul will produce works of a far more positive nature.

I ask that you remember my family and I in your prayers as we continue to wade thru this difficult time and may God grant me strength to bring pride and honor to your ministry as you carry on the beloved works of God.

Your brother in Christ
Rev. Timothy Mark Main
Newark Valley, NY

Dear Dr. Davy:

As a new minister with this church I wanted to let people who post here and others who visit, that
this is the most progressive, honored and much loved church in the world. You are not just a number
in this church you become a member of it's worldwide family and a trusted minister in it.

I have never been treated with so much love and given the help I needed in any area of ministry that I might need at any time. Our brothers and sisters at the mother church and mission center are always there to help you in anyway they can and what is far more important they know how to help with the love of Christ and you never have to feel like you are alone as you begin a new ministry with them. They are much more than just brothers and sisters in Christ they become your spiritual family and your partners in the work of the Lord and in my way of thinking those are the kind of things that set this great church and ministry apart from any others I have tried to fellowship with as a minister!

I just don't know what else I can say about this great ministry that so many others who have posted here have not already said and much better than I can say it!

If you are truly called of God and are truly wanting to build a respected and successful ministry then here is the best great family of Christian people that will be 100% for you and help you to get started in just few days after you apply for ordination with them.

The materials they ship with the welcome kit are just precious and spirit filled and you get one of the greatest free bible study programs I have ever seen and that will give you the right spirit filled perspective, track to run on or if you are someone who has been in ministry for a while then you will be refreshed with a whole new outlook on ministry that will, if you put it to use will help you expand your call and work of the Lord!

My membership in this great church has truly been one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my call
to the ministry.

God bless all who come here and all who will take the right path in ministry and take that first step by applying
for respected ordination with this great church of great people who know how to look at you with spiritual eyes and not the eyes of religion or the doctrines of men and the bylaws of the pew sitting churches of the world!

Here you will find Love and great Christian fellowship.....and I thank God for these wonderful people who love me
just the way Jesus does!

Love to all in Jesus name!
Rev. R.D. Lundsford
Dear Dr. Davy!.....GOD BLESS YOU...And..PRAISE THE LORD!

Not only is this the most beautiful and Spirit Filled Site on the Internet ....IT Has THE MOST

Every one of the pages has a great song on it and I have become fans of these artists as well and am
ordering their albums as fast as I can get them!

Since the music and the artist change so often I come here at least once a week to see all the new pages
and listen to all the new songs going up!....................I am Blessed and renewed each time I do!

Many Thanks to You and all the Team!

B.B. Sawyers!

Great Music Dr.Davy!!!!!!

I can see and hear your love and your spiritual connection to your heritage and
the deep roots that is in your wonderful and loving heart for Ireland!....
.....We all love Bluegrass music here!

I love this site and it is just so joyful to see and feel the love that is in all of you wonderful
children of God!

I am sending a gift for the Bible Missions!


Dear Dr. Davy:

As an evangelistic pastor I have known of The First Church Of The Gospel Ministry and your founder since I was a child because my own father was ordained in this church and built a great following in his lifetime so I thought I would try and help bring a little light to people seeking ordination and give them some warnings about these online so called churches that are just document mill sellers and are not worth five cents let alone the price of the stuff and merchandise they sell, so let us look for a moment on how to spot the phoney churches, ministries and document mill sellers!


If you see on their site the following wording or other similar statements! Then you are at a document mill and not a real church or valid ministry of God:
"XYZ Ministries is a non-denominational ministry committed to the rights of the individual to believe what they shall and to experience their own God according to their own personal beliefs!".... "(Or).... "you may believe what ever you want to believe and teach it to others as XYZ Ministries does not require you to believe anything except what you want to believe!" Quote! Unquote!

"We stand behind all of our, merchandise, products , books and kits!" "You can be ordained into your own beliefs and we will put on your papers any name or office that you want such as; "Prophet" "Priest" " Minister," "Evangelist" "Monk" or any other religious title you may want! XYZ Ministries does not care what it is you believe and we will ordain you into that belief and sell you the papers indicting that we approve of what you believe!"..... Quote! Unquote!

Both of the above statements seen on any website offering ordination is a DOCUMENT MILL!....and nothing more and cannot be Christian or of God or of the Bible!....It should be just as plain as the nose on the face of any intelligent person that people who put up these document mills are just after the money for the SALE of their junk and what ever the traffic will bear is what ever the price is that they have on the stuff they SELL and some have five or six differently priced packages of unholy paper padded junk and the unholy and un-biblical teachings within them to justify what they do in the sale and distribution of the evil they send forth into the world to fuel the devils agendas and poison the weak minded that fall prey to these foolish document mills that the internet has brought about with it's quick website building that allow the devil to use those kinds of people who will prostitute even the word of God for profit and the sale of such works of the devil!

You cannot build a successful ministry with those kinds of papers from a document mill nor with them gain the respect and support of others. There is only ONE GOD, ONE TRUTH AND THAT IS THE HOLY BIBLE and HIS WORD is unchangeable and to teach any other thing and tell people any other belief is of the devil and you shall suffer the Judgments of God and be cast into HELL for your false religious ideas and the buying or selling of such papers that lead others into the lies of the devil and his workers who sell such papers and religious titles! Yes! They will so call ordain anyone even criminals, child molesters, terrorist, evil doers ,liars,heretics and anyone else who has the price of their wares! How could anyone but a fool believe they are truly ordained into anything other than a work of the devil when it comes to these document mill paper hustlers?

All who try and minister with papers from document mills as well as those who sell such papers are rebelling against the living God and one day shall face the judgment seat of God for their crimes against God and the lies of the devil that has told them they CAN BELIEVE WHAT EVER THEY WANT!

I cannot understand why a person with as little as a 4th grade education cannot see how phoney these jerks are that SELL these papers called "Ordination" It is silly, childish and most certainly of the devil to tell people they can call themselves ordained in anything that is honorable, Christian or of God by telling them that they "CAN BELIEVE WHAT EVER THEY WANT" ..........
...instead of believing God and HIS Holy Word!

I love and respect you Dr. Davy and the First Church Of The Gospel Ministry that has never been document sellers but is a
real church and a real worldwide outreach ministry that has been around for over eight great decades!

Hey people if you are seeking the real thing here is where to apply for honorable Christian Ordination!

God bless this great church!

Rev. Walter S. Waters

Dear Ministry Team!..Please Post Underneath Rev. Waters Post!

I Totally 100% agree with you Rev.Waters! I know many people online who have got papers from some of the current crop of these slick web sites that look so real but are not and just sell these good for nothing ordination papers to any weak minded person who comes along! These document paper mills and the people who set them up are just the flunkies of the devil and I myself was a victim of their malarkey and about 60 days after I got papers from one of them their sites were just gone and I heard one of the people went to jail for some ungodly thing they did to one of the people they so call ordained!

What people fail to realize is that these document mills are just paper hustlers and once they get all the sales they can get then they move on to some other type of product or service selling program and you just can't trust these document mill sellers to be around for very long.

The First Church Of The Gospel Ministry is the only real Christian organization offering honorable ordination
that has been around for over 82 years and online for over 16 years and they have the best independent
ordination program that anyone who is really serious about ministry should look to here on line as the rest
are just paper marketing and document sales hucksters that just have nothing on their minds but selling junk
documents that can if you use them get you in a world of trouble by presenting and representing yourself as a minister with phoney and bought documents from some numskull who you were fool enough to buy them from
in the first place!

I and many others I know have seen hundreds of the document sellers come and go as I have been online over 12 years myself and they just pop up and then they pop down and are just gone! Most of the ones online right now will all be gone by the end of this year just like all the rest of those ordination paper mill hucksters!

My advice to anyone is to join the only real church and ministry online that has over 81 years of success in independent ministry and has the history to prove it and that is The First Church Of The Gospel Ministry!

