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Introduction By
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
Founder And Chancellor
Kings Cross Victory Bible College

The Victory Bible College & Current Studies Offered!

Doctor Of Ministerial Studies Program!
You do not have to be ordained with us to earn this great Degree but we encourage all ministers who are members of our Clergy to do this important and far reaching study to help equip anyone who is called to the ministry of Christ Jesus and the work of God's Kingdom as this study takes you though the entire Bible and is so in depth that it truly prepares you for the ministry of Christ Jesus and the work of the Cross. What follows is the outline of this amazing study and the degree you earn for completing this spirit filled study that is led by the Holy Spirit!


Please acquire a copy of the 1961 edition of Halley’s Bible Handbook, ISBN 0-310-25720-4, before starting this Bible Study. It can be ordered online at Christian Book Distributors (CBD) or at the Zondervan Publishing House.

I. Why Halley's 1961 Edition Bible Handbook As A Course Of Study?

A. It is Biblical

B. It is factual and practical

C. It is an inspired work that is recognized, loved and has been used by Christians the world over for more than nine decades to gain a working and applicable knowledge of the Bible. It’s value in your life and the future success of your ministry will become readily apparent as you study it. Thousands of independent Christians and missionaries the world over have used it to build successful and inspired ministries that have brought untold multitudes into the Kingdom of God! It is one of the very few Bible handbooks that not only conveys an easy working knowledge of the Bible but because of Dr. Halley's heartfelt, spiritual knowledge and his lifelong walk with Christ this study will inspire you and lead you on to greater victories for the cause and Cross of Christ.

II. Getting Started

A. First use a quiet place to study.

B. Always start your study time with prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and to open the spiritual eyes of your understanding so that you may not only be taught by Dr. Halley but be inspired and led by the Holy Spirit in the study of Biblical truth, knowledge and wisdom.

C. Study and concentrate on your study in 4 hour intervals. Take your time and make sure you thoroughly understand what you read. If you do not understand that portion read it again and again until you do understand.

D. FIRST read the handbook all the way through the first time like you would read a popular novel. In other words do not try and remember anything and just read the book from cover to cover while enjoying this spiritual, inspired Bible handbook that will become the basis of not only your Bible study but also a closer walk with our precious Lord and Savior Christ Jesus and a wonderful working knowledge of the Bible and our Heavenly Father.

III. Additional study tools you will need to complete the study if we have not provided these additional items in your study package.

A. A King James complete Bible. A Bible dictionary and a Bible concordance which you will find very helpful as you study.

B. A ruled note book or some note pads.

C. A yellow or pink accent marker pens and pencils.

IV. Let's get started in the study

A. After you have completed reading again all the historical portions, looking at the maps, archaeological discoveries and other themes and items pictured in the handbook you are ready to begin a book by book, verse by verse complete reading and study of the Bible using the handbook as your guide.

B. Begin by placing the handbook in front of you and your Bible next to it. Then beginning with the book of Genesis read a portion from your handbook and then read the corresponding verses in the Bible. Underline with your marker important verses and make small notes in pen in the margins of your Bible, try to keep them neat. These little notes, in your Bible, will help you remember important facts that you will use time and again as you minister and teach in your ministry, no matter what that ministry is or calling that God has on your life. Make additional notes in your note book and highlight things in the handbook that you feel led to underline and highlight, make notes in your Bible as well. These important notes will also help you as you answer the questions in the FCGM-DmS workbook.

C. Take your time and do not hurry. Just relax and take it step by step, verse by verse and study by study. Offer prayers of thanks to our Lord and the Holy Spirit as you learn about the Bible and how to use it in a practical way teaching others and leading precious souls to the Cross of Christ.

V. Completing the workbook and getting your degree.

A. Each group of questions are organized under topics covered in Halley's Bible Handbook so you can refer back to the section of the handbook for review prior to answering the questions.

B. Work to make your answers short and to the point. Record the questions in a ruled workbook and then give your answers. You can, of course, use a typewriter or word processor to answer the questions.

Once you have finished the study mail in your completed FCGM-DmS workbook answers to us along with your check or money order payable to FCGM in US funds in the amount of $75.00 for the preparation and mailing of your documents and the awarding of the degree of Doctor Of Ministerial Studies.

C. How we award the degree. The degree is not awarded on a grade or point system. It is awarded on the basis of the composition of the study and the answers that you give in the workbook. Unlike other educational degrees no manuscript of long complicated writings are required to earn the DmS degree. The degree is a degree of practical learning and application in the life of those studying to earn this important educational degree. The degree is, however, just as valid as any other educational degree and has been recognized by other educational organizations and churches all over the world. The degree will usually be awarded in two or three weeks after we have received your complete answers. All questions must be answered.

Our prayer for you as you begin this study

Our heavenly Father; in the precious name of Jesus we thank you for this beloved one who has set out on a wonderful journey of discovery and learning so that this one might come to a beautiful understanding of You and the grace of our precious Savior Christ Jesus, Fill this one, Oh God, with the Holy Spirit that the teaching of the Holy Spirit will guide the reading and the study of Your precious word.

Help this student, Oh God, to see that your word is alive and living and not just words in a book. Help to fill this soul with your loving word so that it may go forth into the world to serve You, Father, and to daily lift up higher and higher the Cross of Calvary where upon that rock of suffering our precious Saviour shed His precious blood for all mankind.

Lift our loved one up, Father, and set the feet of this beloved one on the rock of truth and true liberty in Jesus Christ, our precious and loving Saviour. Give this seeker of the truth, Oh God, a burning desire to preach and teach thy precious word unto all of the world. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen


Here is the link to the enrollment application for the DmS Study!


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