Our 90th Glorious Year Of Service For The Cause Of Christ!
"As My Father Hath Sent Me Even So I Send You!"
"Go Into The Highways And Hedges And Compel Them To Come In!"

"Is Death Really A Beautiful Experience???"

A Boy Begins A Life Long Journey With Christ!
As a very poor unhealthy little boy of seven I began a ministry for Christ
that ministry grew and I was blessed with all that I needed because
God provided for me and my faith grew and I began to trust
only Jesus and HE has blessed me all of my life!
The work that GOD led me to do for the cause of Christ in
this very special Jesus ministry for over 40years
since I was ordained by this beloved church
has in turn blessed the lives of many
millions of people around the
Thank You Lord Jesus
~Dr. Davy

As a young boy I began selling Cloverine Brand Healing Salve door to door to help to provide for my own food and clothing and as people bought from me I gave them a beautiful full color picture of Jesus and a Salvational Bible Tract after each sale or I just gave them a tract when they did not buy and I would then pray each time that they would come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour. By the time I was seven I had read the Bible from cover to cover and I began my ministry for the cause of Christ along with selling door to door! God blessed me so much as a Child as I witnessed for HIM in this way and as time went by I built quite a following as just a kid and often people who were driving by while I walked from place to place would stop and buy another little can of that wonderful healing salve!......Thank You Lord Jesus!

Because of my poverty as a child I had every good reason in the world to be motivated to make my own way in the world and began at a tender age to earn my own money but I had far greater reasons to distribute Bible tracts and give pictures of Jesus to people and I was motivated to do so for many reasons one of which was a message on a tombstone in the Greenwood Cemetery at Hamilton Ohio that I happen to see one day as I was taking a shortcut to another street on the other side of that huge Cemetery...... the message beneath the mans name and his date of birth and death reads like this;

"Remember me as you pass by as you are now so once was I, as I am now so you must be, so prepare for death and follow me!"

That simple yet profound message on that man's tombstone had a lasting impression upon me and because I knew that Jesus was the only way to eternal life and that God had a call upon my life for the ministry of Jesus Christ I was further motivated by the words chiseled on that tombstone to reach as many people as I could even then as that frail often sick and often hungry little boy that I was when I first began my ministry! I soon began to prosper and was no longer hungry as God began to bless me for my faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit as I worked every possible day in spreading of the Gospel message!

BUT!... the message on that tombstone
helped to inspire me to be a better witness for Christ to tell everyone I met or saw about HIM and soon after I read those words I began to increase and do much more on my street and Bible Tract ministry by distributing even more Bible tracts by placing them on windshields of parked cars and going uptown on market day and giving everyone a Bible tract that had God's plan of Salvation printed on them and by going to any place where large groups of people were gathered such as softball, football, or basketball games, neighborhood and city park picnics and any other place where I could find people and if I could not find crowds of people I just continued knocking on doors and as I did and kept handing the bible tracts out day after day and week after week people began to hand me pennies, nickels and dimes or a quarter which I would save every penny I could and then take all that I had saved to a Bible book store uptown and buy more Bible tracts and God blessed me as that little ministry for Jesus began to grow and I learned by the acts of pure faith that by the planting of seed into the ministry of Jesus Christ that God will always give us an increase in that seed and a greater harvest of all that is needed so that we can further that work for our Saviour and the cause of Christ. Yes that message on that man's tombstone who had already been dead for over a hundred years on the day I first saw it made me realize that death comes to all men and I knew that Jesus was the only hope for anyone, for death will in fact one day claim you, I and everyone else that is living today or who will be born tomorrow! Many in my own family have gone home to be with Jesus and I know I shall see them again other side of the valley of the shadow death!......Thank You Lord Jesus!

In our troubled sin filled Nation and the world today we often hear of many people on TV who claim they have died and returned to life. Most describe death as being the most wonderful, beautiful and glorious thing they have ever experienced. They glowingly describe some sort of great emotional feeling and great bliss along with all kinds of visions of bright lights at the end of dark tunnels and all kinds of weird experiences that they " had" on the other side while they were so called "dead!" Many are foolishly led to believe by these people that death is a very pleasant experience and certainly not to be feared or dreaded. It is of course impossible to prove that these people did not in fact have some sort of death to life experience; although it is more than just a possibility for these people to make all sorts of unfounded claims just to get attention. So what about these peoples experiences? Are you and I to believe that death is something to be desired rather than dreaded and feared???....to get the right answer we must look at the truth in the living word of GOD!

The Bible records several instances where people died and were miraculously raised again from the dead. The prophet Elijah was used of God to raise a widow's young son from the dead. Christ raised Lazarus from the dead after his dead and lifeless body had been in a tomb for four days and in fact the Bible says it was beginning to stink as it was in the process of rotting and decay! There are other recorded references in Scripture of these, but there is no record what so ever of one ever being returned to life without God using one of His servants to bring about that miracle and there is absolutely no Biblical record of those who were returned to life who gave testimony that death was a wonderful and a delightful experience.