God bless Dr. Davy and this great church for being here to help people get the right kind of Christian ordination that is respected by people of faith all over the world!

Thanks Rev. Waters for your post!....more truer words have never been spoken when it comes to the truth about
the document mill hucksters online!

Rev. T. A. Phillips

Dear Dr. Davy:

As a long time minister in this our beloved church I want people who visit this site to know that this great church and ministry has been on the forefront of spreading the gospel into all the world for over eight decades now and at this hour we have so many great brothers and sisters who go where others will not go and are bringing the Gospel, the love and peace of our Lord into the mission fields all over the world. They often do so with great danger to themselves in countries where our Lord is hated and over the decades we have seen many lose their lives for HIS cause and HIS Gospel!

I remember so well that at one time we were the only outreach church in the world that was able to get Bibles into China
and many of our brothers and sisters who did so were never heard from again as they simply disappeared behind the great
wall of China.

Our precious founder Dr. Tarbox as his beloved wife served and brought others to serve in our Leprosy missions and thousands of little lepers were healed and cared for and our beloved founder built children feeding centers and built
orphanages and in that precious work gave love, hope and care to thousands of homeless and poor children in their more than 73 precious years of their glorious ministry and the building of this great ministry and outreach evangelistic church that is ever growing and ever blessed from the throne of the living God and our Precious Saviour Christ Jesus!

I praise you and thank you Dr. Davy and your beloved wife for the great work you do as our Bishop with the use of all your talents and great skills that God has blessed you with and you do so with so much love in your heart for the great work of this church that is still reaching out with our humanitarian work among the very poor and needy all over the world and for your dedication in getting the Bible into places where there were no Bibles! That work has been going on for all of these decades and God is still using us to do this most important work all over the world....Thank You Lord Jesus!

This church is not a document mill nor has it ever been but it is a place where anyone can with it's help begin a successful ministry for the cause of Christ anywhere in the world. This church has earned it's respect and the respect of those it ordains, works with and helps to bring all who seek respected and honorable Christian Ordination into the unity of Christ and make them part of something that God has blessed for over 81 glorious years.

God Bless You Dr. Davy and the new Bishops you have recently appointed I am looking forward to seeing the great
work these two young men will soon begin under your great love, leadership and heartfelt direction!

Yours In Christ
Rev. Carl G. Cummings
Now in my 29th year as a minister in this our great Church!



Please Help Us To Answer Their Cry By Giving Your Best Gift Of Support
Today As They Need Your Help This Very Day And Hour!

Dear Dr. Davy And The Beloved in Christ,

My heartfelt and loving greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am M. Sreenivasa Rao from Dindi which is on the coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh State in India. I got one ministry. It is a registered organization with our Government from our Ministry. I am doing outreach gospel running one orphanage with 19 orphan Children's maintaining one library and conducting some relief programs towards destitute people. Basically I laid my stress on the outreach gospel along with my co-gospel workers. There are some for corners at our area where the voice of God is not known to such residents. They are all dwelling with Hindu religion. For such people we are endearing our gospel and we distribute some books on scripture. Really the areas
are all too back ward. For some times there are no proper transport facilities at least generally we used to go
by walk to such places.

We had 7 Co-pastors to absolute on outreach gospel. If we got provided even by bicycles we shall speed up our outreach task in an effective manner. Actually each bicycle takes cost of $50, and we are suffering lack of such sufficient budget in purchasing them you. Kindly pray to God about our outreach gospel task and try to support us on purchasing of bicycles which shall be quite useful for our daily need. our orphanage is running with 19 orphan children. Where we are facing number of problems in maintaining it. Frequently we are facing very miserable troubles in meeting of its basic needs. Because of this condition our orphan children are sustaining with bitter and panic conditions. You kindly look into the basic needs of our orphans and try to assist us accordingly initially we need bibles, reading books, tracts and pen and pencils towards our orphan children. We are now praying to God in arranging of such goods are feeling that our meet as the right motivation of God.

We are hopefully awaiting at your kind response on our present day needs. You kindly pray to God about our orphan children and try to support them as I caderised above. They shall be every grateful to you on your gracious support.

Our library named "Faith Library" full filling the day wise needs of our readers. Particularly number of Hindu people is making use of its services regularly. But we are lacking sufficient furniture and more volumes, which are quite needed for it for this praying to God to arrange such help from any heavenly presence like you. You kindly pray to God about our library task in India. Finally I am operating one relief scheme for the upliftment of destitute people like aged persons and widows that is "Food For Destitute ". On every Sunday I used to implement this scheme. On that day I arrange food and some pocket money towards these helpless destitute people due to lack of sufficient budget. I am implementing this only on Sundays. If I got provided with full pledged support them I shall make it implement for all days in a weeks. Basically these are our present day tasks from our ministry. Our outreach gospel is yielding very good harvest on Hindu people. Our orphan children's is growing on Godly lines but they are suffering lack of basic needs. Our library task is on satisfactory way. Where we are in need of some more books and furniture. Our relief program on destitute people is going to be implemented on Sundays only. In catering of your gracious support.

You kindly suggest me on our ministry activities. I need your leadership. I hope in receiving your early response on my present day tasks. Who He is kind to the poor lends to the Lord (Proverbs 19:17). He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their maker (proverbs 17:5). My cordial wishes to you and to your people.Our church people, co-pastors are greeting you in heartfelt way. Orphan children are sending their love and kisses to you. I await at your prayerful and favorable reply on our need as I narrated to you.

Thanking you in Jesus,

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor M. S Rao
Guntur - (D.t),
A.P., South India.
We are asking everyone who visits this Guestbook to send a gift of any amount to help with all of our humanitarian missions for India and others who are in needof your help today!

Please Send Your Best Gift Today To Help Us With All Of Our Missions For India!

P.O. Box 308
Nashville, Ohio 44661-0308

God will bless you if you will!
~Dr. Davy

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Dear Dr. Davy:

The blessings just keep flowing from this beautiful Victory website and the name Victory
is the right name for this site. It is more than a website it is a great Christian attraction
for the hearts of people who want to see what the real children of God are doing to bring the world to Christ and help spread our Lords gospel all over the world.

My visits here have been often and when ever I get down in the dumps by watching the news on the boob tube I get on line and come here and it helps me so much to forget all the troubles of this world and just sit in the glow of the love that flows from this ministry and website!

Keep up this great work that has been going on in the flock of the Lords church for all of these decades.It is a work that is Anointed of God and it is a work that people online need to support and pray for as I now do!

God has placed it on my heart to begin to send my love gifts here for the work of this great church and ministry!

Could you tell me how I can get albums of songs by Harold Jones his bluegrass gospel music
is so wonderful and uplifting. I have never been a fan of country of bluegrass music but Harold has touched my heart and I want all of his albums!

In Jesus Name


Dear Dr. Davy....Thank You!

I wanted to thank you again for taking my call today and for being there for the wonderful prayers and
brotherly love you showed me.

We talked about so many things Dr. Davy but I guess I just wanted to post to this guest book some other things that perhaps may help someone else.

I have had many dreams in my life and as hard as I worked I somehow could never make them a reality. I dreamed of a stable family, wife, children, a nice home and the love of my friends but I failed at all of that.

Then as I was beginning to once again make a little progress in those same dreams I was driving to a new job
and was hit by a drunk driver which has crippled me for life and I am now in a wheelchair but I finally came back to my first love which is Jesus and the dream I had as a young man to be a minister and help people come to know the truth and our Lord Jesus.

I knew I can't do a lot as a crippled man in a wheelchair but I wanted to start a telephone and prayer center but
I wanted also the joy of being ordained as a minister but after looking over so many of the sites that offer
ordination I just wanted much more than what they had to offer because I wanted to be part of something better
and contribute to a great work and I just kept asking God to lead me to the right place and HE did!... I found you Dr. Davy and this great church.

