~*Dr Davy's Chronological Bio*~

His ministry today reaches into every nation on earth and he has over the
last two glorious decades as our beloved Bishop ordained and fielded
great men and women of GOD in nearly every country of the world!
Thank You Jesus!
Let Us All Pray Daily For Dr. Davy As He Leads This
Great Outreach Missions Church And Fights Ever
Onward In Victory For The Cause Of Christ!

God Bless You Dr. Davy & Happy Birthday!
The Whole Ministry Team And Our Worldwide Family Dedicate This Song To Our Beloved Dr. Davy
As Here Is A Man That In Spite Of The Hard Roads Of Life That He Traveled As God Perfected
Him Into The Man That He Is Today!...
He Kept On Planting Seeds Of LOVE along the way!
His Great Kentucky Heart And His Understanding Of The Love Of Christ And What We All
Will Need To Know Before We Face The Other Side Of The Grave Is So Apparent In All
That He Does For Others! Dr. Davy Has Been Down Some Of The Hardest Roads In
Life But He Never Lost His Faith In Himself Or In The Lord Jesus! Dr. Davy
Has Taught Us All To See Peoples Of The World With The Eyes Of Christ
And To Love All Who Love And Need Jesus! For In Jesus Alone
Is Found True Freedom, Love And Liberty And A
Everlasting Home In Glory At Your
Journeys End!"

DO YOU KNOW JESUS? ..Have You Given Your Life To Him?

If Not We Pray That Today!... You Will! There Is More Information About Dr. Davy , Sister Cathy And The Historic Work Of This Ministry Than Any Other Church Or Man Of God On The Internet! Senior Bishop Of The Church & Chairman Of The Missions Board! (This Bio Page Has Officially Logged Over 70 Million Visitors!) ~Webmaster! Dr. Davy Is A Wonderful , Loving , Positive, Spirit Filled And Upbeat Servant Of The Lord!   God Has At Last Raised Up A Great Soldier Of The Cross, A Bondservant Of Jesus And A Mighty Messenger Of God From Among The Common People And Set His Heart And Hands To Accomplish A Great Work Into All The World For The Glory Of The Lord!" A Wonderful Brother In Christ! "I have known and am a follower of Dr. Davy for more than 30 years and to me he has always been like a loving and friendly tiger. He has great courage, wisdom, unshakable faith, loving grace with the heart and fighting spirit of a lion. He is a dedicated soldier of the cross who won't back up in the face of adversity and I know of no man in all the world who has given more love, faithful service and dedication to the Cross of Christ than has Dr. Davy. He deserves great respect and much honor for he is a man for our time and the unfinished work of the cross that our Lord called us to do more than 2000 years ago!" "Thank You Father!... For The Life Of This Our Beloved Faithful And Loving Brother. Give Him Strength Oh Lord To Carry On The Great Battle For The Cause Of Christ Unto All The World For The Fields Are White Unto Harvest But The Loving Bondservants Of Jesus Are Few!" ~Rev. Tim Mathews 1934-2007 I miss this great brother more than I can say !..but his work here on earth was completed and God wanted him home! I shall see him again on the other side of the mountain! I thank God that HE gave me this great brother in this life to be a wonderful servant to me and Tim filled my life with much joy and great laughter! I miss him sorely! ~Dr. Davy Dr. Davy A World Leader In The Fielding Of New Spirit Filled Ministers Of The Gospel And The Chosen One's Of God For The Greatest Movement For Christ In Modern Evangelism Of The 21st Century! A Precious Man Of God And The Bondservant Of Jesus! "This Great God Called Bondservant Of Jesus is Discipling a throng of dedicated men and women of the cross all over the globe. He is teaching them to shed their Christian diapers, cast off the lies of easy fig leaf religion,voodoo evangelism and the luke warm weak kneed pew sitting church. He is training them to take up the sword of truth and stand on God's living word and go in and take the cities and nations of the world for Christ!" "Truly a long awaited messenger and man of God with great courage for our troubled times!" Thank You Jesus! ~Victory Crusader News! From The Background And Hardships Of A Tough Bare Knuckles Little Irish Street Fighter And A Work For Your Food Childhood To Becoming A Glowing Servant Of Jesus Christ This Page Is All About Our Beloved Dr. Davy! ~*~ A Positive Upbeat Spirit Filled Man Of God! The Senior Bishop Of This Worldwide Outreach Missions Church! Our Beloved Dr. Davy Is A Great Soldier Of The Cross And The Loving Bondservant Of Jesus! "The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord" -John 1:23 An Overview Of His Calling & Worldwide Ministry Brother Davy Is Loved And Respected By Good People Of Faith All Over The World And They Are Joining In The Work Of This Historic Outreach Missions Church In Record Numbers As The Beloved Ministers Of The Gospel Of Peace Of Jesus Christ! "Dr Davy is an apostle and prophet of our Lord separated unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ for this generation and a man that God speaks through just as he did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through revelations and discernment." ~Dr. S.K Thomas PCG -Punalur, India Some Of Dr. Davy's Many Leadership Strengths, Skills & Gifts! Gifted With Insight, Knowledge, Love, Compassion And Wisdom!


BUT!...WHO IS DOCTOR DAVY?.. Scientists, social human study people, egg head college professors and philosophers say that every man is the product of the background he comes from. If these rather vague, simplified and largely unfounded theories were to be applied to Dr. Davy, well then, they would simply have to rethink their theories simply because of his immense and varied backgrounds. Because, there are so many Dr. Davy's all rolled into one dynamic, loving, heartfelt, straight up, reliable, honest and a down home country no nonsense person that places value on a person's word and he wants people to know that his word is good and what he says is real easy for anyone to understand: "If a man's word ain't good then he ain't no good!" No one can remain a friend of God, Jesus or Dr. Davy for very long if their word is no good! But, if you are honest and can tell the truth and be willing to stand on it! Then you would find a great man of God who would love you with the heart and mind of Christ and help you in anyway he could to be all that God would have you be for the cause of Christ and a minister of HIS GOSPEL and if you can trust 100% in the living word of God, Honor God in all things and stand on the TRUTH, as well, then no better friend in the world could you find than Dr. Davy!

Dr. Davy is a man who amazingly helps hundreds each year
to begin a successful ministry for Christ in their nation, state, city, community or village in nearly every nation of the world! He is man who values loyalty, friendship and doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do! His by-words for all of that is also very simple! "THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A FRIEND IS TO BE ONE!" and out of that simple, profound and moving heartfelt statement, God is moving in a mighty way and the seeds of this Church and ministry that were planted in 1926 are continuing to grow great vines and are bearing wonderful, loving, amazing and a great harvest of fruit all over the world for the cause of Christ under the spirit filled leadership of this simple, yet great man of God who considers himself to be..... "Just The Bondservant Of Jesus!"

But what makes Brother Davy
If I can use the word "tick" as a starting point to try and give the readers here some understanding of this wonderful man who has traveled so many of the hard roads of life in order to gain the wisdom and knowledge to be able to succeed and function in so many areas and arenas of life that if a motion picture were to be made about his life, then absolutely no one would believe what one Bondservant of Jesus and a soldier of the cross could endure and still be of sound mind, yet still have so much love for people of the world. But, it is his many backgrounds that make him one of the most colorful people in America and most certainly in the body of Christ and it is all of his backgrounds and life experiences that are rapped up in this neat, hard as a rock and heavy little bundle of a person that makes him so loved and admired by all who know or come in personal contact with him. He is intelligent, yet simple; educated, yet common; serious and committed, yet fun loving and often sidesplitting and knee slapping funny; complicated, yet approachable with a loving and forgiving heart and a no nonsense and aggressive approach to the spreading of Gospel all over the world. His accomplishments in life are indeed so broad and varied that most people simply could never do all that he has had success in as he has traveled down life's troubled highways and fought the good fight for Christ all of his life.

What makes Dr. Davy tick?
It is his willingness to go the extra mile to achieve success at anything God leads him to do and to bear any cross laid at his feet for the cause of Christ; but, there is so much more to Dr. Davy than the few words written here as it would truly take a large book to describe his life, his experiences and the many roads of life he has traveled all of which have helped to make him who he is in Christ. Dr. Davy is in so many ways a modern day Paul who is helping to found and build up with his spirit filled leadership new Church's all over the world and he is ordaining and fielding hundreds of new ministers in every state, nation and corner of the globe! No where in the history of Christianity has there ever been a man of God so blessed and called to do such a mighty work for the cause of Christ! His vision is of God and the work he has been chosen,called and anointed of God to do in these the final harvest days before our Lord RETURNS!

Yes! A book about his life
would be needed in order to understand him fully and all that most can do without such a book is to skim the surface of one of the most beloved men that God has raised up from the streets of America and has prepared him to do one of the greatest works for Christ in the history of modern evangelistic outreach and evangelism. But, it is far more than that, it is his calling, it is his history, it is his backgrounds, his determination in the face of adversity that has helped God to mold him into a man that God can use in mighty ways in these troubled times as the church age is in its' last days and God is raising up great men and women of God who belong to Jesus and Jesus only and for a final work on the mission fields of the world and the bringing in of the last sinner that God wants to be saved and then the end will come! Dr. Davy said long ago; "That the world saw with their own eyes on 911 an event that is pictured so clearly in the Book of Revelation in chapter 18 verses 9 thru 11 but they still do not understand that the end is near and that Jesus is coming!"

Yes! One has only to read the book of Revelation
and watch the daily news on Fox to see and understand that Jesus is coming and soon and standing on the battlements when that day comes will be this beloved outreach missions church and the work that Dr. Davy has done as the living, loving Bondservant Of Jesus Christ and God has given this wonderful man so many gifts for the work God has given him to do in the final harvest days!