LISTEN! There is a great distinction to be made between the fear of death and the fear of dying. The act of dying is something unknown and unnatural to the self-centered mind of any man and most people for some odd reason do not believe that their own death is soon to come! But God has created us with the instinct of self-preservation which keeps the normal level headed person from running headlong into death by committing suicide or from taking undue risks that might cause them to be killed or to die an early death. But there are those who fear dying yet they do not fear death! There are only two real reasons why a person would not fear death. Either they do not understand the true nature of death itself, or they have believed in Christ who is the "resurrection and the life! "and have come into the full and life giving unity of Christ Jesus! (John 11: 25)

The word of the Living God in HIS Holy Bible speaks of physical death, spiritual death and eternal death. All men die physically because they are the sons of Adam. All men are born spiritually dead because of Adam's original sin. If physical death overtakes a man while he is still in the condition of spiritual death, he will experience eternal death which the Bible describes as eternal punishment, separated from the presence of God and cast into the fire pit of a living and real place called HELL!

LISTEN! The moment a person dies physically, the soul departs the body and goes either into the presence of God or into HELL to await the final day of judgment. That is the reason why the Bible tells us "...it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes the judgment." If a person is not prepared for the final day of judgment, they have every reason to fear death. A right and proper fear of death and a real place of eternal punishment is a great motivation to make sure one is rightly related to God through Jesus Christ as the ONLY way to eternal life beyond the grave which one day your body and mine shall be placed.

One of Satan's greatest methods of deceit is to convince the sinner that there is no reason to fear death and it is Satan who will cause people to have all sorts of experiences which they foolishly equate with dying and returning to life. If they can give glowing testimonials of how "beautiful and wonderful" it is to experience death, then why should anyone fear death?...and that is clearly a work of the devil and all such people who may claim that they have had a death to life experience and it was "beautiful " have been deceived and are filled with the lies of Satan!..so Sayeth the Lord our GOD! God's word is TRUE and every man who is not saved by grace can and is often the liar and the worker of the devil! In Hebrews 2: 14,15 we read concerning Christ, He rendered powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil; that He might deliver those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives. Death is a reality and so is HELL and is to be feared by all who have not made peace with God through Jesus Christ. Have you made that peace with God?

LISTEN! If you or anyone else thinks for one moment that death is a beautiful and a wonderful experience then I suggest that you go and volunteer to work in a local Hospice where the terminally ill are dying day after day and are in their last hours of life and look upon the faces of the frail and dying and see the fear that grips every frail fiber of their dying bodies and in their eyes you will see death in all of it's dark reality as you listen to their horrifying screams as they just like you someday will have to come face to face with the true reality of your own death and then perhaps you will see the true and the actual reality of death and why you should fear it and the HELL that surely awaits you without your total repentance of the ungodly sin you have committed in your life, your unbelief, or your lack of Faith that you may have right now at this very moment in the TRUTH!!!... and in the living word of GOD and then do at last what you should do and that is to the surrender your life to CHRIST!.... for HE and HE alone is THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE and only JESUS!... is "the resurrection and the life!"


"Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart For They Shall

LISTEN!..Yes! There is a real place known as HELL and it is filled with fire for JESUS Said In Luke 16:23,24

23. And in HELL he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

24. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am
tormented .....in this... flame!

It is said that in the City of New York alone sometimes more than 22,000 people a week die
and each and every day there are hundreds of funerals taking place and the dead range from the new born infant to 90 years of age and older and hundreds of young people from their early teens to people in their 20's, 30's, 40's , 50's, 60's and 70's die each day as the death toll and death comes un-expectantly to thousands day after day, week after week and year after year! Today death may claim you!....are your ready???

LISTEN! .....What may be left of the body in the grave of the man's tombstone upon which I read those words so long ago is still there and you and I both are someday, when perhaps we least expect it are going to join him on the other side of our own graves and even though he is dead and is either with our heavenly father or he is in HELL that message is still there upon his tombstone and it is still motivating me to reach out to a lost and dying world with the message of the cross so that I might help save some who yet still think that there is nothing to fear about death! But yes there is!! Your death will not be a wonderful or beautiful experience unless Jesus meets you in the valley of the shadow of death! Do you really know Jesus!??.......What message if any do you want on your Tombstone???...... Are you really prepared for death as it may come upon you at any moment and it could come upon you today!...are you really ready to face the other side of the grave?? If you died today do you know where your soul will go???......where will you !.....Yes! You!!.....spend eternity????

"Remember me as you pass by as you are now so once was I, as I am now so you must be, so prepare for death and follow me!"

What Will Be The Date Of Your Own Death?
Could It Be Today Or Tomorrow?
Give Your Life To Jesus Now!

Come to Christ right now for today is the day of Salvation!
I send unto each of you this day and hour all of my love and affection and I thank God for your faithful witness for Christ and the love you have for this your church and a beloved family member in this family of God called and led men and women of the cross and we give unto Jesus this day and hour all of the Praise, all of the Honor, all of the Victory and all of the GLORY!....from the age to the ages!...now and forever!...Amen & Amen!
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
A Bondservant Of Jesus
Senior Bishop Of The Church
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry



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