I can tell anyone in the world that if you will have faith in your prayers, seek the face of God and pray for the right and good things, then God will hear you and answer your prayers

God bless you Dr. Davy and I thank you again!


Dear Dr. Davy:

Next month we start our 9th year as ministers and evangelists in this great ministerial fellowship and outreach missions church. We thank God for a Church such as this that is the most helpful people to people ministry in all the world.

My wife and I have been treated with great respect as ministers in this church everywhere we go and preach in all types of churches in the body of Christ as we have been invited to preach all over the southern states now and our outreach is growing every month!

We are sending in some pictures of our new motor home that we now travel in and we are so thankful for your prayers and wonderful help that has made this motor home possible.

We are now starting to hold meetings at state parks and private RV parks and centers where so many people stay and travel in motor homes and we have had so many at these facilities in Florida and in other states down here that have come forth and given their lives to Christ. Motor home travel is a wonderful way to reach many thousands with the Gospel in these final harvest days!
Jesus is coming soon!

We Praise God, pray and thank the Lord Jesus everyday for this our great church that stands for all of the good that is in the real work of the cross and for the Kingdom of God!

Thank you Dr. Davy and sister Cathy for your love, prayers and personal support and that of the home church missions team and the mission board!

We Love You!
Barb & Larry
Evangelists For Christ

Dear Bishop Davy,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bishop I remember you constantly in my prayers, you are my Spiritual mentor, guide 
and motivator.

I had an incline in my heart today that I should seek your prayers and blessings, today 
16th August is my birthday. 

By the infinite mercies of God and with your prayers God is using me in HIS ministry 
here in Bangalore India, Lord the Savior has blessed me with the privilege of conducting
Saints School, Bible Teaching, Preaching and Evangelism. Every time when God opens 
me an new pathway in ministry I remember you very much, because you are the one
who motivated me in the ministry.

I will continue to uphold you in my prayer. Please pray for me and for our ministry.

(The Wonderful Kumar Family)

With kind regards and prayers
In HIS Service


Dear Dr. Davy and the missions team!

Last week I discovered this wonderful outreach missions church and this beautiful website!....I am blessed just
to know that in this world of sin, hate and war there is a living body of Christian people who truly belong to the
master and I thank God for the spiritual anointing that HE has flooded this ministry with.

I have known and supported many Christian ministries, preachers, evangelists and missionaries over the last 20 years but I have never seen or known of a man of God such as you Dr. Davy that God has given so many gifts to, but then again I know that all of theses gifts are what is needed by this Church and ministry for the great work for HIS cause you are doing all over the world.

The plain simple truth and honesty pictured in your
Bio is not easily found in the lives of others who are ministers today and few men of the cloth would reveal so much about their lives as you have Dr. Davy and I applaud you for being the man you are and it is little wonder that you are loved and respected all over the world for the cause of Christ and your great humanitarian heart.

I have been giving my tithes and gifts to others and now I want to give into this ministry because I can think of no other ministry more worthy to receive the support of other Christian people and I know the needs of this ministry are so great that every gift will be put to good use for the benefit of the work of the cross. I am sending $100.00 this month and will do as much and more each month as God provides and I know that I will be blessed as I plant seed into this great work of the cross.

You have given me a great spiritual lift and a new direction not only for my giving but you have renewed in me a greater purpose and a greater vision of the true work of the cross.

Thank you so much and may God continue to bless and lead great men and women to this Church and ministry who truly have a spiritual call on their lives for the ministry of our Lord!

Yours In Christ
Cassandra Kittner


"God send unto us great men and women that you have chosen and made accepted in the beloved
of Christ!  

For in this time we must have men and women with great hearts, true faith, strong minds 
|and willing hands!

Men and Women whom do not lust for the power of offices or for their own purposes but have found 
their purpose in you Lord Jesus! ....For you and you alone dear lord Jesus are the Way The Truth And 
The Life!

Men and Women who cannot be bought and will not sell themselves out to the evils of worldly religion 
and the double minded!...but whom have been bought with and are now covered in the precious shed blood 
of Christ Jesus The Son Of The Living GOD!

Men and Women who will stand on your word just as it is written and can tell the truth and stand by it!

Men and Women who have the gifts of true and abiding faith, love, honor and cannot and will not lie
to their brothers and sisters in Christ!

Men and Women who can take the vows of faith as ministers of your Gospel and live by that to which 
they have said YES to!

Men and Women who want to be granted and blessed with the gifts of love and Christian fellowship!

Send us now Oh LORD! ...the few, the mighty and the anointed of your little flock who will stand in
the glow of your exceeding grace and go forth in victory for the cause of Christ and the work of the
Cross and your glorious!....Kingdom!"

Amen & Amen!

~ Dr. Davy
A Bondservant Of Jesus!

Dear Dr. Davy:

I am now 79 years old and 5 years ago I fell and broke my hip and have been in a wheelchair ever since.

I cannot go to church as I cannot drive anymore so I watch the services of some local churches on TV on
on Sundays and my daughter bought me a nice computer a couple of years ago and I can now get along pretty good
on the internet and that is how I found this great church and ministry.

The reason I am e-mailing you Dr.Davy was to tell about when I was a young boy the little church my mom and dad and us
children attended. Well the pastor of that Church died and the church began to look for a new pastor and a young man by the
name of Rev. Forrest Smith who was ordained by your founder Dr. Tarbox and that young man became our new pastor and was the best pastor that church ever had and I still remember him and that was over 68 years ago and it was such a good feeling Dr. Davy to find that this church is still ordaining and fielding people who have a call on their lives for the ministry.

God bless you Dr. Davy for the great work you are doing and I want to honor this church with some little love gifts each month for the Bible Missions.

Please remember me in your prayers.

T. S. Gilbert


Hello! Dr. Davy and all the great people involved in this great worldwide ministry!

I have been a Christian all of my life and I have supported many ministries outside of the churches I have attended
and have always been faithful in my tithing into them and God has blessed me and has always multiplied the seed I
have planted in the work of others anywhere I have given to their good work for the cause of Christ.

When I found this church and ministry online several months ago I began to visit often as there is so much to see, enjoy and
be blessed by the great God anointed work that this church has been doing for all these decades and knowing that this kind
of ministry and outreach church never has enough resources for it's missions God has placed it on my heart to now begin to
give each month into the storehouse of God in this ministry and I am starting with $15.00 a month! As a person of faith I
have found that if we commit ourselves fully to give as God asks us to give and give in faith then God will then multiply that
seed into so much more just as Jesus said it would!...
Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and
shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall
be measured to you again. Luke 6:37-39

All of us cannot go and preach the Gospel but all us can give so that others can go and all of us are called of God to give for the work of the cross and this church and ministry needs all of our help with as much or as little as we can give and if we will give into this great ministry God will bless us in great abundance!

The work of this ministry is worth supporting because the work it does is well worth our Christian giving and I thank
God that I now have another good place to plant some seed for the work of our Lords Kingdom.

God bless you Dr. Davy and all of the ministers, missionaries, evangelists and others who have such a great church to be in
that has great respect and love for it by people of faith all over the world and I am just filled with joy to be just a little part of this great work with my giving!

Thank You for this blessing!
Mrs.T.H. Mathews

Dear Dr. Davy and the ministry team:

It did not take much searching online to find that the best ministry to be ordained with for any type of ministry
for the Lord was this church and so I printed out the application and applied!

Well today I got the new ministers welcome kit at it just confirmed what I already knew! THIS CHURCH

It is truly little wonder why so many are coming into the fold and work of this great church and ministry from all over the world for it is truly anointed of God for it's great work that it is doing all over the world to bring people to a real relationship with Christ and the work of the cross! I am honored to have been ordained into this great work that has made such a difference in the lives of so many for over eight decades and was formed at the foot of the cross and anointed of God for the work and the unification of people everywhere in the world for a great evangelistic work that the average little people all over the world are now being called of God to do!