Brother Davy is a positive upbeat spirit led servant of Jesus, a healer of hearts, minds and bodies, evangelistic, self assured, creative and organized, a tireless worker for the cross, a heartfelt and loving people person, purpose driven and prayerful, gentle and approachable, an effective communicator and teacher, strong strategic and planning skills, down to earth and easy to understand, able to combine teaching and exhortation and make his messages meaningful to the lives of all, able to equip and motivate others, goal oriented and growth minded, a heart for counseling and skillful management, a wonderful loving heart for the poor, sick and disabled, a man who knows how to encourage, lead, motivate and direct, a world leader in missionary ministries with a passionate glowing vision centered missionary heart for winning the lost to Christ, a divinely inspired messenger of God with a stand up thrusting personality that rightly divides the word of truth for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ among all peoples of the world. Brother Davy is a very private man who enjoys his privacy, dislikes outside distractions and spends his every waking hour working with the ministers in this church and helping each to fulfill the call that God has on their lives for the ministry of Jesus Christ. His faith, dedication, commitments and hard work to advance the work of the Cross and the far reaching work of this glorious outreach missions church has brought forth a great harvest of peoples all over the world who have come to know, respect and love him.

Our Beloved Bishop is a man of God who takes great pride in the workmanship of his calling and the wonderful work that God is doing with his heart and loving hands as the Bondservant of Jesus and a soldier of the cross. He is so well disciplined in evangelistic outreach and discipleship ministries with a proven plan of success to guide his ever growing flock of dedicated ministers all over the world that he has no time to put up with unfounded Biblical nonsense or half hearted lukewarm Christians; but, on the other hand he will love, lift up and unselfishly help any man or women who is 100% dedicated to the cause of Christ and has a genuine call on their lives for the ministry of Jesus Christ and the furtherance of the Gospel of our Lord in any Nation of the world. His ministry is so well organized that its' pace of spiritual movement and advancement creates opportunities for every new minister no matter what their background may be or where in the world they are. He will find or create a place for them to serve the cause of Christ as a faithful and beloved member of the professional clergy in this historic outreach missions church and beloved family of God all over the world!.....Thank You Jesus!

Dr. Davy's broad based worldwide evangelistic outreach is an anointed calling of God to raise up a mighty throng of true believers and workers for the cause of Christ in these final harvest days before our Lord returns is indeed immense in its' scope and world outreach operations and so much so that anyone, anywhere who has a call on their life for the ministry will be blessed and find a proven plan of success in ministry that is raising up great men and women of the cross all over the world and what they are finding out about this church is a spirit filled ministry and church that is on the move all over the world and anyone who is truly called of God will find nearly instant success as a professional minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its' proven plan of success that is the corner stone of this beloved historic church that has served with honor and distinction on the missions fields of the world for more than eight glorious decades and a church that few can match for the true work of the cross that the world is in such desperate need of and for our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dr. Davy having taken the vows of "faith!" serves as the Bishop and spiritual leader of this glorious outreach missions Church and receives no income or salary from the Church; but, serves as the living, loving Bondservant of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and as such he owns no property of any kind and has very few worldly possessions. Most of his clothing and even his shoes are from thrift stores such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army!.... "It is not how a man dresses on the outside!"....says brother Davy; "It's how God dresses him on the inside, my cloths may be a little old and outdated but they are clean and comfortable and I am not naked, nor hungry or starving like so many peoples of the world and I would rather send these little ones who have nothing something new to wear than to put it on my own back....that is what Jesus would do....is it not?"

Dr. Davy's Family History
(Scottish & Norman)

Components Of The Original Kendrick Family
Name Coat Of Arms

The Shield was: Ermine with a black lion rampant.
The Crest was:
A silver hawk perched on a sheaf of arrows.
But there were many variations and other coat of arms developed by
other members that grew out of the Kendrick family as they spread
throughout Europe and the 3 cross shield below is but one example
of the shield and coat of arms adopted by the Kendrick family
and since so many of the Kendrick family all over the world
have been called to the ministry of Jesus Christ this shield
now truly represents in a larger sense the coat
of arms of the more diversified Kendrick
family all over the world today.
The motto is:
"Virtue Is Honor Victory Over Adversity"

The "Jones" family traces their ancestral roots back
to Welsh origin.


The "Freeman" family name originated in Cork , located in Ireland.
The "Freeman" family traces their ancestral roots back
to Norman / Irish origin.

The "Smallwood" family name originated in Cheshire , located in England.
The "Smallwood" family traces their ancestral roots back
to Anglo Saxon origin.


The KENDRICK family was first found in Fifeshire (Gaelic: Flobh), in southeastern Scotland; an ancient Pictish kingdom, known as Fib, and still commonly known as the Kingdom of Fife, where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1065 AD.The Name Kendrick also appears in the records of Denbighshire in England where they were recorded as an ancient Denbighshire family before the year 1100. The notable KENDRICK family is shown in the ancient manuscripts and cartularies of England as tracing their ancestry to Norman origin. However the Fifeshire records of southeastern Scotland show they were seated there long before the Norman conquest! The most ancient KENDRICK family Coat of Arms was recorded between the 11th and 15th. Century. The Kendrick family spread throughout Europe where they built and held title to many large estates and manors. Many orders of the Kendrick family were thought to be members and warriors of the Knights Templar and may have journeyed on the early crusades. The Kendrick Family Coat of Arms in fact traces its roots back to ancient times where it was carried onto the field of honor, with chivalry to defend family and allies, king and country. The original family name Kendrick over many hundreds of years has had many variations such as Kentrick, Kindrix, Ketrick, Henrick, Hendrick, McKendrick, McHetrick, McHendrick and many others.


Immigrants Arriving At Ellis Island In The Late 1800's

America And The Immigrant Roots Of Dr. Davy's Family!
Like most Americans who sprang from immigrant roots much of Dr. Davy's family history has been handed down orally from one generation to the other and like many families there are many wonderful stories and legends surrounding such families and since they are passed down from one generation to another it is difficult to separate out the actual events, time lines and documentation history of any family and such is the case with Dr. Davy's family. His father was William Elisha Kendrick who is said to have been born in 1888 of old Flemish and Scotch Irish stock from Flanders whose own family dates back to the 1100's and were warriors, merchants and tradesmen. Young William Kendrick who was the youngest boy of twelve children made his way to Ireland from the city of Ghent as a boy to stay with his aunt Ruth Kendrick like his older brothers had done and several years later made passage by working as an 11 year old cabin boy and waiter while working his way across the Atlantic to America from Northern Ireland in 1899.

William Raymond Kendrick youngest sister Mary Harper Kendrick become the 2nd wife of John Crockett Gillespie who was a direct descendent of Davy Crockett. Among the Kendrick, Crockett and Gillespies' there were several marriages intermingled in these great families including Williams oldest brother The Rev. John Harper Kendrick who married Lucy Ann Crockett and was widely known in the West Virginia coal fields as "Hollering John" for his rousing sermons and hell fire preaching. Recent genealogy studies show there was also an earlier cousin who's name was also William who married into the Gillespie and Crockett families in 1850. The Kendrick family began to come to America from Scotland and Ireland as early as 1735 or 1737 soon after the religious "Great Awaking" of 1734 took place in America and among them there were many ministers, pastors, bible teachers, evangelists and great missionaries who settled in Ohio,West Viginia and Kentucky including The Rev. John Mills Kendrick.

The Rev. John Mills Kendrick who was born in Gambier, Ohio, on May 14, 1836. He was educated at Marietta College and also the Theological School in Gambier. After graduating from Marietta College in 1856, he entered upon the study of law. He was admitted to the bar in New York state, but shortly thereafter he turned toward a religious vocation, entering the Theological School at Marietta, Ohio. At the outbreak of the Civil War he left the seminary, serving in the Union forces, first as a private finishing his service, later as an assistant adjutant-general. In 1864 he was ordained to the deaconate. He served the Protestant Episcopal Church in Kansas, and later in Ohio as assistant minister of Trinity Church, Columbus, after his ordination in June, 1865. From 1878 until the time of his consecration as the third Bishop of New Mexico and Arizona, he served as diocesan general missionary. In 1888 he received his doctorate in divinity from Marietta. He was consecrated as Bishop in Trinity Church, Columbus, Ohio, on January 18, 1889. Kendrick's assignment, the district of New Mexico, Arizona and a portion of Texas, 236,313 square miles of territory, was one of the most difficult for any Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Kendrick settled first in Las Vegas, New Mexico, then moved to Albuquerque. He later moved his headquarters to El Paso, Texas. He maintained a winter residence in Phoenix and a summer home in Oceanside, California, where he died on December 16, 1911, after twenty-three years of service in the Southwest.

After arriving in America young William Elisha Kendrick (1888-1964) received a job offer from a man he met on a train to go to the North Dakota logging fields where he worked as a young man till America entered the first world war. After serving in world war one with the 233rd Ambulance Company, William then became a railroad worker and later married a mountain girl (Effie Jane Freeman 1908-1998) from the Eastern Kentucky coal fields whose ancestral families were the Freemans and Smallwoods. William spent 20 years working on the C&O, the Pennsylvania and the New York Central railroads retiring from the C&0 and then went on to the B&O as a car inspector and worked for the B&O for 30 years and then retiring from railroading with over 50 years on the great American rails. He passed away in 1964 at Minot North Dakota where he lived during his final retirement years among the great forests where he first worked as a young man in the logging fields after arriving in America with little more than a few dollars and a change of cloths.William in his lifetime supported the work of the cross and served his brother John who was a minister of the Gospel.

