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"A Bondservant Of Jesus!"

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ all around the world!
Not long ago a new friend to this ministry who had never heard the word "Bondservant!" applied to a minister of the Gospel and he asked me what it meant.

If one looks up the word "Bondservant" in the dictionary it looks like this: bond·ser·vant, NOUN 1. A person obligated to services without wages..

However the dictionary cannot and does not express the meaning of "A Bondservant Of Jesus!" for that position in Christ dearly beloved is a far different thing and there are really very few today who call themselves Christians who really understand it's true meaning because most who call themselves HIS have never been willing to lay it all down at the foot of the Cross and enter into a position of total service to Christ Jesus the SON of the Living God as... HIS Bondservant!


Why Do I Speak Of Myself As The Bondservant Of Jesus?


What Is A Bondservant Of Jesus?

First to understand the meaning of Bondservant as it applies to Jesus and the work of the cross one must look at the Book Of James and then you will see that a Bondservant Of Jesus is not a slave or a serf or is he or she in chains or in bondage!.....For...... JESUS CALLS US INTO LIBERTY!

The central theme of the Book of James is the inseparable link between faith and action, and the role love plays in uniting the two. LOVE, faith and action are three wonder working powerful keys to where the Holy Spirit desires to take us. His purpose in us is to bring us into LOVE, faithful and spirit led decisive action for the cause of Christ! Now let us briefly look at the precious book of James!

James 1:1-4

"James, a Servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ" ( the word servant is translated from the Greek word "Doulos" which means "BOND MAN" Or "BONDSERVANT") At first glance, this may seem a rather odd greeting, until you remember that James was not just your everyday follower of Jesus who was writing an epistle. James was in reality the earthly brother of Jesus, but instead of opening his epistle with the word "brother" he identifies himself as.....a "Bondservant" and James described himself in a perfect way and that application applies to all who are sealed in Christ, that are HIS truly beloved and HIS born again in HIM followers!

Listen! As a born again Christian how you actually think of yourself tells a lot about who you really are in Christ and if there is any spiritual power in your position in HIM! When you are all alone with just your own thoughts, how do you think of yourself? Do you think of yourself as a star waiting to be discovered, an orphan waiting to be found, the unappreciated waiting to be affirmed? Or do you see yourself as James did , A Bondservant of Jesus Christ waiting to serve the master of your heart?...Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see the Kingdom of GOD!

Some would say, "I thought Jesus came to set us free!" He did. Listen!....There is a big difference between the disposition of a person in bondage or slavery and that of a Bondservant of Jesus! A bond slave is one who is in pursuit of his freedom so he can exercise his liberty. A Bondservant of Jesus is one who, having been given his total freedom, and then gives it back so he can exercise his love and total dependence on Christ Jesus and do the will of HIS loving master!

A Bondservant of JESUS is one whose will is completely consumed by the will of Christ! Poor old James began his journey very close to Jesus but not believing that his brother was the Messiah. But after a face-to-face encounter with the resurrected Christ, he not only believed, he fully gave up his own will and took upon himself the mantle of Christ!

It is of major importance and eternal purpose for everyone to believe in Jesus, but as James points out, even the devil and his demons believe in Christ. The true mark of the surrendered is a total commitment of faith-inspired love in action and it is not only to believe, but to have your will completely consumed by the will of Jesus and get into the battle for souls and the spreading of..... HIS GOSPEL!

To be a brother or sister who believes in Jesus and who sees themselves as the Bondservants of Jesus is the correct position that God wants you and I to be in and to step into the spiritual realm and to see yourself as a Bondservant is the position in which the surrendered child of the living God must step into by faith and in action... because it identifies the essential qualities of those who are surrendered to the will of Christ!....ADOPTED, SAVED, SURRENDERED, COVERED IN THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS, HAVING SPIRITUAL POWER , LED BY CHRIST...... AND CALLED OF GOD:

1. Absolute obedience! The Bondservant of Jesus knows no desire but the desires of his master the LORD JESUS! He holds to no rights but to the right of unconditional obedience, love and complete service to the cause and cross of Christ!

2. Absolute love! the Bondservant of Jesus is someone who has lost himself in service to Christ; consequently, he thinks of love and devotion before privilege and responsibilities before rights and he is always on the forefront of the battle for HIS Masters cause and the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD and he enters the battle out of LOVE for HIS beloved Master!

3. Absolute loyalty! The Bondservant of Jesus is someone who has no interests of his or her own other than those given by God. Their first and foremost loyalty is to please the one who has won their heart and that is JESUS!

Absolute security! The Bondservant of Jesus is someone who derives great security in a what the world may see as a lowly position, for the Bondservants of Christ Jesus understand that in God's Kingdom, a position of lowliness is in fact a place of exaltation. Jesus himself got upon HIS knees like a Bondservant and washed the feet of HIS Disciples! I am forever amazed at the antics of people who claim great healing power but lack the humility to kneel down and wash the feet of their brothers in Christ and anyone who would find that the washing of your brothers feet is beneath their dignity certainly has no gifts of healing or any other spiritual gift or the power to slay anyone in the so called spirit!

YES! Indeed!...The Bible identifies us as kings, priests and rulers, it's the disposition of the Bondservant that qualifies us to function as all the rest because without first becoming a Bondservant of JESUS you cannot obtain any other position in God's Kingdom or any gifts of the spirit, as many will find out on the judgment day as they stand before the living God and the book of life is opened to reveal their life upon this earth...........most will be cast into the lake of fire and will suffer an eternity in the ....hell fire and torment that awaits them for their lack of faith in the power of the living GOD, the gifts of the spirit and the..... SHED BLOOD OF JESUS!