The work in these final days I must agree with the Prophet form India
"Agasthya" will in fact be done not by these big TV evangelists but by the people down at the street level of every nation and this ministry was set in place by the Lord for them so that the final work before Jesus comes will in fact get done because God knows it will take the truly called of God among the little people of the world to get it done and this church has from it's glorious history been on the cutting edge and forefront of that great movement since 1926 and I am blessed of God to be called to be part of this great work that has the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on it all over the world! PRAISE GOD!

I Am HONORED and in daily prayer for this God given ministry and work!
Rev. Jefferson


...GOOD WORKS! "Be rich in Good Works!" I Tim 6:18 The Greatest Relationship! "The best and most joyful, beautiful and glorious relationship you can have in this life is the work you do for Christ! He is always there with you and as you grow in HIS grace you will become the very footsteps HE takes in you!" ~Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus!


Dear Dr. Davy:

I saw a special program on one of the History TV channels about Aimee Semple Mc Pherson a few days ago
at it has inspired me once again to answer the call that God has on my life for the ministry of our Lord.
Of course like many women every time I brought my call up to people in my local church I was told that
as a woman I could not preach the Gospel of our Lord!..but I knew that God was calling me and my
frustrations just continued to grow but after I saw the special on Aimee I got on the web and found this
great church and ministry of which it's founder was ordained by her in 1926.

I have printed out the application for ordination and am mailing it in on Tuesday!

I thank God at last that I can become a member of the clergy in this church and ministry for the call that God has on my life! I will be honored to be ordained by it and you dear Bishop and to join in it's great work as a minister of the Gospel of our Lord!

God bless this great outreach movement of God!

ANOINTED!.... Of God!

I have been to this amazing site hundreds of times over the last 10 years and this church and ministry is rock solid in standing up for all the right things because it knows what the right things truly are and honors God in all things and that is why it has been blessed and anointed of God for so many decades.

It has great favor with God and it's easy to see that all who are members and ministers in it's great work, fellowship and ministry are truly favored and blessed of God!

I have been lifted up and have found peace, comfort and joy just to know that there are still great Christian people such as these who are the salt of the earth and their feet are the beautiful feet of those who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thank God for this the true flock of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus!

Samuel Anthony
Dear Bishop Davy:

I want to thank this Church for the love, help and the wonderful ministry that it supported and helped my late father Rev. A. F. Roberts to build and for the joy he had in helping the poor, elderly and homeless all over this area!

My dad spent most of his 78 years of life doing so much for others and being a great father not only to his own children but helping so many other kids who needed a good man to show them the real things in life that are truly important and helping so many by his example, love and concern to stay out of trouble and become useful citizens and good men and young women of God.

His pulpit was the broken hearts and lives of the poor,elderly, sick and destitute and his work was so blessed of God that he never worked a secular job after he was ordained in this great church and ministry more than 30 years before his recent passing.

My Dad could always been seen wherever there were homeless and hungry people and he was always there for anyone who needed a man to preach the funeral of their loved ones who had no pastor or who never attended a church as he believed that everyone deserved a Christian funeral.

I want to thank you again Dr. Davy for the wonderful way you loved my dad and he never missed a day in prayer for you dear Bishop and for this his church.

We will be traveling to Indiana to see my wife's parents and take a little vacation in July and I would love to stop at the mission center to see you and have prayer and fellowship with you and at that time I would like for you to ordain me into this great church and work for Christ as I want to continue my fathers ministry as he always wanted me to.

God bless you dear Bishop
A.F. Roberts Jr

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1 Cor. 13:1-3.
"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become
as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and
understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith,
so as to remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing!
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Eyes Of Jesus!

Leprosy Missions
P.O. Box 428

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Dear Dr. Davy and the team:

I respect this our great church so much and the work it has done all over the world for all of these many decades.
Few in the body of Christ today fully understand or are even doing the true work of the cross but this great church
stands firm upon the word of God and has never been willing to compromise God's word just to please the world
or the hellish religious crowd and their simple minded church doctrines and by-laws that hinder rather than help
the work of the cross and the great commission of Christ to go into all the word and preach HIS Gospel instead
of theirs!

I consider it not only to be an honor to be ordained, commissioned and licensed as a minister in this church but I am just so thankful that there is such a God given ministry and great church like this that looks beyond, over and above all of the evils of religion and clings to the Saviors garments and has a firm hold upon the foot of the cross and loves it's ministers and truly frees them to be all that Christ would have them be for His glory and not their own!

In September of 2007 I begin my 25th year as a minister of the Gospel in this great church and I have been blessed of God and have prospered in the work of the Lord since the day I become a member in the body of the professional clergy of this wonderful church and worldwide anointed fellowship for the cause of Christ!

God bless you Dr. Davy for your heartfelt leadership that has meant so much to so many around the world!

The Rev. Dr. C. A. Billings

Dear Dr. Davy.....Praise The Lord!
It is easy to see why this great church and ministry is the
#1 outreach ministry in
all the world! ......It is anointed of God for this our time as the end draws ever nearer!
It's work is a blessing and a great gift of God to all in the world!

Thank God For Real Christians Such As These!

~Brother Patrick
New Zealand

Hello From Denmark!

We love you here Dr. Davy can you come and do a Victory crusade?


Dear Dr. Davy what is this theology that is being preached around and it's Doctrine Of Inclusion...which says that everyone no matter what their sin will all go to Heaven even Adolf Hitler and Stalin and every evil criminal and murderer in the world???

What is going on???....Dr. Davy???
Denver CO

Dr. Davy's Reply:

Dear Karen:
Here is a link to some information on
Charles Taze Russell from which grew the doctrine of inclusion and all the other devilish doctrines that have been adopted by "the dawn "so called" bible study group" that has flooded the world and the internet with their lies and newsletters, books, cd's and tapes and many have for sometime now took the bait and swallowed all of that malarkey and guess who funds the dawn bible study group???.....none other than the Watchtower Bible Society which is the headquarters of the jehovah's witnesses and it was Russell himself who established that hellish conclave and watchtower of the devil!

Take heart dear Sister as only a pure fool or a total idiot Would Believe That Pandora's Box Of Lies
Of The Devil
and in order to believe absolutely anything that Charles Taze Russell taught or the teachings of any hell bound jehovah witness or the numskulls of the dawn bible study group you would have to believe that GOD is a liar, Jesus was a liar and so were HIS Twelve Disciples and that the Apostle Paul was the biggest liar of them all!


Dear Sister!.......
Remember What The Word Of God Teaches!

1 John 2:26,27
26 These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.

27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

1 Corinthians 2:13
Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual

The Bible clearing states the following:
"Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation!" 2 Peter 1-20
1 Corinthians 14:33, says ......."GOD is not the author of confusion!"

The Word Of God Says!.
Know The Truth And The Truth Will Set You Free!"

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth Is In Every Word In The Holy Bible
And Let God's Word Be True And Every Man A LIAR!

(Click Here) ....And Read The Book Of Jude For More Answers!

Revelation 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their
part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death!

"There is one sure and infallible guide to the truth, and therefore, one, and only one corrective for error,
and that is the Word of God!"
~G. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945) English Bible expositor and pastor !