Of the William Elisha Kendrick (1888-1964) family (who's mother was of the Jones family from Wales) there were 7 children. Davy named after his grandfather on his mothers side; "Uncle Davy Lane Freeman" a champion mountain fiddle player and farmer. Davy was the 5th child with the birth name of David "Lane" Kendrick chosen by his mother however when the birth records were filed by William the name David "Raymond" Kendrick appears on the birth records - Raymond being the middle name of Williams father.( the name David which in Hebrew means "Beloved Of God" is used 1076 times in the bible) To settle the issue of his birth name the family loosely adopted David Raymond Lane Kendrick and then shortened it to Davy Ray Kendrick again leaving out "Lane"! However on his mothers side of the house the name "Davy Lane" was and is still being spoken and used in referring to him. During his early childhood his brothers referred to him as "Ronnie" or "Ronald" a nick name that was preferred by his older brothers, Donald Lester Kendrick, Franklin Delano Kendrick and William Jean Kendrick while his two sisters Ercie and Doris often referred to him as "Davy Lane". The family was never a close nit family as each of the children were highly motivated and independent in their own personal quest to overcome the poverty that often pledged them as children and all of them have done well in life and have achieved much success in education, business and ministry.

In his early childhood brother Davy also acquired the Bible nick name of "Shadrach" because many of his older school mates began to tease and make fun of him because of the door to door street and Bible tract ministry that young Davy began at the age of seven. But young Davy was not in the habit of turning the other cheek or running from a fight or being teased about his work and it often led to many a bare knuckle fist fight in the gritty railroad siding streets and alleys in the tough blue collar neighborhoods he grew up in ....but in the end he always made friends with those he fought with and would give them a bible tract or a new testament bible after the fight was over and so many of those childhood friendships remain yet today strong and noteworthy. Sometimes says brother Davy..." You have to fight for what you believe in order to gain the respect of some people who come against you for what ever reason they do so....but turning the other cheek is not in the Armour of a soldier of the Cross and I am not in the habit of letting the devil and his crowd slap me in the face or detour me from the work and the mission I am on for Christ as his beloved Bondservant!.....this servant is also his soldier who will fight and defend himself against any who might want to poke me in the face or cause me harm!.....I am not some weak kneed little pulpit preacher being led around by the nose by six little old ladies on some local church board but I am still a street preacher who is willing to fight for the truth and stand firmly on the living word of God and to do that one has to be tough as a nickel steak and unrelenting and not run from the battle when the enemy gains a little piece of the ground or sneaks up behind you....you must turn and face the challenge and go forth with the truth of God and the mind set of glorious Victory burning in your breast for the mission God has called you to and be an over comer no matter what it takes to do it!

In Todays World And In These Final Harvest Days Before Our Lord Returns, The Ministry Of Jesus Christ Says Dr. Davy; .. "Is not for the weak kneed patty cake Christian ...it is for tough men and women of God who are like David who stood his ground and slew the Giant or like Samson who slew a thousand Philistines with the jaw bone of a jackass! You can't obtain a Victory for Christ by sitting on the sidelines and playing church games you have to take on the full Armour of God and the gifts God has given you and get into the battle and not count the costs or the sacrifices you must make in the process of the battle... that always leads to Victory if you are willing to take the battle into the camp of the enemy and fight him with the weapons of truth and if you get your nose bloodied in the process then fight back and give a good account of yourself instead of hiding behind a church pew or the pulpit robes of a weak kneed preacher! You must stand your ground and keep your feet planted upon the word of God and with HIM as your fortress he will see that you win all the battles... for that is what HE has raised you up to do.....which is to get into the good fight for the cause of freedom and true liberty which is not in a nation or any earthly kingdom but.... The Victory, Freedom and True Liberty is in Christ Jesus, the Kingdom of God and in no other for HE and HE alone is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE

Dr. Davy's Mother's People And His Pioneering Mountain
Family Roots Of The Great Commonwealth Of Kentucky!

Effie Jane Freeman (1908-1998) Dr. Davy's mother was born in Lee County Kentucky to Davy Lane Freeman and Margaret Grace Smallwood! "Little Effie!.. as she was known was a blues guitarist and singer and worked as an entertainer in the early 1920's and 1930's throughout the Midwest in the Cincinnati, Louisville, Detroit, New York and Chicago speakeasy, vaudeville theaters and night club circuits under the stage name of Jackie Freeman. She began singing and playing guitar at the age of six and as a young woman she loved the Delta and Roots Blues music styles that were flowing out of black music artists of the 20's and 30's such as the great Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Victoria Spivey, Bill Bronnzy, Memphis Slim, Robert Johnson, Washboard Sam, Sophie Tucker, Lightnin Hopkins and Blind Boy Fuller. Her Kentucky mountain vocal style and self taught blues licks gave her a unique edge in music that enabled her to rise above the poverty of the great depression and earn a small living as a blues singer. Her most requested song was a rendition of Memphis Slims "Blues All Around My Head" which she added her our lyrics and then dubbed it the "3 Days Blues!" After her marriage to William E. Kendrick she left the stage and began raising a family. Dr. Davy has her beautiful 1925 Stella Guitar and as a boy his mothers music was a great influence on him and that influence eventually led him into singing, playing guitar and writing his own songs! During the II world war his mother worked in several defense plants making airplane parts and other war materials like many millions of women in America and these great women helped to win the war as America turned out the largest amount of war materials in the history of the world! In her final years she worked as a field worker for the American Red Cross in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky! She was a great Kentuckian, a great American and a great Citizen of our Nation who never failed to vote in every election!

The Freemans & Smallwoods were said to be immigrant pioneer settlers in Eastern Kentucky in an early party said to have been led by Daniel Boone into the eastern Kentucky wilderness mountain ranges where the Smallwoods and Freemans built one of the first log cabins in the area near the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River in the late 1700’s at the edge of what is now the Daniel Boone National Forest just southeast of Natural Bridge Kentucky and over the generations God has called many ministers, pastors, preachers and medical doctors from both sides of Dr. Davy's family. The site of the Smallwood - Freeman log cabin has been found and what remains is part of the chimney which sits on a land bench in a deep hollow known as powder mill branch at the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

As America began the bloody Civil War many thousands of men were conscripted or volunteered and many never got on the official unit rosters of the North or the South. Many thousands of such men died upon the battlefields and were never identified nor were their families ever notified as to what happened to them and even today there are many people still trying to find the answers as to what became of the men who left home to join the war but were never heard from again! During the Civil War it is said that the Smallwoods & Freemans both had family members that joined the south not over the issues of slavery but joined the Army of the south over the issues of state's rights and individualism!

Very few rural and poor mountain families in Kentucky
were slave holders and the more well to do Kentuckians in the major cities that did had fewer than five and most were domestic maids and house workers and were treated with respect and good care. Neither the Smallwoods or the Freemans ever held title to slaves but because of Kentucky's "commonwealth" political views the majority of Kentuckians at that time viewed the war and it's cause over the issues of states rights and individualism and most Kentuckians were sympathetic to the south and many gave their lives for their stand with the southern cause. The great self reliant mountain and pioneer stock rural people of Kentucky then and now resent the interference and intrusion of the federal government into nearly every aspect of their lives and today as during the civil war era Kentuckians still hold strong to their values and birthrights of unobstructed Liberty, states rights and the commonwealth of self reliant individualism! These traditional and long held values were instilled in brother Davy by his mother and her people at an early age and were to play an important role in the development of his Christian character and his success as a man of God who won't back up in the face of adversity and those self reliant and self sufficient values have helped to make brother Davy one of the most beloved men of the Gospel and a great leader in the body of Christ for those who know, love and respect his far reaching ministry for the cause of Christ on the mission fields of the world.

Noah Lane Freeman is said to have served with confederate Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson ,CSA. It is believed that Noah was killed at Hoke's Run were On July 2, 1861 Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson's division crossed the Potomac River near Williamsport and marched on the main road to Martinsburg. Near Hoke's Run, Abercrombie's and Thomas's brigades encountered regiments of T.J. Jackson's brigade, driving them back slowly. Jackson's orders were to delay the Federal advance only, which he did, withdrawing before Patterson's larger force. On July 3,1861 Patterson occupied Martinsburg but made no further aggressive moves until July 15,1861 he marched to Bunker Hill. Instead of moving on Winchester, however, Patterson turned east to Charles Town and then withdrew to Harpers Ferry. This retrograde movement took pressure off Confederate forces in the Shenandoah Valley and allowed Johnston's army to march to support Brig. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard at Manassas. Patterson's inactivity contributed to the Union defeat at First Manassas.

Marion Bailey Smallwood is said to have served with Lt. General Jubal A. Early, CSA. It is believed that Marion was killed at the battle of Cedar Creek in VA were at dawn, October 19, 1864, the Confederate Army of the Valley under Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early surprised the Federal army at Cedar Creek and routed the VIII and XIX Army Corps. Commander Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan arrived from Winchester to rally his troops, and, in the afternoon, launched a crushing counterattack, which recovered the battlefield. Sheridan's victory at Cedar Creek broke the back of the Confederate army in the Shenandoah Valley. Lincoln rode the momentum of Sheridan's victories in the Valley and Sherman's successes in Georgia to re-election.

Brother Davy as young boy of seven begins his life's journey and
work for Christ as he self educates himself at the public library,
sells door to door and works the summer show seasons on
the Great American Carnival Circuit where he
acquired the nick name of "Midway Oz!"

As a young boy Davy sold Cloverine medicated healing salve door to door giving his customers pictures of Jesus
and giving bible tracts everywhere he went. When not selling door to door he often shined shoes and sold newspapers in hotels, bars, nightclubs, bus stations and on many business street corners in the Hamilton-Cincinnati area. At the age of seven he was baptized at the Park Ave. & B. Street Bethel Missionary Church at Hamilton Ohio and expanded his door to door Bible tract ministry. Young Davy however did not like going to public school and he continually skipped school so often that at the age of 12 in 1954 he found himself in a state reformatory for boys because he refused to attend school . After nine months of hard discipline in the Boys Industrial School and Reformatory at Lancaster Ohio he returned home and for a time attended public school and continued his study of the scriptures and the work of his bible tract and street ministry.