James wastes no time getting to the more important issues that distinguish the believer. He begins by exhorting us to "consider it all joy when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance."

The reason we can consider these trials in all joy is twofold:
The Source Of All The Trials!
The Purpose Of All Of The Trials!

"Trial"... is the Greek word "Peirasmos", and it has to do with a test directed toward a desired spiritual end. In other words, the testings we go through are not random acts of cruelty on God's part!...They are divinely orchestrated experiences designed to reveal, strengthen and purify us for service to the cause of Christ, that and nothing more! You cannot overcome the trials set upon you for your own benefit unless your are totally surrendered to the will of Christ and become HIS BONDSERVANT!

LISTEN!. moving toward a more active faith won't mean the absence of many trials; it will mean a greater joy in the midst of all trials. There will be the testing of sorrow and disappointments. There will be the testing of detours, pain, separation, and loss and in it all you will finally become what God would have you be which is the Living, Loving and Faithful.... BONDSERVANT OF JESUS!

None of these Trials will ever make us fail or will we be a quitter! They are designed to make us soldiers and warriors for Christ and to be 100% successful in all that we are to do to advance the work of the cross and bring others into the kingdom of God!

God's purpose in all of these testings is to produce in his beloved sons and daughters an unswerving and chiseled in stone faith, a steadfastness and a no retreat attitude when all else is being shaken and all hell is breaking loose around you! The word for endurance and faith is not simply the ability to bear without question the burdens of the tests and it's trails; it's the ability to turn the tests into greatness, glory and total victory on the battlefields of this sin filled world for the souls of the lost and the cause of Christ! This is the quality seen in the martyrs who didn't die grimly, no!.. they went to their deaths joyfully singing. They didn't just overcome their trials; they were more than conquerors of their trials.

The trying of your faith, according to verse 4, is meant to perfect you and complete you, so you will be lacking in nothing. Please dear brethren understand, this is not perfection as in not having any flaws. It's the perfection of and in the training toward a specific end and that end is the cause of Christ and the great commission he has given us as HIS beloved ,which is to go into all the world and TELL THEM WHAT HE HAS SAID!

The constancy produced in testing makes us fit for the task that we are sown into the world for and that task is EVANGELISM for that is the only thing that JESUS Has called each of HIS Beloved to do! God will provide the training as he places the tests and trials before us to overcome! If it is the testing of your faith, then God needs you to have an unswerving faith for where He will send you. If it is the testing of your beliefs, then he needs your beliefs to be steadfast. If it's the test of love, your love must be resolute and without excuse! If it's the test of authority, your submission must be absolute in order for you to have spiritual power! The work of the cross is not for patty cake weak kneed Christians it is for the truly surrendered to the will of JESUS and those who have no will of their own but are 100% dependent upon HIS will and the leading of the.... HOLY SPIRIT!....A Bondservant has become the very footsteps that JESUS TAKES IN HIM!

As we embrace the tests of God with all joy, then day by day the Holy Spirit develops in us an unswerving commitment enabling us to become more like Christ and that 100% commitment brings about all that is needed for the task of world evangelism and we will lack for absolutely nothing for the work of the cross and the great commission of Christ!

In my glorious position as the Bondservant of Jesus, God has called me also as a fierce dedicated leader and HIS Soldier of the cross and what that simply means is that I am also a warrior for the cause of Christ and the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the living God and I will not give up one inch of ground to the weak kneed pew sitting churches of the world with their silly church games, man inspired doctrines, bylaws, internal boards and governments, their soup suppers and all the trash and trappings of the world as they sit upon the velvet pews and keep fruit inspectors at the front door to see who might be worthy sit among their spiritually dead congregations while the real work of the cross outside their worldly walls goes undone! Nor am I interested in any fellowship with half hearted so called Christians, heretic hunters, the enemies of Christ, the world, the devil or anything or anyone else in it who do not fully Love my master! I am always standing steadfast upon the battlements with the sword of truth and that sword of truth is the HOLY BIBLE which is the living word of God and in it is all the TRUTH that is in the universe and it contains all the power needed for us to be victorious as the Bondservant of Jesus and HIS beloved soldiers of the CROSS!.........COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPARATED as the living, loving, faithful..... BONDSERVANTS OF JESUS!....so Sayeth the Lord our GOD!

My position as the Living!.. Loving and Faithful Bondservant of Jesus is one of battle as I continue the good fight for the cause of Christ all over the world, having taken upon my person the full amour of God and because that amour was designed and sent forth from the throne of God to cover the living, loving Bondservants of Jesus there is no battle for HIS cause that we cannot win if we will simply have faith in the power of that spiritual amour that has the word VICTORY stamped on every piece of it and has been handcrafted by the fiery hand of the living God to equip us for the battles we will face everyday as we faithfully serve the cross of Christ as HIS Bondservants in these the very final harvest days before our LORD returns...OH HALLELUJAH JESUS IS COMING!...................GET INTO THE GOOD FIGHT FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST and turn not back but go forth in VICTORY!

I send unto each of you this day and hour all of my love and affection and I thank God for your faithful witness for Christ and the love you have for this your church and a beloved family member in this family of God called and led men and women of the cross and we give unto Jesus this day and hour all of the Praise, all of the Honor, all of the Victory and all of the GLORY!....from the age to the ages!...now and forever!...Amen & Amen!

Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
A Bondservant Of Jesus
Bishop Of The Church & World Missions Director
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry
Nashville, Ohio


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