God Bless!
A Bondservant Of Jesus


Meet The Rev. Dr. Jean Norbert Augustin From The Great Island Nation Of Mauritius! "I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Dr Davy for making the wonderful degree courses available to me.I am sincerely grateful to all of you at FCGM and at the Victory Bible College for the courses and the precious certificates I have received upon the completion of those very inspiring studies. I am particularly proud --- in the good sense of the term --- of the valuable Doctor's degree. Frankly speaking, I would never have thought I would, one day, hold a doctorate because of the high costs involved. But it is true that our Lord really works wonders in our lives and blesses us well beyond our wildest expectations. Praise to His Name! What is impossible with men is possible with God!" (Luke 18:27). ~Dr. Jean Norbert Augustin Dr. Augustin's New Book "BOUGHT and BONDED BY BLOOD" "It is an honor for me to dedicate this book---which is my first to go into print---to the following: Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick, Bishop of First Church Of The Gospel Ministry, and to his Wonderful and loving wife, |Dr. Cathy J. Kendrick, for giving recognition to the once anonymous preacher I was and for their almost tangible love. The Dean and Faculty of The Kings Cross Victory Bible College for their precious help in the area of ministerial training. My wife, Maryse, and my two children, Sharon and Sheldon, who constitute my innermost circle and whom I deprived of my (not always easy) company while I was working on this book. And most of all, to Him by whose Blood I and all of the above have been bought and bonded. To Him alone be all praise and glory!" ~Dr. Jean Norbert Augustin "This Powerful, Spirit Filled and Anointed Book written by our beloved brother is one of the most beautiful ever written on the Shed Blood of Jesus and it's teachings are so powerful that no person in the world who calls themselves a Christian should be with out this beloved work close by their side and should read and refer to it often for in it's powerful pages there is true victory and anyone will be greatly blessed as they learn that there is POWER IN THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS! It is one of the most powerful teaching tools for our time and one that should be part of any discipleship teaching program! We at the Kings Cross Victory Bible College will make it part of our studies for our DmM Bible Study Program!" "Dr. Jean has given the world one of the most profound Christian books of our time and it will bring forth a great harvest among Christians and a lost and dying world that needs to know everything about the shed blood of Jesus! Lives will be changed and a great multitude will come to know Christ through this beloved book that has been written by a living, loving Bondservant of Jesus! "We ordained this precious man of God and then Dr. Jean completed all of his studies with our Bible College as he studied at home and earned three degrees including his Doctor Of Missionary Ministries! He is now helping to lead all of the people on his Island Homeland And Nation to the Cross of Christ. Dr. Jean is a wonderful Bible teacher and a beloved and trusted minister of the Gospel in this wonderful outreach missions Church. Dr. Jean just completed his first book and I had the great blessings of not only receiving the first edition copy but was honored to have this wonderful book dedicated to me, my beloved wife and the Victory Bible College! We are looking Forward to having Dr. Jean on some of our upcoming world broadcasting programs!" "We Love You Dr. Jean!" ~Dr. Davy & The Missions Board ~*~

PRAISE THE LORD!... for the First Church Of The Gospel Ministry:

A friend of mine in London sent me the link to this great site and I was just overjoyed to find a ministry
that is still doing the real work of the cross all over the world. With all of the bad things on the internet and all of the religious lies of the devil and the heretics that abound all across the world this great church and ministry stands as a beacon of light for the one and only living God and for our Saviour Christ Jesus!

I get so sick of seeing the likes of some of that big money evangelistic crowd on the TV networks clicking their heels and sporting around in big cars and living in their multi-million dollar homes as they spew forth that garbage that they preach while the biblical ignorant follow after them like rats after a pied piper!...they make me sick!

I thank God that there is still great people and servants of the Lord like you anointed Christian people who are not afraid to stand on the word of God and teach and preach HIS word and are gathering peoples from all over the world in such a beautiful Christian fellowship for the true work of the cross in these end times!

Count on me to forward the Victory web site link around the world and to everyone I can get it to even if I have to Spam it!

I will send my best love gift each month for the Bible and other great missions of this God given ministry and it is my prayer that everyone who finds this ministry will send great gifts of support as well. This ministry deserves the support of people all across the world.

God bless each of you!

Thank God for this great Church and it's great movement for Jesus all over the world!
God bless you Dr. Davy...the world needs more men of the Lord like you!

~Ilari Alaja


Great! We luv you and we thank God for this church and it's witness for Christ!



As The Bondservant Of Jesus I Write!...Thus Sayeth The Lord! "War and blood maketh poor mortar for building bridges of peace! Seek and follow after me as my servants and with thy heart and hands be busy about the work of my Kingdom for I will come again!...and soon!" ~ Dr. Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus! March 29, 2007 ***************************************************

Thanks Dear Bishop:

Thanks again Dr. Davy for giving me the love and help I needed to get a fresh start in ministry.

I had become little more than a doormat to the congregational church I was pastoring and the church board was made up of people who simply thought that a Pastor was just a pawn for them to use anyway they wanted and
it just became unbearable for me and my family and we had to leave.

Thankfully I found you Dr. Davy who completely understood what pastors go through and you loved me and
helped me to understand the true meaning of being what God wants us to be instead of what a few would
rather us be for their own personal edification instead of the Lords!

When I got the new ministers welcome kit it didn't take me long to see what I had been missing in the work of the Lord for so long. Everything in the kit was everything I needed to refresh me and get me back on the right track.

I am sending in the application for the church charter this week and will begin building a new church that belongs to Jesus instead of a few people on some church board who often treat Pastors like stepchildren.

I thank God that I at last have found the right place, church and ministry for Christ that truly loves it's ministers and helps to set them at liberty to preach and teach the whole word of God with apologies to no man and without being under the thumbs of an ungrateful church board!

Thank you dear Bishop! You and this our wonderful church and fellowship are in my daily prayers and I thank God for your love and Christian leadership dear Bishop you are man for our time and you won't back up or compromise the word of God just as it is written in His Holy Word!.....thank you Father!

Yours in faith and in Christ Jesus!
Rev. T.S. James
God's Beloved Dr. Davy

I live in the city of Belem here in Brazil the peoples here need Jesus so much I am in hopes
and wish that you would send people to do a victory crusade here many thousands would come
to hear you and they would come to Jesus no other city in Brazil needs you and Jesus
more than do Belem.

Sister In Christ





From your Missionaries in Italy!

Rev. Abel, Anna and Joshua Aureli
May Jesus resurrection become a new life to us and to all our relatives and friends!!!
God bless you and please pray for us and for our Church Building purchase.
Your missionaries: Abel Anna and family!


Dear Dr. Davy and the mother church team:

I cannot give enough praise to this great church for the work it does around the world and for you Dear Bishop for
the leadership and love you give to people everywhere!

Before I came into the professional membership of the clergy in this our great fellowship for Jesus I made the mistake as many have done here on line by getting ordination papers from some of these document mill web churches and when I tried to start a local ministry with that stuff and had to be honest with people I was trying to lead in the Lord as to where and how I was ordained they themselves went online to look at the so called church or ministry that had sold or had given me the papers and they then just laughed at me and said " You just got some papers and where you got them is just a document mill church!" So as hard as I tried to build a local following it never worked out because you can't build an honorable ministry with that kind of ordination and I know many others who have experienced these exact same problems!

This great church has the respect of people everywhere and it's long history and far reaching work speaks for it's
integrity and long standing respect among other Christian Church people and it is easy to build a ministry on it's rock solid foundation and it's dedication to the cause of Christ!

My advise to anyone seeking professional ordination that can be the right mortar to put the bricks in your ministry then this is the right church and ministry to be ordained in if you want to find any success in ministry no matter what your calling or type of ministry you want to start! To succeed you have to start with people and if people have no respect for your ordination how can you be successful?...It's just that simple people!

God bless this our Great Church!
Rev. Darrell Baker



~Dr. Davy
"I don't know any more about theology than a jack-rabbit does about ping-pong, but I'm on the way to glory!"
That really does not fully express the evangelist's point. He was arguing that; "theology bears the same
relation to Christianity that botany does to flowers, or astronomy to the stars. Botany is rewritten,
but the flowers remain the same! Theology changes by the whims of man but Christianity
and the living word of God in God's Holy Bible abides. ''Nobody is kept out of
heaven because he does not understand theology. It isn't theology that
saves, but it is only found in Christ; it is not the sawdust trail that
saves you, but Christ is the motive that makes
you hit the trail!"
Billy had no patience with lukewarm religiosity:
"Lord save us from off-handed, flabby-cheeked, brittle-boned, week-kneed, thin-skinned,
pliable, plastic, spineless, effeminate, ossified three-karat Christianity."
~Billy Sunday!