As a young boy I hated public school said brother Davy, because I already knew what God wanted me to be but like many young boys of that time I was often distracted with the fact that I was very poor and my goals were to do all I could to overcome my surroundings and make my own way in the world which was to me both harsh and cruel. At 12 years of age I saw no reason for further public education as I felt I could self educate myself far better than public education could do and I spent my days not at school but at the public library studying the things that I felt would better equip me for life and my drive to overcome the poverty into which I found myself as a young boy but my constant truancy and unwillingness to attend public school led the juvenile court to send me to Boys Industrial School and even though the reformatory at Lancaster was both harsh and cruel I learned the stinging reality of right and wrong as the world sees it, but the hard discipline was good for me because I was able to survive the cruelty and the beatings that went along with it and it helped to mold my personality and make me a winner and an over comer and taught me that I could no matter what my circumstances were.... that with Christ in my heart I could function and survive in the harshest of realities and places and at night I would read the Epistles of Paul some of which were written when Paul was himself in prison and it was the Apostle Paul and his Epistles that helped me to fully see my mission in life and to dedicate myself fully to the spreading of the Gospel of Christ Jesus!" Today brother Davy often preaches and teaches from the book of Ephesians which is his most studied and beloved book of the new testament.

His brother Donald Lester Kendrick has said of Dr. Davy; "He is the only person that I know who would have been burdened by a formal college education, because his unique character of "stick to it!" and "never give up!" personality would have been so greatly modified by formal education that he could not have done the great work he has done and is doing all over the world! His education through self study and the hard roads he has been willing to travel have given him one of the best and brightest educations in America and there is nothing he can't do in any field or endeavor that he sets about to master and accomplish with his heart and hands!"

In his early teen years after quitting public school he worked several summer show seasons on the Great American Carnival Circuit with the "Littlepage Carnival Shows!" and worked the various game, ride and tent shows and used his commission income to buy and distribute thousands of bible tracts on the Littlepage Midways but gained fame on the carnival circuit for selling more bags of peanuts and balloons than any other midway vendor on the Littlepage Show Circuit and John Barton Littlepage dubbed him "Midway Oz!" a name that later became the name of his current BMI Music Publishing company; MidwayOz Music Publishing/BMI!

God's Word And Many Great Restoration Men Of God Played Important Roles In Dr. Davy's Later Teen Years!

In brother Davy's later teen years he began to study the lives, great works and ministries of many of the great men and women of the restoration movement that began in the 1800's such as John William McGarvey, William Kimbrough Pendelton, Alexander Campell, Robert Graham, Isaiah Boone Grubbs, Philip Slater Fall and Henry Jefferson Boles.

One other great man of God who was of the same mind and spirit as where those listed above was Dr. Henry Hampton Halley who wrote the famed Halley's Bible Handbook that has continued to fuel the restoration movement in the hearts of great men of the Bible like Dr. Davy and to teach millions that the Bible is the word of the living God and should be preached and taught just as it is written and no other handbook of the Bible in the history of Christianity has done more to teach men and women the true word of the Living God! Halley's Bible Handbook is one of the time honored study books of the Bible and is one of the most published and distributed study books in the world today!

Mom Kinney!....shown here in a snap shot with brother Davy on a recent visit to see her!
One of the most important people in brother Davy's early childhood is a great woman of God whom brother Davy refers to as "Mom Kinney " when he was six years of age at Hamilton Ohio she become a loving second mother to him and she truly had the greatest influence for Christ on his life more than any other person. Mom Kinney has always been a great influence for God on the lives of many children which she nurtured along with her own children and from that influence several of them became ministers of the Gospel. Today Mom Kinney who is in her 90's prays daily for his life, his ministry, the work of this glorious church and for his witness for Christ on the mission fields of the world. Dr. Davy recently said of her; "She is my loving spiritual mother and will always be with me in her beautiful spirit and her gracious love that has beautified my life and helped to make me the Bondservant of Jesus. I owe this great little saint of God so much for speaking to me so often about Jesus when I was a little boy who truly needed the loving hands and heart of a great Christian mother who always looked beyond my faults , poverty and insecurities and saw my needs. She never gave up on me and I have always been in her daily prayers!...I am grateful for her life and her love,she is a living Saint of God!." Thank You Jesus!

"The Only Way To Have A Friend.... Is To Be One!"

Traveling The Rails With A Great Itinerate Preacher...."Bible Pete!"
My mother said Dr. Davy who had remarried when I was eight years old and we eventually moved to a farm in central Ohio and I became very unhappy so at the age of fourteen I left my mothers home and traveled on the railroads hopping freight trains while traveling around the country which was a very foolish thing for me to do, but young men often do foolish things when they are searching for a better path or a better life, but God was looking out for me and it was during that time that I met the very last of many of the old hobos from the 1930's who were still homeless, trapped in poverty and still traveling the rails in the late 1950's and were still living in the last vestiges of the old hobo jungles and cardboard shacks along the nations railroad tracks where I met such notable old hobo's as "Silo King", "Benny Barnes", Willie Shoes", "Hank Flowers", "Slim Wilson", "Coffee Brakes", "Flip Rails" ,''Harry Hearts", "Canstack Alley'', "River Smith" and so many others but one of them was to have a profound influence on my life and that great hobo was an 80 year old beloved black preacher who's hobo name was "Bible Pete" and he took me under his wing and taught me all the hobo signs and as we traveled he helped me to see the simplicity of God's word and the proof that if by faith you will simply trust and believe what the Bible says just the way it is written and learn to rightly divide the word of truth so that God will then be able to use you for the Glory of the Lord Jesus and the preaching of HIS Gospel. That wonderful chance meeting , friendship and the time I spent traveling with Bible Pete helped me see a much broader humanitarian vision of my calling as a minister of the Gospel. Bible Pete was more than just some old hobo he was a great itinerate preacher and a spirit filled man of God who worked along the way for his food and together we worked odd jobs as we traveled and lived in box cars and in the hobo jungles all along the rails. Bible Pete still remains in my heart one of the greatest preachers I ever heard and many of his messages still come alive and ring in my ears just as they did as he delivered them standing on a stump or a packing crate in the hobo jungles as he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ....just as God put it on his heart and Bible Pete, then and now was to me living proof and an example that God will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise! Yes! God can even call an uneducated hobo to preach the Gospel and win the lost to Christ! Pete instilled in me a great heart for the downtrodden, the homeless, the hurting and the little guy who needs a helping hand up and I have always been willing to reach out with the humanitarian heart of Christ and do what Christ always did which was to look beyond a persons faults and see their human and spiritual needs and Pete taught me that the only way to have a friend is to be one! Pete was indeed a great friend to me and great man of God! ... for beautiful are the feet of those that preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!"

Two Of America's Greatest Evangelists, Pastors And The Life And
Ministry Of Dr. Martin Luther King Were Major Influences
In Dr. Davy's Development As An Evangelist And A
Great Christian Leader!

The Great Evangelistic and the worldwide ministries of Ernest Angley and Rex Humbard were major influences on Dr. Davy's evangelistic thoughts, outreach and zeal for the cause of Christ and from these two great men of God he acquired the zeal and standing on the truth of Gods word with apologies to no man from the personality, teachings and great ministry of the Rev. Ernest Angley and from the beloved and far reaching work, teachings and worldwide ministry of the Rev. Rex Humbard he received the loving and humanitarian heart that burned so brightly in the great work and beautiful ministry of brother Humbard and his beloved wife Maude Aimee. Dr. Martin Luther Kings' Letter From A Birmingham Jail and his life and ministry were also a major influence on Dr. Davy's heart and ministry. Add to these three important factors in Dr. Davy's development as a man of God, his God given call as a soldier of the cross and the living loving Bondservant of Jesus and you have one of the most effective far reaching men of God in the body of Christ who won't back up in the face of adversity or give up one piece of ground for the cause of Christ which he has been ordained and called of God for the mighty work that he is now doing in these troubled and end time days before our Lord returns.

The love of Mom Kinney, the glorious and early missionary seeds planted by the Bethel Church, his self study of the Bible, the teachings of "Bible Pete", Rex Humbard and Ernest Angley on the heart of young Davy and his later discovery of the spirit filled missionary work of Dr. Irving O. Tarbox in 1976 were to lead to the wonderful work the Lord would do in the life of a man who has since become a glowing and heartfelt missionary servant of our Lord Jesus and God's love in action!

Dr. Davy's Great Love Of America and the American People!
Dr. Davy like all Americans who sprang from Scottish And Irish family backgrounds, the love of country seems to be born in them and they love the green earth, meadows and mountains from which they came and the love of country is to them the great cornerstone that holds together their faith in God and God is the great fabric, fiber and spirit that makes them pioneers and men of great courage, wisdom, faith, honor and virtue!It is God who strengthens them and gives them their great visions, loving hearts, minds and bodies to carry on a mighty work not only for God but for their beloved country! Brother Davy has a deep and abiding love of God and his country and I know of no other man in the ministry of Jesus Christ who loves America more than does this great brother and soldier of the cross and I think that is one of the many reasons why he is known among "who's who" in the Christian world, famous people of the world and American celebrities and why he is both loved and respected by good people of faith the world over!

If the American people ever decided to make up their minds and have the courage to face reality and at last have a real independent Godly leader from the heartland and streets of America in The White House and a man with great vision and a true heartfelt love for America and its' people then he would be a man of great wisdom and courage that could make a great contribution to this once great nation that was led to its greatness by great men of faith like brother Davy! Brother Davy has within him the nature of our founding fathers and he is cut from that same bolts of precious material that are the inner heart and core of common men of the world who do uncommon things for the cause of Freedom and Liberty! He is a man for our times and a man who could bring about much needed relief of political power over the people of our nation and the decisive and swift conclusion of any war or threat that this nation in the future may have to solve or engage in, and in the re-organization of our national government to a very small government that works for we the people instead of the world. A government that is at last returned to and belongs to we the people and not the political parties now seated in the peoples houses on Capitol Hill! During the run up of the 2008 presidential election and its primary many thousands on the internet were urging Dr. Davy to run for the office of President; but, he declined as his duties as our Bishop of the Church were more important to him than a political job and at that time he had unfinished work for the cause of Christ and many thousands were greatly disappointed that he did not seek the office!
Dr. Davy has said : even though I don't want that job but ....if the American people continue to call on me to run, I may at some point begin to explore a National campaign. However he has said several times over the last six years as people have suggested that he run for the office that; ......"I Would Really Rather .....Just Be Let Alone!"
~ Webmaster

"Some gave some!... and 58,159 great young men gave it all!"

