"As My Father Hath Sent Me!...Even So I Send You!" Our Code Of Values! The importance of our values are the cornerstones for which we are known, loved and respected by millions of Christians and God's people around the world!
RESOURCES! Our missions team works hard to provide to those we lovingly ordain the type of resources, prayer, help, educational tools, degrees, fellowship, communications, answers to questions and the solutions to problems that people anywhere in the world may have in beginning or expanding an independent ministry or a local church for the cause of Christ. Our more than 90 glorious years and our documented history of success has given us the experience and the spirit filled tools we need to help those we ordain so that they may have confidence that they are not alone and that we are here as their mother church to be of complete help to them so they may grow and prosper in the work of the cross and their calling to the ministry of Jesus Christ! Are We Perfect Servants??? No!... the complexity of conducting a worldwide ministry and our spirit led involvement with ministers and missionaries in nearly every nation on earth has such far reaching and continuing growth that we like many others who strive to be the very footsteps that JESUS takes in us,we do make mistakes now and then but in those mistakes there is HONESTY and Conviction of purpose!...... for HIS cause and HIS Glory and not of ourselves! When a mistake is made we are quick to correct it and get back on track and since we have an open, thoughtful, loving and a personal relationship with all that we ordain into this glorious fellowship ours is a easy task to find and handle the correction of mistakes and problems! Thank You LORD JESUS! WE ARE HONEST, TRUTHFUL, OPEN, CARING, ABLE & WILLING TO HELP ANYONE, ANYWHERE WHO IS CALLED OF GOD TO THE MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST...... WHO CAN TELL THE TRUTH AND STAND FIRM UPON IT!.......WITHOUT EXCUSES OR LACK OF FAITH FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST OR IN THE WORD OF THE LIVING GOD! RESPECT......Treating others as we would like to be treated and doing our best to love them with the heart and mind of Christ!......Listening!!!..with the intent to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is being said is important to the speaker!...Responding in a timely fashion as best we can to anyone anywhere in the world!...Speaking calmly, and respectfully without profanity or sarcasm and doing our best to listen with the heart of Christ. COMMUNICATING HONESTLY! and with a God given purpose for HIS Kingdom and the cause of Christ as the living, loving Servants and Disciples of our Lord and Master! We know and fully understand that Christianity is not a religion!... it is a living person and HIS Name!!!......IS.....CHRIST JESUS! The SON Of THE ONLY LIVING GOD! MINISTERIAL LOYALTY! Always continuously striving to maximize the help, love and loyalty to those we Ordain into the professional membership of this glorious ministry and on behalf of the great God called men and women who come to us for an honorable and professional covering, fellowship, prayer and resources in their work for the cause of Christ. THE TAKING OF CHRISTIAN AND BIBLICAL VOWS! INTEGRITY& HONESTY ....keeping our word, the taking of vows and making only agreements and commitments we are willing, able and intend to keep!... as we are committed to these needed objectives we also demand the same of others because we know that if a person's word is no good then they are not of God and are unworthy of our time, love, respect, resources or our faithful commitments!.....THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH and IT LIVES FOREVER!... OPERATING in a responsible manner: and always..... "ABOVE THE LINE!".. IN ALL THAT WE DO FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD!
UNSHAKEABLE FAITH IN THE WORD OF GOD! JUST AS IT IS WRITTEN! 100 % faith in the word of the living God in HIS Holy King James Bible just as it is written with apologies to no man or giving in to"so called" politicly correctness to please the world or anyone, anywhere! To do so would make us unworthy to be known as HIS! FOCUSED! WE ARE CHRIST CENTERED AND 100 % FOCUSED ON HIS GREAT COMMISSION...
.....to go in to all the world and tell them what !!!...HE!!!... has said!!!,while continuing to field hundreds of men and women with a respected Church covering so they may go forth in dignity with respect for their calling and for them as our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ to begin or expand an honorable ministry that Honors God and this beloved outreach missions church in all things!
God Bless each of you who have a genuine call on your life for the Ministry Of Christ Jesus! ~Dr. Davy Senior Bishop Of The Church
Wanted Dedicated Christians! Who are not for sale; Who are honest, sound-true to the heart's core; Who condemn wrong in friend or foe; in themselves as well as others: Whose consciences are steady as a needle to the pole; Who will stand for the right if the heavens totter and the earth reels; Who can tell the truth and stand by it;Who will neither flag nor flinch; Who can have courage without whistling for it,and joy without shouting to bring it; Who have the current of everlasting life running deep, still and strong, Who know their message and tell it, know their duty and do it, know their place and fill it, who are not too lazy to work and sow into the store-house of God for the work of His Kingdom so they may be blessed of God for their giving and who are willing to eat what they have been blessed with and use what they have paid for! You Are Important To God In The Work Of HIS Kingdom And For The Cause Of Christ In These The Very Last Harvest Days!.....Because Jesus Is.. ...Coming! ..And Soon! Don't Wait Another Day! Here's The Real Thing In Honorable, Legal And Valid Christian Ordination! We Have Proved It For Over 90 Glorious Years Of Success In Ministry! Just Click! START A NEW CHURCH AS A PASTOR! Start Small & Grow Big Rapidly! You Can Build A Great Independent Church By Applying For Our Professional Church Charters And We Will Show You How To Make It Grow Rapidly! Click Here For Our Worldwide Independent Church Chartering Program! It's The Best In The Body Of Christ!! "SEE!" More Than 40 Christian Degree's You Can Get From Our World Famous Victory Bible College! CLICK HERE! Yes!......You Too Can Be A Success In Ministry! Independent Ministry Is The Key To Success In Winning The Lost To Christ All Over The Globe And We Have Been The Cornerstone Church That Has Fueled This Mighty Movement Of God For Over 84 Glorious Years! This Is The Worldwide Ministry For Christ That Is Ordaining Hundreds Of Great Independent People Of God All Over The World!!!.. ...Souls Are Being Saved! Hundreds Of Independent New Ministries Are Being Launched By This Historic Far Reaching Glorious Church And Outreach Christian Fellowship! FCGM MISSION CENTER P.O. Box 428 BUCYRUS, OHIO 44820-0428 USA Our Main Call In Line! 330-231-3741 10 AM To 6 PM Monday Through Friday! Our Mission Center Is Closed On All National Holidays! We Are Available To Assist You, Provide Prayer , Christian Fellowship And A Worldwide Professional Ministry Connection For The Furtherance Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ! Visitors To This Website! Please Send A Gift Of Any Amount For Our Missions Poor Box! This Box Receives Gifts For The Very Poor And Our Bible Missions In The USA And Around The World! GOD WILL BLESS YOU! FCGM MISSIONS BOX P.O. Box 428 BUCYRUS, OHIO 44820-0428 USA Copyright © 1993-1994-1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003 -2004 -2005-2006 -2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2013-2014-2015-2016 FCGM Bucyrus, Ohio