Dear Team and Dr. Davy:

Who would have ever thought that a wonderful ministry and church such as this would still be around
today after eighty one years to help so many who are truly called to the ministry of our Lord!

Today the mail delivered my new ministers welcome kit and it was all I could to do to keep from going
into the streets and hollering!.....PRAISE THE LORD!

The welcome kit is just super and worth far more than the little bit it cost to get it and become professionally
ordained into this my great new church!...Thanks Lord!

I cannot thank you enough!!!!!... I am getting ready to begin a new ministry for Christ here in Australia
using the proven plan of success that came with all the other good things that will help me begin this
new work right away!

I can see that the three Bible study degree programs you sent from the Victory Bible College are just what I
needed to expand my understanding and knowledge of the Bible that is so important to the work of our Lord!...
....and they came FREE with the kit!....I am greatly blessed!

God bless the team and you Dear Bishop...you have all won my heart, prayers, gratitude, love and complete support for this our Anointed Church!

We have a good friend in New Zealand that we are sending to you and he will join with us in
this new work and as we work together as good mates for the work of the Lord!

Yours In Christ
Rev. J.T.Hartman
Dear Sister Cathy and The Mission Team Staff:

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful way in which you welcomed us into the membership
of the professional clergy of this wonderful church and ministry for Christ.

We can now understand fully why people the world over prefer to become ordained and become
members of this church and great worldwide fellowship!

The new ministers welcome kit and the proven plan of success on how to start any kind of work or ministry for Christ is all there and so easy to understand and put into practice at once and what amazed us was how easy it is to begin to start a local independent church under the wonderful chartering program you provide to our brothers and sisters who are ministers in this our great church. It is so nice and a real blessing to really belong to something that is as rock solid as this historic outreach missions church!.....Thank God for that!

Tell Dr. Davy how much we love and pray for him everyday and all of our brothers an sisters all over the world!

God Bless all of you at the home church missions center for the great work you do in the lives of those who are called to the ministry of the Lord Jesus!

Rev.Bob And Shirley

I enjoyed visiting your site and have identified it in my favorites with your three golden crowns.
To God be all the Glory!

Keep expanding His word among the people!



Dear Dr. Davy:

I thank you dear Bishop for taking my call this morning is was the best phone call I ever made in my life!
Your wonderful understanding of our situation with both my husband and I who have had a call on our lives
for the ministry of Jesus Christ and our search over the past three years to become ordained with the right
people and God has led us to you dear Bishop and this wonderful outreach missions church. I thank you for the
time you spent in prayer with me and it was a prayer time that I shall never forget as you touched my heart so
much and took away all of my burdens!....thank you so much dear Bishop and I love you will all of my heart!

We had been to this website many times and have spent more and more time here since the first of the year
and our lives have been blessed and uplifted to see and read all of the great history of this church and I don't think we missed one of the more than a hundred of it's beautiful pages that glorifies Christ in such beautiful ways and that shows how much this great church loves our Lord and loves all peoples of the world.

The work this church has been doing for so long says that it's mission was anointed and raised up by God in 1926 and it is blessed and is on it's long journey for Christ and it will be on that mission till the day our Lord returns
and thanks to it's commitment to Christ it may very well bring in the last sinner on the day HE returns!

I cannot help but to want to encourage all who come to this site who are truly called of God to the ministry to begin to seek the help of this ministry and get their application filled out and mailed as soon as they can and if they have any doubts what so ever about what this great ministry stands for and how much love they will show you then pick up the phone and call them! You will enjoy what you hear and you will soon be mailing your application just like we have!

Praise the Lord and thank God for these great people of the cross!
Arlellti Brown

P.S. I have never heard bluegrass music done more beautiful than the way Harold Jones does it and God has
given him a wonderful music ministry for the cause of Christ and the Kingdom of God! We love him too!

Dr. Davy....

I want to help bring a Victory Crusade to Spain! ....How Can I help?


Dear Dr. Davy and all of the saints who labor there with you:

We have been members of several different local churches as just children of God who were looking for a Bible believing church where the pure word of God is preached by a preacher who will not compromise Gods word in order to please the world and be so called "politicly correct!"

Well dear Bishop a few months ago my wife and I just stopped going to a local church because we couldn't find a single one who would preach the truth, they all just want to be like the sin filled world wants them to be instead of what God wants them to be, so we just stop going. We also hate the antics we see on TV and all the hellish false prophets we see on TBN and other TV networks so we started looking for a ministry on line that we could participate in and get some good things from it each month in the mail so we have looked at hundreds of web sites and at last we found you and this great church Dr. Davy!....
Praise the LORD!

We want to be one of your prayer and support partners and will start off by sending $75.00 a month for the Bible Missions and we thank the First Church Of The Gospel Ministry for preaching and teaching the truth and all of the Bible just as it is written and for ordaining and sending forth God called men and women to preach it as well all over the world!....

We want to be part of the blessings and the Holy Anointing that God has covered this great ministry with and plant seed in it and because of our faith in the planting of that seed God will bless us with many blessings and increase our seed and harvest just as Jesus said HE would!

This is one of the only ministries in the world that I find is an honor to give into the storehouse of God in it!

Thank you and bless you Dr. Davy and the team.

Yours for our prayers and support in the name of Jesus the Son of the living GOD!

God bless this web site and ministry for Christ and
those who have made it so dear to our hearts here in
the Netherlands!

Amsterdam Oud-Zuid


Dear Dr. Davy:

March 15th marks my 4th year as a member and minister in this our beloved church and glorious fellowship!
Words alone cannot express the love and joy I have received and all the help you have given me that enabled
me to begin the work and succeed in it that God had called me to many years ago.

I enjoy so much getting the monthly newsletters, seeing and hearing about all of our great brothers and
sisters around the world and the great humanitarian work, new church start-ups, missions, crusades, prayer
centers and so much other great work going on worldwide for the cause of Christ. I also enjoy and am blessed
by all the great materials, books, CD's, DVD's and tapes I get every month and with them they have helped me
so much to learn and to overcome the many problems associated with ministry and being a good servant
of our Lord and all that you send I put to use and share them with so many others.

I praise you Dr. Davy and the team for opening so many doors for so many others all across the globe and
for being the kind of Christian leader who stands on the truth and won't back up in the face of adversity or
any other darts of the devil. You are a wonderful and loving man who gives our Lord all the credit, praise
and glory!

God bless you and the missions team and I send all my love to each of you!

To Jesus Be The Glory!

Rev. Larry Smith
A Servant Of Jesus


Dear Bishop,

I want to express a thankfulness to our Father in Heaven through Jesus The Christ for you answering my phone call about 8:45pm on Tuesday evening. Upset and angry over browsing internet ordination sites that simply offer the letter of the law, but omit the Spirit which keeps a ministry alive!! Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!!!

I am honored to have found a God fearing, Jesus preaching, Holy Ghost moving ministry which imparts a level of Christian excellence for the call of duty. The Lord has anointed this ministry for the end time harvest. Through this ministry, and the fruits that it produces, will help to usher in a worldwide revival of Levits throughout the earth. This ministry produces Levitical Order!! Praise our God!!-Selah!

My Prayers will constantly be for this ministry and for every new minister who steps up to the plate
of ministry. They will Succeed!!

Keep me in your prayers as I move forward within the perfect will of God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior- Amen

Matt: 11v12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent
taketh it by force.

May God continually Bless You Bishop and highly favor the ministry!!!

Yours in Christ,
Ambassador Leo Williams
Washington, DC


Dear Dr. Davy, First Church of The Gospel Ministry:

Warmest and Humble Greetings to you in the Auspicious and Precious name of our lord Jesus Christ, I hope this mail finds you well and blessed in this wonderful rewarding Service.