Brother Davy Is A Nike Hercules Nuclear Veteran As Well As A Vietnam Era Veteran! Serving His Country With Honor In The United States Army! Hundreds Of Brave Young Men In The Units Brother Davy Served With Gave Their Lives For Duty, Honor And Country And Thousands More Throughout The War In Vietnam Suffered Greatly And Received The Purple Heart For The Terrible Wounds They Took Upon Their Bodies For The Cause Of Freedom And Liberty! Sadly and shamefully many thousands of our beloved Veterans today suffer great need and many hundreds are now homeless in the nation they so bravely served because of funding cuts for democratic party social liberal programs and the support of those who won't work and selfishly live off the backs of working class Americans and the nations tax payers who foot the bill for wasteful government handouts to the lazy and the morally bankrupt! We In America Cannot Honor Our Veterans Enough For Their Dedicated Service To The Cause Of Freedom! Thank You Lord! Brother Davy As A Young Soldier Of 17 A Very Young Soldier Who Entered The US Army At 17 Years Of Age And Helped To Stand Guard And Watch Over This Nation's Freedom And Spent Six Years Of His Life Protecting And Serving His Country With Honor. Every Citizen In This Nation Owe Their Freedom And Liberty To Great Men Like Brother Davy Who Have Given Greatly Of Themselves For The Cause Of Freedom. Many Hundreds In The Units Brother Davy Served With Gave Their Last Full Measure As They Died For This Nation On The Field Of Battle For Our Freedom And The Liberty That We Now So Richly Enjoy!

Brother Davy Is A Nike Hercules Nuclear Veteran As Well As A Vietnam Era Veteran Of The United States Army Serving Honorably. During his years of military service he completed his basic and infantry training with the 2nd Infantry Division at Ft. Benning and then volunteered for specialized artillery and nuclear air defense training and was then assigned to the United States Army Air Defense Command in the 56th Artillery headquartered at Wilmington and served in D. Btry ( CD-78 Oxford) and at (CD-46 Felicity) In B. Btry , 5th Missile Bn, 56th Artillery a Nike Herc missile air defense unit of ARADCOM where he held a secret clearance and served as a launcher crewman in D. Btry and then was transferred to B. Btry and served on the units orderly room staff ( Delta Romeo Kilo) as an aid, CQ, DD command runner, motor Sargent, war head movement dispatcher and served as well on the command staff to the units "top" soldier (Fox Trot Charlie) First Sargent Francis T. Cunningham and it's Btry commander Capt. Howard R. Ray.

He served, as well, a tour of duty with the renowned and specialized US Army's 51st Ordinance (Comp Svc) Company at Thule Greenland where he received specialized arctic and ordinance training. The men who served in this specialized unit were a part of the famed Snow Train Expeditions made up of Army, Air Force and Coast Guard personnel and the teams journeyed into the northern most dangerous parts of the arctic ice cap and polar regions at the top of the world on specialized missions of scientific, mapping , photographic and weather studies.

The Legendary George Jones!

Thanks George!...For This Great Song About Many Of My Friends
Who's Names Are All On That Wall! .....Some Gave Some
And Some Gave All!....Just Like Many In The Middle
East Are Doing This Very Day And Hour!
God Bless Our Men And Women Who
Serve The Cause Of Freedom And
~Dr. Davy

Ist Cavalry Division
11th Air Assault Division
Brother Davy then served in Pre-deployment combat and helicopter artillery heavy combat units of the 11th Airborne
(11th Air Assault Division)
and composite 105 & 155 Heavy Artillery Units and served with A Btry, 5th Battalion 38th
Arty and C. Btry,6th Battalion 37th Arty and other Artillery Road Division And Vietnam Training Units at Ft. Benning
as an artillery ordinance specialist and worked with and tested experimental new wheel and track combat transport
units prior to the 11th Air Assault Division and other units that were combined for deployment into Vietnam where
the 11th Air Assault Division combined with the 1st Cavalry Division and other units and suffered many casualties
as it shed it's blood upon the war torn battlefields of Vietnam. The first combat test for the 1st Calvary Division
came during the Pleiku campaign ; 35 days of continuous air mobile heavy combat operations beginning
October 29, 1965.The troopers of the 1st Calvary Division completely routed and destroyed two of
the three regiments of a North Vietnamese Division, earning the first Presidential Unit
Citation given to a division in Vietnam.

Mt. Dundas And The Great Coast Guard Ice Breaker "Westwind " Picking Her Way Through The Ice At Thule Greenland Where
Brother Davy Served A Tour Of Duty With The 51st Ordinance (Comp Svc) Company as an Army Ordinance Specialist.

Sled Dogs Remote Base Camp at Thule!
Brother Davy was a good soldier and honored his country and the units he served in
with his dedicated service and good conduct.

Gains Many Skills Working At Many Levels Of Society While Studying
For The Ministry And Developing His Christian Character!


COUNTRY SONGS, RECORDING, MUSIC PUBLISHING & COUNTRY RADIO! "My interest in country music said Dr. Davy; Has always been there because of my mother who was a great country singer and blues guitarist. Country music is truly Americas'... "Tell It Like It Is Music!" ...and that always appealed to me because I have always believed in telling it like it is!... but so does Jesus and Country music as an industry does more for the cause of Christ around the world than any other industry in the world and many in the body of Christ who think negatively about country music really don't understand or know about that. Country music people are for the most part Christian people and are some of the most faithful people in all the world because just like their music they invest their hearts in Christ. Many in the body of Christ who belittle this unique American art form really don't have enough common sense to hit the sidewalk with a bag of beans... because why in the world would anyone who claims to be a Christian not want to support an industry that loves Jesus and provides or does such great humanitarian work all over the world for the cause of Christ? Country music has at the core of it's art form good American family and Christian values and the music tells the truth about the everyday real working person and about hard work, sacrifice, struggle, heartbreak, trouble, love, loss, truth and forgiveness and from those images found in the lyrics of country music you will find the true human condition of the average person and I know what that is all about and so does Jesus! I have found that you can count on country music people to tell the truth, honor their word and keep their promises and what other group of people do you know who love America more than people in country music? Over the last 30 years I have developed many great friends, support and prayer partners in Country music and I thank God for each and every one of them! The Apostle Paul spoke of being all things to all men so that he might save some!" .....Jesus Is Lord Of All....Thank You Father!

In the early 80's
while ministering in eastern Kentucky on his new evangelistic circuit Dr. Davy began to expand his interest in mountain and country music and began to write gospel, country, bluegrass and a number of country comedy songs. He then made his way to Nashville took a job as a radio announcer over WBDX radio as he continued to study the bible and minister on the weekends while recording and performing his own songs as a country music singer songwriter under several pen, entertainment and stage names including "Midway Oz" & "Sax Buttons!" in performance he was often billed as "Davy Lane" but as a Songwriter he used "Sax Buttons" and "David Lane" as his pen names as well as Jerry C. Smallwood a pen name derived from a cousin who died very young and was one of Dr. Davy's favorite family members on his mothers side of the house! He often performed with his beloved wife Cathy who took the stage name of "Blue Scarlet Buttons"and they performed as a duet music team while he worked at several country Radio stations as "MidwayOz and the couple became a much loved and noted duet song and music performance team on Nashville's famous music row and at area songwriter performance clubs.

They wrote and self published over 800 country songs together and helped dozens of other Nashville writers place songs with other music publishers while developing their own music publishing company originally as Blue Buttons Music Publishing/ BMI then sold some of their music catalogs and formed a new publishing company in the late 80's under MidwayOz Music Publishing /BMI and that Catalog currently contains a large group of self penned songs!

As singer songwriter "Sax Buttons" he became popular among a few Nashville small recording and custom labels as a demo singer and for his spoken songs, country comedy and story recitations and recorded several which gained national air play, one of which "A Kentucky Christmas"( also released as: "A Country Christmas!") a seven and a half minute spoken production that still receives some national air play during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. His great sense of humor led him into writing and performing more country comedy songs such as "The Cheese Song!" , "Livin' At The End Of The Road" and such delights as " Workin' At The Saw Mill" and "Country Bumpkin". The couple also created a new county music performance show as duet music team and then were billed as "Midway Oz & Blue Scarlet Buttons" and that stage show became a favorite booking on the Hotel and Motel night club circuit in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and many of the mountain states as well as many state parks and other resort location venues were they performed their music three nights a week and preached on Sundays! He also worked as a part time DJ as "MidwayOz!"As a music duet they also worked a number of upscale five star and top of the mark restaurants as a table side singing duet with guitar and mandolin! They as well briefly headed in partnership with others a small well structured independent Nashville record label and it was during that period in the music business that he became an accomplished studio recording engineer and a professional music producer. But again circumstances and the full time call to the ministry was ever present on his heart and once again he took up the cross full time for the preaching of the gospel!.."it seems said brother Davy; that I had so many talents and gifts and I tried to use all of them in every area of life that interested me, but I really never left or let go of my childhood calling as a minister of the Gospel and the Bondservant of Jesus, because there is nothing in this life more rewarding than being a servant to the Master and lifting up and loving others with the heart and mind of Christ! Today I am using fully all of the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with, the things I have learned in life to the benefit of the day to day far reaching work of this very special Jesus ministry and outreach missions church!"...Thank You Jesus!

Of his secular working years Dr. Davy recently said; " I made many professional friendships during those secular working years and I made some mistakes along the way. I had lots of success and my share of failures but that is the way life is...you cannot succeed without taking risks and unlike most people I was never satisfied to just plod along and follow after the crowd! One has only to read the Epistles of Paul to see how Paul suffered with trial and error, want, need and trial and success, but without Paul who never gave up as he spread the Gospel and raised the early Christian Church there would be no church today. Many in the body of Christ have been critical of my firm stand on many issues of the Bible but I have never capitulated to the worldly weak kneed pew sitting church and all it's walking dead who have the nerve to sit in judgment and become so called "fruit inspectors" to see if they think you are worthy to sit on some padded church pew alongside them or preach the Gospel from their pulpits. This seems from my own personal experiences especially true in many of the Baptist churches that have Southern Baptist ties as well as many other denominational luke warm pew sitting churches of today and their "fruit inspectors" that stand guard at their church doors to see who may be worthy to come in or to sit inside and this is of course a useless and an ungodly trait of many a Baptist deacons wife! Now I am not picking on my Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ and one has only to look a little closer at the Baptist church and you will find one of the greatest men of God who ever preached the Gospel from the pulpit of any Baptist church and that great man is The Reverend Charles Stanley who rightly divides the word of truth and blesses the lives of millions all over the world who hear him preach and teach the word of God and anyone who will listen and follow the ministry of Charles Stanley will indeed be blessed and under good preaching and teachings that always has Christ at the very center of all that Stanley teaches. Thank You Jesus! ...but folks I for one cannot stand and won't put up with so called "fruit inspectors!" I will and have always stood on the work that Christ is doing with my heart and my hands as HIS Bondservant. I am not a perfect servant and have never claimed to be but you know something God knew what he was doing with me all the time and I never let go of my faith as God drew me ever closer to a point in time where he could use me fully for HIS Kingdom and HIS glory as I learned to become what I always wanted to be!... just the Bondservant of Jesus."

A Successful Yet Trying Entrepreneurial Business Career!
"A portion of my life; says Brother Davy, Because I came from a poor family and a hard scrabble background those circumstances and my drive to overcome them sometimes led me to take a lot of idealistic business risks like so many young men in life do who are searching for the right paths to take in order to overcome their poverty and make something of themselves. So, as a young entrepreneur who was trying to pull himself up by the bootstraps and out of poverty I took a lot of business risks some of which were unwise and often mistake driven in the pioneering of new enterprises and trying to solve problems not only for myself but for others and like many pioneers and creative people in our society who think outside the box and do everything in a creative and far reaching way I was often misunderstood and like many entrepreneurial and deeply committed independent men I often went from being extremely brilliant to being downright stupid and of course there are benefits and liabilities on both side of those two ledgers but that is just the way life is or at least that is the way my cards seem to fall out of my deck of life as a young man ,but it was never easy for me to fold the cards and get out of the game primarily because I have never been a quitter and failure was just not something I ever anticipated would come my way. I have always lived and still do in positive expectancy that something good always comes from hard work and struggle, for struggle is indeed the father of all things worth achieving and failure is the best of all teachers and it is the very heart of self education because within the hard work of self education one finds both trail and error, success and failure and the struggles of self reliant success and failure brings about great wisdom for those who live in positive expectancy and understand that where there is nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain when successful by.... ALL Means TRY!"

Yes! I also took a lot of hurtful abuse by others and was put through some of the most devastating and trying periods of my life; and I must say it is no fun being stepped on by the government or the state to the advantage of your business enemies who have the political friendships to destroy not only your businesses; but, cause you a great deal of stress and put your developing enterprises in such a financial mode in order to defend yourself that it is sometimes impossible to continue your innovative business developments, overcome your mistakes and find a measure of success in your own creativity, outgrowth and hard work! The Greatest Rocker of all time!... The Great Jerry Lee Lewis was once quoted as saying, " I've been picked on, abused, sued, jailed, ridiculed, persecuted, and prosecuted, but I never let it bother me." Though my troubles were not nearly as devastating as were Jerry's I know exactly how Lewis felt for I like so many great pioneering men of the late 20th century have been there too!... But Lewis also said "God gave me talent. I don`t question God. Never have, never will!" ......."Right On Jerry!" I much like Jerry Lee Lewis am not ashamed to reveal the mistakes I have made in my life and to fully reveal the truth about it to anyone who wants to read or hear it as I have nothing to hide and since my life has now been fully revealed in Christ Jesus HE has lifted the burdens of my mistakes and the hardships of my early life of poverty from my heart and thanks to HIS grace I have been born again and blessed in HIM!"

"A Good example of the type of creative entrepreneurial young man that I was in those days", says Brother Davy, "and the troubles and hardships I encountered would be to look at the Preston Tucker Automobile Story and all the effort our government put forth to stop its production in order to save the big three auto makers any further competition only later to see the big three steal all of Tucker's creative and great engineering safety features and new ideas like seat belts, disk brakes, padded dashes, pop out safety glass windshields and many other innovations and then incorporate them into their own cars. I , like Preston Tucker and many thousands of other great American innovators of the late 20th century have been there and know first hand what a toll it takes on the spirit of free enterprise and creative entrepreneurship when our state and federal government overstep their boundaries and for political gain and special interest reasons step on the little guy in order to help their friends and money contributors who keep them in office while destroying the dreams and sacrifices of some little guys hard work, investment, creativity and entrepreneurship."

"We see this type of socialistic and left wing liberal governmental intervention more and more today not only at the brick and mortar street level of American small business ; but, here on the web, as well. With the events we see daily on network television news we as Americans all know that our government for political gain can if they wish indict a ham sandwich and will surely indict you or anyone else if they don't like what you say, promote, advertise, market or do in a creative enterprise that doesn't suit their business, political standards or would cause their corporate business friends a hardship in competing with you. Little did any of us who supported or fought for civil rights in the 60's know that with the overturning of States Rights that it would lead to all kinds of government intervention into every area of our lives, schools and churches or could we as citizens have ever thought at the time that we would someday see this great nation's moral fabric be so devastated by a liberal government that today champions the killing of the unborn, pornography and forcing sin filled alternative lifestyles to be taught to America's children in our public schools as an alternative to the great moral standards that this nation was founded on. The left wing socialistic democratic party duped millions of Americans into believing that the civil rights movement was all about equality for black Americans while in fact it's hidden agendas were to overturn states rights and bring about legalized abortion , homosexuality, same sex marriages, gun control and to fully try and deny Americans freedom of religion, take prayer and God out of our schools and with social engineering turn our children into children of the devil filled with lust, perversion and lack of any morals or concern for others! We now live in a age where our basic freedoms and rights as free citizens as well as our religious moral freedoms have been under attack by the liberal ''Great Society" and in your face big government since the the late 60's and our national freedoms are today in great peril.

In Looking Back Says Brother Davy... ''I know that I had some hard lessons to learn so that God could prepare me for something far greater. All of those unpleasant experiences are now ancient history in my life and I must say that it was no easy life going to and through that great old school of hard knocks; but, like many other great men whom God calls it helped to prepare me for the missionary work of the cross and humbled my person and spirit so that I could become the Bondservant of Jesus and continue the work of the Cross that is and has always been my main objective and my calling since I was a very small boy selling stuff door to door and giving my customers beautiful little pictures of Jesus. I now think of those days in this way:....." but we glory in tribulations: knowing that tribulations worketh patience; and patience, experience and experience, hope: and hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. Romans 5:3-5

Leper Colonies And A Missionary Evangelistic Outreach Calling!
In 1975 after reading an article in a national publication Brother Davy became interested in the life and loving missionary work of Dr. Irving O. Tarbox whose own forefathers settled in America in the 1620's. Dr. Tarbox was not only a great American but a far greater soldier of the cross who worked for more than 73 years among lepers and the poor in Mexico and in other mission fields. Dr. Tarbox founded The Church Of Gospel Ministry to carry on and expand his missionary work. The church and its missionary founder had many missions and gained its support from a number of sources; but, the poor and the care of lepers and working in leper colonies in many countries were its main concern and missions. The church had a broad based missionary outreach program, as well as, a program of developing missionaries and working with and empowering people through the inspiration and ordination process developed by Dr. Tarbox for those who felt called to the mission fields as missionaries, ministers, pastors, chaplains and evangelists. Under the direction of Dr. Tarbox the Church Of Gospel Ministry ordained and fielded many thousands of God called ministers from all over the world over seven decades. “What drew me to The Church Of Gospel Ministry, says Brother Davy, " was its concern for the poor and its heart for reaching out with love, food, clothing, medical care and the cross to the lepers of Mexico and other mission fields. The church both welcomed and enabled me to fulfill the call that God had on my life and gave me the freedom to preach the Gospel as God placed it on my heart and to pursue an independent evangelistic ministry.”

Ordained To Preach The Gospel!
Brother Davy made application to the church and was ordained in 1976 by Dr. Tarbox at Pensacola, Florida and soon after began another street ministry and the preaching of the gospel along the Florida gulf coast. Over the years Dr Davy has served in a number of mission fields and today he has many invitations to preach the Gospel and do Victory March Crusades all over the world.

On The Road For Jesus!
Brother Davy has traveled many roads in his life as God continued to develop the broader work of his calling. One can now find within his heartfelt ministry and the work that God was preparing him for one of the most inspirational and moving records of a life filled with God's calling, spirit filled preparation and surrender at the foot of the cross. "I think", says Brother Davy, " That one of the reasons I love the life of the late great Billy Sunday and am working on a new book about him is that he said of himself 'that it took him over 20 years to develop his Christian character.' It took me that long, as well, so I think that is why I can relate so much to Sunday's life because many of the bench marks of his ministry and his overall development as a great evangelist are mirrored in my own life and ministry."