The Entire team of The Bible Mission Africa in this capacity deeply desires to extend a humble invitation to you and your entire Ministry outreach team to host a crusade, conference and leadership forum in the heart of Africa on a desired month of your availability.

TBMA is based in Nairobi Kenya with affiliation and networking with several Ministries and churches in Kenya and Africa as a whole and has A track record of participating in organizing big events in East Africa with well known world evangelists and ministers of the Gospel!

We have Kindly and divinely felt attached to your ministry because of its humble track record for winning souls all
over the world.

Kindly Touch base with us by email or give us a call should you need any additional reference information.
May the lord bless you as we continue to explore the possibility of doing a joint outreaches together for our lord Jesus Christ with your ministry.

Touch Base as well as Stay in touch with us as we awaits for your humble reply for additional information away forward
as immediate plan of action for his glory.

Yours truly servant in his harvest
Rev Gabriel Ombok Yala

The threat to liberty in the 21st century is the same as it has been throughout mankind's history. That threat is use of the coercive powers of government, under the color of law, to take the rightful property of some people and give to others, and the forcible imposition of the will of one group of people on another group. Such acts, most often done in the name of good, explain the ugliest portions of human history. The question is whether America will degenerate into what has been mankind's standard fare throughout history. We have yet to see the kind of arbitrary control, abuse and violation of basic human rights seen elsewhere. But if we ask ourselves which way are we heading, tiny steps at a time: toward more personal liberty or toward greater government control over
our lives, the answer would unambiguously be the latter. We Americans face an awesome challenge and responsibility because if liberty dies here, it's probably dead for all places and all times!"
~Dr Walter Williams

Dear Dr. Davy:

We want you and sister Cathy to know how much you have meant to our lives over the last seven years
since we first became ordained in this great church and ministry. As our Lords birthday and Christmas
is coming soon we are sending some special gifts to you and sister Cathy this year because it is the time for
special gifts of love and support for you dear Bishop who has blessed us so much because you and sister Cathy
have always been there for us no matter what help we have needed or what are needs may have been.

You know Dr.Davy we know how hard you and sister Cathy and the missions team work to help every minister
in this our wonderful Church and God has blessed so many all over the world because HE has given each of us
you dear brother and your wonderful, beautiful heart and your profound leadership that has lifted up so many
men and women of the cross all over the world and given each a place of friendship, love and honor to serve our beloved master Christ Jesus and over the last seven years you have loved us and helped us to reach out and build
a great ministry for Christ and without you Dr. Davy we could have never done all that Christ has led us to do.
You helped us to stay on the right path and gave us all the encouragement and help we needed when ever we
called upon you to help us.

There really is no gift we could send you that could express how much and how thankful we are for all the love you have given to us, but we hope the presents we have sent will be blessing to you and we are hopeful that they in some small will to touch your heart and help you to have a very merry Christmas!

Please be in prayer for us as we begin to plan our next evangelistic outreach mission to India!

We love you both and hope to visit you again very soon after the new year and we know that God will provide
for us so that we may help to bring many thousands more to Christ in India because God and our Lord Jesus loves
every precious soul in India and we thank you Dr. Davy for helping to place the great people of India upon our

God bless you both and all of our love comes to you today!

Merry Christmas
Rev. Bob and Peggy

You Get Free Bible Study Materials With Your Ordination!
Dr Davy,

To God Be The Glory!  My husband and I are taking your excellent courses that are surely anointed as are you. 
 Praise God for Victory.  We're learning so much and your sound advice is so comforting too us. 
 Thank you for this opportunity to learn under you and build our Congregation.  We'll call you soon
 about the Church Charter.

Our Love in Christ,
Rev Bill & Rev Diane Perkins
Dear Dr. Davy

After I read three of your new messages and your extensive Bio I then fully understood why so many people
are joining the great work of this Church from all over the world. This church is without question one of the 
very last great Christian Churches in the world and after I read it's history I realized that God has raised it up
for these last days as a witness to the coming of Christ.

 You great people have never compromised the word of God  in order to please anyone and dear brother I know
 that hundreds of great pastors who are starting to flee from the weak kneed pew sitting church denominations 
are going to flock to this Church because it is truly the last great Bible believing Church in the world today 
and is absolutely dedicated to the true work of the cross and will not back up in the face of any adversity!

I am so excited to find you dear brother and this great Christian church that I am now going to resign from a church 
that I have been a pastor in for over 14 years and I am going to have you Charter for me a new church where I can 
at last preach the Truth and what God puts on my heart and where I will no longer be under the thumbs of a local
church board who have hindered me so many times over the years but I will be secure under your loving leadership 
and the historic covering of the great anointed ministry and outreach missions church!.....Thank YOU JESUS!

Thanks! Dr. Davy and may God continue to lift up your steadfast and Christ centered leadership 
all over this sin filled world!.....Thank You Lord Jesus!
Rev. C.C.

Dear Bishop Davy:

God bless you for the page "What Is A Hypocrite & What Can We Learn 
From Them!??? I am so thankful for great men of God like yourself who are not afraid to 
speak the truth and stand on it! This is a great sermon outline that needs to be preached and taught 
by every person who calls themselves "A Christian!" Oh!....If The many who call themselves HIS
would preach and teach this outline what a great Victory for the cause of Christ it would be! 
But o'ye....of little faith!.....come out from among the wicked and preach the TRUTH!

God bless you Dr. Davy!
Rev. H.J. Smith
Dr. Davy:
 It was a great blessing to hear of plans for a new missions center  It's also good to hear of the completion
 of the two new studios. When we last talked the broadcasting studio was just in the works. 

I can't even explain how it made me feel to hear you talk of turning down land and gifts that have stipulations 
attached that might take the decisions of Gods business out of the hands of ones led by Him. 

I am vice chairman of the trustees of a local church, some times it's hard to make people doing Gods work 
understand that we may not want all donations, even if given with the best intentions of the giver who would like
to continue making church decisions after they've gone on home, and have no way of knowing current situations. 

Thank God for Wise Leaders Like You!
 Rev. Ray Brown 

 Dr. Davy's Reply:

My Dear Brother Ray:

Thank you so much and you are 100% correct as people often want to become part of the great work that God has 
called us to do and will come forth often out of nowhere to offer much to that work but then if we take what they offer 
without knowing their true nature we will often saddle ourselves with people who become a great hindrances to
us, the work of the cross and the Lord Jesus!

Over these last 16 years of great struggle I have spoke to many of the vision that our founder had of a great 
end-time Temple of the Lord that would someday be built and some I spoke with were ready to give the property 
upon which to build it and I thanked them for their offer but took my eyes off the gift and got to know what 
hindrances that might come with the gift and every time I had to say no!...then they would look at me as though 
I was crazy and often got very upset because they could not get their way in the matter and I just simply had to
walk away each time because I know that often the people who come with the gifts are not worth the trouble 
that comes with what they bring and we as Gods beloved children must look unto God to provide the right 
gifts and the right people with the gifts and then  wait till HE sends us the best and not just take 
anything that comes along!  

It often takes more faith to say no!.....than anything else we must do as the servants of our Lord! 

One must be dedicated to our Master and not let those who just want position or  power in the work of our callings 
and if we fail to say no when the no needs to be said then we will fall into the snares of the devil and our work will 
be of no use to the calling that God has on our lives for the ministry of Jesus Christ for it is HIS ministry and not 
ours and we should seek HIS will and not ours and we should never get in hurry about anything but look unto
 HIM first and then say no to things that we know we should say not get involved in! 

Let us who are HIS servants not compromise our positions in Christ for the demands  of others who offer us 
gifts with little stings attached that someday may end being the rope that the devil will hang us with!