A Young Servant And A Champion Of Jesus!
Of his early life Brother Davy has said, "I was just a poor lost kid who sold stuff door to door, shined shoes and sold newspapers just to have a decent pair of shoes to wear or buy a warm coat ; but, by the majesty of Jesus who rescued my life and by his amazing grace I was saved and became a child of the living God ....then thanks to the missionary work of Dr. Tarbox and the Lords spirit led study of the scriptures God began preparing me for a far greater work. I am still just a servant of the Lord; because, it is all I really ever wanted to be. It took many years for me to see where the Lord was leading me and I like many others who follow Jesus have had many troubles along the way and life dealt me many a heartache as I struggled on the harsh road of life; but, in all of those years I was never concerned with where the Lord was calling or leading me... As his servant I am always just happy to be with him. He has always led me to places and people who needed him and a faithful servant of the Lord to do the work of the Cross, many of them have been people and places few others would want to venture or to reach out to; but, I have never turned back no matter what the road ahead looked like because like our brother Paul.... "I know both how to be abased, and how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.' Philippians 4:12,13."

"I trust fully in the Lord
," says Brother Davy, "because, when I laid my life down at the foot of the cross I gave it to him for his service. The Lord has blessed me as his servant; but, the greatest lesson I have learned from him and the many roads I've traveled is that we cannot truly be of loving service to others without first becoming the servant of our Lord. I am blessed that he loved me enough that he wanted me and cherishes me as his faithful servant, now I strive daily to be the very footsteps he takes in me.... and It is a joy beyond measure to walk with him down any road in life knowing that he is walking with me and each day no matter what hardship or pain that I may have suffered for the cause of Christ it is nothing compared to the pain he suffered for all of us at Calvary where he laid down his life for us so that we might be free, walk in the grace of His Liberty and have life everlasting. How can I or any child of God not so honor our Lord by giving unto him our life for his service as a humble servant and letting the Lord lead us on to victory and glory? God never called me to be successful in the eyes of the world. He called me to be faithful to Christ for HE is my master and from that unshakable faith in HIM my success for His glory has always been present in all that HE has led me to do for HIS Kingdom as the living, loving and faithful Bondservant of Jesus!"

Do You Need A God Called Spirit Filled Servant Of The Lord To Help You Meet The Call That God Has On Your Life?
Of his calling Brother Davy has said
, "As the servant of Jesus I have been called, anointed and instructed by the Holy Spirit, separated unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ and brought forth as his loving and faithful bond servant. I came forth from a life in which I was dead unto sin to a new birth and a new life. I am in this world only to be the bond servant of Jesus and to continue the work of the cross that burns so brightly in my heart. I am in continual prayer that God will now lead thousands of new men and women to this missionary ministry and that we will help empower thousands of God called people who feel called to the ministry to reach out to a lost and dying world with the message of the cross. Not through the building of buildings or prayer towers; but, with unselfish hands and hearts that touch people where they live down at the street level."

"These are my callings", says Brother Davy, and within the beautiful ministry of that work you will find the complete documented testimony of my life and in it you will find all of its tears, all of its heartaches, all of its failures, all of its frustrations, all of its longings, all of its joy and my surrender at the foot of the cross to the cause of Christ and the real joy I have found in being known in the kingdom of God as "Davy A Bondservant Of Jesus!"... Just to be known as his servant is the most beautiful title, place, position or name that I could ever have. It is to me the greatest reward I could ever be given. My mission is always to lift Christ higher and to preach Gods precious word. As the Bondservant of Jesus I know that I am truly loved by my master; because, I am his and he is mine and I am his faithful loving servant and where he leads I shall follow and do with joy what ever work, or task that he places before me for I am willing and since I am his I can do all that he asks of me."

His Current Outreach Missionary Work!
The Continued Development Of His Worldwide Outreach
And TheFielding Of New Ministers All Over The
World Who Are Called To Be God's
Love In Action!


In the early 90's Brother Davy began the needed preparatory work that would lead to continuing and expanding the examples of the work of Dr. Irving O. Tarbox. Brother Davy has said of Dr. Tarbox, "He was a wonderful loving servant of God and a beautifully simplistic man who loved the work that God had called him to and he planted in the lives of thousands wonderful spiritual and glowing evangelistic missionary seeds. The seeds he planted in me have so greatly influenced, blessed and changed my life forever. I loved the vision and the work he did and like him I, too, see a need of continuing to provide to those who are called to preach the Gospel, a viable Christ centered leadership program for them to do the work of the cross. Some may feel called to a congregational church setting to pastor a church, others may be called to do the work of an evangelist and preach in other churches or be called as missionaries, street preachers, jail and prison chaplains or any other work that they may feel called to do....all are welcome at the foot of the cross and to this glorious outreach missions church. As the Senior Bishop of the church my job is to provide love, leadership, training and spiritual guidance to all who feel called to the ministry and to the world mission fields through our outreach, ordination, education and other mission programs."

"The church, says Brother Davy, "has always been an evangelistic outreach ministry and I have continued it's work under my personal ministry and the great vision God has given us as we go forth in the harvest fields of the world. With the new developments I have instituted over nearly two decades, it has provided to those who are called to the ministry a wonderful new testament interdenominational outreach ministry where they can find a home for their calling and service to the cause of Christ. Each is free to preach the gospel as God puts it upon their hearts and to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to do the work that they feel God is calling them to do any place in the world they feel so called and to do so as a member in this glorious outreach missions church and very special Jesus ministry."

"We have an ever expanding and growing bible education department", says Brother Davy, "for the training of new people and those who want to earn study degrees....These new bible study programs give credit for previous study and can be completed rapidly. Now that we are on the internet with one of the largest missionary outreach web sites in the world that is reaching out to millions of internet users and into over 200 countries of the world we are prayerfully looking forward to empowering people all over the world just as God gave us the vision and not only continue; but, expand the beautiful and simple missions work that Dr. Tarbox began so long ago... His faithful zeal and loving spirit still burns brightly in the lives of the thousands he touched with his simplistic missionary vision and faith. It is still at work in my life and this ministry and it is with a grateful heart that I continue to build on his beautiful vision and work. His life and dedication to the work of the cross is proof positive that the work and the seeds of love we plant in the lives of others continues to bear fruit just as God said it would."

Dr. Davy Founds The Victory Home Study Bible College And Earns Bible Study Degrees While Building Two Educational Departments For The Study Of The Bible And The Awarding Of Educational Degrees To People Around The World.
Brother Davy
has earned six Bible Study Degrees and is the chancellor and founder of The Kings Cross Victory Bible college where he leads and directs the formulation and the missions of this glorious home study Bible college and it's advanced study programs. He completed his theological studies and earned his B.D. (Bachelor of Divinity) Th.M ( Master Of Theology) PhD. ( Doctor Of Philosophy in Theology) and then wrote and formulated most of the study materials for the bible study courses in the ministerial education department at Victory which includes the BmM (Bachelor Of Missionary Ministries) MmM ( Masters Of Missionary Ministries) and the DmM (Doctor Of Missionary Ministries) and in March of 2005 he was also awarded an honorary Doctorate Of Divinity from Urban Harvest Bible Institute & Seminary of Indianapolis Indiana in appreciation of his lifelong faithfulness to the work of the cross and his worldwide evangelistic and humanitarian outreach work on the mission fields of the world.

Concerning the Victory Bible College Dr. Davy had this to say about this very special work, "It has taken God over 25 years to prepare me to expand the beautiful work of this worldwide missionary outreach ministry and missions church. Part of that work was the founding of The Kings Cross Victory Bible College and the home study study programs God has led us to create and initiate. I was indeed fortunate and greatly blessed when God sent unto me several good men and bible scholars who have helped me to realize this vision and together we are still working on completing all of the newly updated study programs for this spirit filled Bible College. By the grace of God and with limited funds we have expanded on my program ideas and have formed a new curriculum of studies that are truly beautiful and rewarding studies of the Bible since all of our new study programs are completed by the students under the direction, love and supervision of the Holy Spirit and I know that those who wish to complete these unique Bible studies will have earned the right to these beautiful and rewarding educational degrees. The First study programs are now available and are exclusive for they are not offered anywhere else in the world because our DmM (Doctor of Missionary Ministries) program has been formulated exclusively for the Victory Bible College, our ministers and others who want to earn this wonderful educational degree. It is a meaningful degree awarded through the emblems and grace of the Holy Spirit to those who are faithful to the study of this unique and rewarding study program and who are dedicated to the work of the cross.”
( See Our Victory Bible College Pages!)

World Evangelist, Bible Educator, Broadcaster And Teacher!

Brother Davy is a dynamic, loving, prayerful missionary evangelist who preaches from the heart. His sermons are fundamental, biblical, Christ centered and are filled with his personal testimony, his life, the work he has done as a missionary street evangelist, his evangelistic preaching ministry, his continued study and love of the scriptures and his experiences as the Bishop and world missions director of this historic outreach missions church.

Brother Davy's ministry is more than the average ministry for Christ it is a growing international movement as he raises up a new Joshua generation of strong men and women of the cross who will stand firmly on the truth and lift up ever higher the blood stained banner of Christ Jesus! One can see and feel the Holy Spirit at work in the life of this wonderful man of God. His sermons are moving, compassionate, pleading and emotional as he reaches out to every person with the love of Christ and the message of the cross. He is a meaningful bible education director and teacher who continues to develop a college level doctorate study program for our world missions outreach educational program that continues as a much broader international work in progress.

A Self Taught "Log Cabin" Legal Mind!
Brother Davy has acquired a formidable legal education due to his long time self study of the law and is well trained in the study of constitutional, civil and criminal law and has an extensive law and ministry library. He is warmly referred to by many members of the clergy as an Abe Lincoln "Self Taught Log Cabin Lawyer" but he does not practice law as he has no law degree nor has he ever taken a bar exam , but he is none the less well educated in not only the laws of the United States but has studied international law as well. Brother Davy is considered by many as one of the most informed, inspiring , heartfelt and Holy Spirit filled evangelists in the world.

Always A Champion Of The Poor And The Common Everyday Working Citizen!
Always a champion of the poor and the common people and his intelligent no nonsense logical approach to problem solving has endeared him to many thousands of Christian men, women and ministers in the body of Christ and the many hundreds in other churches and from nearly every denomination in the body of Christ often seek his counsel, warmth, wisdom, advice, love, prayers and spiritual support.

His Evangelistic Preaching Ministry!
Dr. Davy takes a three fold spirit filled and anointed approach to his preaching ministry in the following manner.
His preaching , spoken message sermons and teachings will soon appear again over many radio stations and for broadcast to the world wide internet audience and since all of his messages are brought about under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit future audiences worldwide will be greatly blessed once again thru the web casting media. In the ministries 2009-2010 broadcast season he will record new messages and programming for short wave broadcasting over WWCR & WJIE and other worldwide broadcasting networks and will begin planning video tape special programming for Christian broadcasting in many US cable TV markets and the ministry is in the early stages of developing far reaching international television outreach programming sequence for future broadcasting over thousands of cable and other networks all over the world.

Brother Davy proclaims the word of God without Pre-written sermons and never uses notes during his preaching or spoken messages. Portions of nearly all of his messages are delivered platform style as he stands on an old battered King James Bible he has carried for over 30 years and during his early street crusades. His main study Bible is the King James 1611 and his extensive study of it often comes across in his platform preaching with the beautiful poetic cadence and majestic structure of the 1611 King James!
He is as well a Champion of the Dake Bible and recommends it to every new minister in this beloved outreach church. The Dake Bible says brother Davy ; "Is the only study Bible that shows that you can take the living word of God and trust it just the way it is written with apologies to no man!"

Of his study of the King James 1611 he recently had this say concerning it; " I think the original 1611 King James is truly the Bible that the word of God should be preached from and I know many who do even though for some it is a little hard to master with it's poetic cadence and the majesty of that old English phrasing! But few ministers, evangelists and preachers have ever read or preached from it and few Christians today have even read or studied the 14 additional books of the Apocrypha and they have missed the many revelations and profound teachings of these 14 all but forgotten books of the Bible in the original King James 1611 that were later not canonized and I think this was not only a mistake but also a great error, for one has only to read the
" Wisdom Of Solomon" in the Apocrypha to see that the writer of that book was indeed a prophet and what he wrote was truly inspired of God.

Many theologians claim that these books are just spurious books written by various individuals and they may be, but I am of the mind that perhaps the writer of the book "Wisdom Of Solomon" perhaps sat at the feet of Solomon and was inspired to give us yet another view of the wisdom of Solomon and perhaps his words were later translated in more common terms of the translators. My thoughts of course would not be accepted among most theologians of this or any age but that's OK!

To me it matters not what language it was handed down in or for that matter who wrote these books, or what theologians say about them, but the fact that these 14 books survived and were part of the Kings James 1611 makes them most worthy of our study. I have found in these 14 books many great keys to many revelations of enlightenment and great training in the gifts of wisdom and many other important matters that simply cannot be appreciated outside of their inclusion in the Bible and the study of these 14 books.

"But an even far greater error says; Dr. Davy... of man and his theologians was in the re-translation of the King James into all of the so called modern versions of the Bible that have indeed brought about nearly all of the heresies and false teachings that we see and hear being taught today from nearly every pulpit, on Television and from the sickly sin filled mouths of thousands of the unholy who attempt to preach the Gospel Of Jesus Christ in the world today! 99.9% of all modern Bible translations have been compiled for the sole purpose of selling books that look like Bibles by convincing the body of Christ that people can get a better understanding of God's word, this of course is a lie of the devil. You cannot understand the living word of God no matter what translation you read if you have not surrendered your life at the foot of the cross and coming fully into the unity of Christ as HIS living and loving Bondservant! The best translation of the Bible is when the living word of God transforms you into the unity of Christ and you become HIS living, loving Bondservant and that transformation can only come about by pouring the living word of God into you by a commitment to study everyday of your life as you read and meditate on HIS word as the Holy Spirit continues to do a work in you for the cause of Christ!"

Brother Davy is considered by many an apostle and prophet of our Lord separated unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ for this generation and a man that God speaks through just as he did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through revelations and discernment. Of his preaching he has said, "I have through years of study filled myself with the living the word of God. God has chosen to use me as a vessel for him to speak through. I know not what I am to speak for it is not I that is speaking! God just brings it forth from the spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit that descends upon me as I step to the platform after having spent much time on my face before the throne of God in preparation of its delivery. God fills me as his vessel and then empties it upon the body that he has gathered to hear it."

His preaching much like Billy Sunday and other evangelists is delivered platform style as he will rarely preach standing behind a pulpit or rostrum. During his delivery he often leaves the platform and walks among congregational seating and church isles as he preaches and loves being close to the people he is preaching to since the messages he delivers are personal and life changing to the entire body of those gathered. His "Getting Up The Gospel Ladder" & "Joshua Generation"sermons are truly inspired and are delivered with dynamic, tender and emotional renderings from the heart, hands and the wonderful loving spirit of a Bondservant of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. He is an extraordinary and powerful messenger of God who must be experienced on a personal basis and comes among those whom God has chosen to call him among for the preaching of the Gospel and the deliverance of inspired messages from God. In a word Get Ready To Have CHURCH when you call this wonderful man of God to come to your church or organization and get ready to receive a great blessing from God! See .....Calling Dr. Davy To Your Church, City, Community , Nation Or Other Meeting Venues!

His Written Works!
He writes sermons and message's for publication and for the printed word. He often reads and studies the sermons and works of many of the old time evangelists such as Billy Sunday and many other less known evangelist of the 20th century and often will build upon portions of sermons preached by such great men of God as Ernest Angley, Rex Humbard, Oliver B. Greene and J. Vernon McGee that were preached upon the heart of America and the mission fields decades ago as well as working on the inspired compositions of his own sermons for the media of print. These Printed Sermons, teachings and messages have been specifically written and edited for print distribution, study preparation, reading and the preaching by others.

Calling Dr. Davy To Your Church, Organization Or Mission Field. As always Brother Davy continues to make himself available as an evangelist to preach the gospel anywhere in the world that he may be called. However his evangelistic preaching outreach is now focused on worldwide radio and other mass media. He is also available to community and civic organizations, corporations or colleges and can speak effectively on any of the social problems facing America or the world as we go forth in the 21st century! If you are seeking a man of God who will spiritually move people with the preaching and teaching of the gospel this powerfully inspired evangelistic missionary messenger of God is available. Simply call, write or e-mail your request. Or, if you wish to help sponsor a "KINGS CROSS VICTORY CRUSADE" in your village, town, city, country or area he is available! At this time he would need at least 8 to 12 weeks advance notice and other arrangements. Dr. Davy's current international crusade, teaching and meeting invitations include among others South Africa, India, Pakistan, Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia , Ethiopia , Tanzania, West Africa, Germany and many other crusade invitations from around the world that he receives monthly.

Our Beloved Dr. Cathy Jean Kendrick, Administrative
Bishop Of The Church And World Missions Director!
The Couple Will Celebrate Their 40th Year Of Marriage September 29 2015
A Marriage Made In Heaven For The Glory Of The Lord!
Oh Hallelujah!....Thank You Jesus!

Last but not least is Dr. Davy's Beloved wife Dr. Cathy Jean Kendrick who recently took up an important post as our Administrative Bishop Of the Church and World Missions Director she is one of the most wonderful and loving people in the body of Christ. She serves in so many areas of this worldwide ministry and the couple will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on September 29, 2015 Sister Cathy completed her Doctorate Of Missionary Ministries and has been instrumental in helping to further the goals of our home study bible school and The Victory Bible college! Without her love and dedication this ministry could not have accomplished all that it has done for the cause of Christ all over the world. She helps every minister in the church all over the world to get their prayers and needs met in so many ways. She is a beloved woman of faith and daily prayer and oversees all of the missions of the church and is also a tireless worker for the cause of Christ on the mission fields of the world. She is our loving and wonderful Administrative Bishop Of The Church And World Missions Director!

My Closing Thoughts!
I am blessed greatly; because, I know these wonderful people of God and I look upon them as my dearest friends. Dr. Davy is a man that God is using in a mighty way; because, he has the loving and true heart of a servant. I urge all who visit this ministry here on the web and elsewhere to offer him your prayers and your complete and loving tax deductible financial support and I know that God will bless you in abundance for all that you do to help in this wonderful outreach missionary church and very special Jesus ministry. These wonderful people and the ministers and missionaries in this historic outreach missions church are worthy of your faithful support, prayers and help!

May God Bless You!
~A Scribe Of This Beloved Church And A Servant In The Work Of This Ministry!


Wanted Dedicated Christians!
"Who are not for sale;Who are honest, sound-true to the heart's core;
Who condemn wrong in friend or foe; in themselves as well as
others: Whose consciences are steady as a needle to the
pole; Who will stand for the right if the heavens totter
and the earth reels; Who can tell the truth and stand
by it;Who will neither flag nor flinch; Who can have
courage without whistling for it,and joy without
shouting to bring it; Who have the current of
everlasting life running deep, still and
strong, Who know their message and
tell it, know their duty and do it,
know their place and fill it,
who are not too lazy to
work and sow into
the the store-house of God for the work of his
Kingdom so they may be blessed of God
for their giving and who are willing to
eat what they have been blessed
with,and use what they
have paid for!"
~Dr. Davy

Dr. Davy's Bishops Bible Teaching Series


Patrick Henry, that great patriot and a founding father of our country said: “It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. ~Patrick Henry (May 1765 Speech to the House of Burgesses) THE BIBLE! "In regard to this Great Book, I have but to say, it is the best gift God has given to man. All the good the Savior gave to the world was communicated through this book!" ~Abraham Lincoln (September 7, 1864)

"God has a work for me to do and a work for you to do so let us join
together in the fields for the final Harvest!"
~Dr. Davy

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