It is my prayer that we as Christian men and women will have the courage to say NO!...to the many things the
 devil will place before us in these end-times to trap us and hinder us in these last few harvest days before our
 Lord returns.

Let us stand on the word of GOD and know the truth of all things  that come our way!.....Thank You Jesus

Oh Hallelujah!......................... Jesus Is Coming!!

God Bless You My Dear And Precious Brother!
We Love You!
~Dr. Davy
A Bondservant Of Jesus









GLOBE.WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help Send Dr. Davy And A Crusade Team To Africa By
Sending Your Best Gift To:
P.O. 428
Bucyrus, OH  44820-0428
(Make Your Check Payable To: Africa Missions)
Dear Dr. Davy:

We thank God that we called your missions center and talked with you!
YOU WERE RIGHT!!!...I checked on about a dozen so called churches
and ministries that offer ordination here on the web and you were 100%
correct not one of them was properly set up or licensed even in their 
own state where they operate from and as many others are finding out
their papers are worthless!

Thank God for the First Church Of The Gospel Ministry and the work you
do all over the world in providing valid, legal and respected ordination
to people in every nation of the world!.....Thank You Jesus!

God Bless You Dear Bishop!
Bob & Jenny
Dear Dr. Davy:
Thank God for this great Church and ministry! Several others and I in our
fellowship are breaking away from the church we have served in over a number
of by-laws and doctrines that are just not right. There are five of us who were 
seeking ordination with a true bible believing church and thank God we found The
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry.
We looked at every other website that offer some type of ordination and The First 
Church Of The Gospel Ministry is really the only one that has the respect of Christian
people all over the world. The rest online are really just document mills that are
mostly of the devil and just have nothing in the way of respect or valid history 
and they come and go like flies on the web and are here today and gone the next! 

Over the last year as we began praying and looking for real Christian people to
be ordained with we saw over 30 document ordination mill churches come and go 
just as fast as they went up and we know people online who were sent papers by
some of these mills then they were just gone a few weeks later.

Thank God that you great Christian people have been around for over eight decades 
and online for over 15 years!

 All five of us have printed out your application and are mailing it in this week!

We look forward to a great fellowship in this great Church!

Yours In Christ
Pastor B. H. Woods

Dear Dr. Kendrick:

It is almost summertime again, and I hope that you are looking forward to some times of rest and fellowship with family and friends.
But I also want to challenge and encourage you with a story about two Bible college students and the miracles they witnessed on 
their summer break. While most of us usually vacation during this time of year, GFA Bible college students are hard at work
During their summer break, they go to a village to live out what they have learned and see God's provision in ways they won't
likely forget. Ramji and Jorgi are two of these students, and in just a couple of months, they have seen many miracles and answers
to prayer. 

Click the following link to read how God has made them witnesses of His power to the villagers they are ministering among.

Please pray for all of our students, that these times of ministry will deepen their commitment and trust in the Lord and that many people 
will be saved.

Thank you so much for your heart to partner with our brothers and sisters in Asia. They are depending on your prayers as they go 
out to reach the lost.

May the Lord bless you as you follow Him.
Yours for the un reached, 
K.P. Yohannan 
Founder & President 
Gospel for Asia

Dear Bishop: 

My wife and I want to thank this great church for all you do for others. It was such a joy
to be able to come with a true Christian Church and to be ordained by such a great man as yourself.
When we got the new ministers welcome kit we were amazed at all that it contained. The professional 
ordination documentation and the ministers license are just beautiful and the welcome kit contains the
best ministers manuals and additional Bible studies in all the world. The proven plan of success is
so easy to follow and helped us get started the first week we got the package.

Thanks again and I am sending two of our friends who after they saw what we got in the new ministers 
welcome kit want to resign from the church they are with now and join the work of this great church.

God bless you dear Bishop
Don & Carie

Dear Dr. Davy & The Team:

With all of the phoney so called churches on the web that offer ordination it is a breath of fresh air to find the 
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry and know that there is only one place on the internet that is truly the real 

This web site is so beautiful and the work you and the team do is a God sent to people like myself who have 
looked for the real thing and then finally found this church.  God bless you all and I printed out the
application and am sending it in this week!

Jerry Tabor


Dear Dr. Davy:
We have looked at all the rest who offer ordination and there is none better
that this great Church. Thank you for being there for those who are called to
the ministry!

We Love you so much Dr.Davy!
Bob & Eula

A Question For Dr. Davy!
Dear Dr. Davy:
I must say that you are one of the very few people who is a leader in the body of Christ that I respect and perhaps I respect you far more than any other person in the world and I respect your opinion because you are an honest, fair and a good man.

So here is my question.... what is your opinion of the Don Imus controversy????

Seattle WA

Dr. Davy's Reply!

Dear Jerry:

First of all I must tell you that not only I, this great church and ministry but God and our Lord Jesus hates any form of Racism and I have personally worked very hard all of my life to bring people into the unity of Christ and help make a place at the table of the Lord for all peoples of the world and all of the beautiful colors of people are to me just like the beautiful colors and varieties of the beautiful flowers that we see everywhere on this tired old sin filled world that is very soon coming to it's last days because Jesus is coming again! ....and soon!

But God has created something far more beautiful than the flowers we see! The flowers that God has created for HIS gardens in the Kingdom of Heaven are the many colors of the beautiful peoples of this world and since all peoples are God's people then all of any color or nationality are my precious brothers and sisters that I too someday will share with them the beautiful gardens of heaven that all will share who will by faith come to Christ Jesus the Son of the Living God by faith in him and the finished work of redemption where upon the Cross of Calvary HE shed HIS Precious blood ....for all peoples of the earth!

Now having said that out of the love, heart and mind of Christ Jesus that lives in me and walks in me for HE has chosen me to be HIS living, loving Bondservant and as HIS Bondservant I shall say little more as to the Don Imus controversy because I would rather be speaking on the things of God, HIS word and the things I have seen, heard and know about our precious Saviour Christ Jesus!...but all that are involved in the Imus matter should seek the face of God and forgive each other because the word of God says that if we cannot forgive the sins and mistakes of others then how can God forgive us?

Would Jesus forgive Don Imus? YES! He would and already has! What about the others who say they are men of God like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton???.... who appear to me to be little more than hate mongers themselves and surly not good men of God! Or the executives of the networks who hired Don Imus to be a Shock Jock on their networks??? Well Don Imus did what he was paid to do and that was to Shock People with his speech and Imus did just that! So where is the human fairness and the forgiveness of all who are involved in this matter????

Imus apologized to the girls basketball team and agreed to meet with those who were the target of his lurid barb. The girls openly forgave him and accepted his apology and never called for his firing from the networks and that should have been enough for any fair minded person in America and I do not believe for one moment that Don Imus in his heart of hearts is a racist!

Don Imus said a very stupid and lurid thing and perhaps should have been made to pay a price!....but the pounds of flesh that nearly all who were involved in this matter have stripped from his body was and is a sin in itself where there is no Godly forgiveness on the part of those who have now stripped him of his livelihood, even though I disagree with the way he made his living as a Shock Jock!

What has happened to the rights of free speech in America??? Those rights under the Constitution of this nation give each of us the right to speak and speak anything good, bad or shocking so why is everyone denying Don Imus his rights of free speech even as lurid as the words he spoke.... that were truly SHOCKING but shocking of speech is what Don Imus does and he has the right to do it in my opinion even though I disagree fully with his chosen profession as a SHOCK JOCK!

This whole matter I believe is more about politics than it is about Don Imus and his case may very well be the beginning of the end of all free speech in America and I think that is truly the agenda of some now seated in the peoples houses who in my opinion are the least worthy to sit on those seats and draft legislation that is stripping our citizens of all of the rights that we are entitled to under the Constitution of these United States Of America as citizens of freedom and true liberty!

God Bless You!
~Dr. Davy
A Bondservant Of Jesus
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry

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