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The Great Ministry Of The Late .. ... Elijah Phillips! "5-70-98" One Of The Greatest Street Ministries In The Glorious History Of This Our Beloved Outreach Missions Church! Many In The World Thought Elijah Phillips Was Just Some..."Crazy Old Tramp On Their Streets!" But He Was A Man Called Of God By An Angel Of The Lord And Given A Mission For His Life!

Often times we who are called to the ministry of Christ Jesus tend to complicate the Gospel and the great commission that Christ has given us to go into all the world and preach HIS Gospel. This was not the case with 98 year old Elijah Phillips who has since gone on to be with the Lord. Brother Phillips began his ministry with this church over 70 years ago and he performed that ministry every day of his life until the day the LORD called him home to GLORY!

I call his glorious ministry "THE 5-70-98" ministry!!!

That precious ministry began when that dear brother was a very young man when a man he worked with at a factory began to speak to him about JESUS and then soon after on a bench outside that factory in Florida as they were eating their lunch Elijah Phillips gave his life to Christ. That night an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and spoke to him about what God wanted him to do as the Bondservant of Jesus and the angel told him that if he would do only what the angel had spoken that God would bless and prosper him, he would never lack for any good thing and he would live a long and joyous life.

The next morning Elijah Phillips went to a bible book store and bought every little printed bible tract the store had. Elijah then had a rubber stamp made with his name and address on it and then went home and stamped all of the bible tracts with that imprint. He then wrote a letter to our beloved founder Dr. Irving O Tarbox and requested to become ordained in this beloved church. Having completed this work he was now ready to begin the ministry that the angel had spoken to him about.

For the next 70 years Elijah Phillips as an Ordained Minister in this beloved outreach missions Church walked every street, every highway, every alley, along every beach and over every road and path all over the Great City of Jacksonville and then all over the state of Florida day after day ....and ...Shouted just these 5 words:…….


Built A Great Ministry For Christ!


As Elijah Phillips walked and shouted those 5 precious words he would hand a bible tract that had Gods plan of Salvation message printed on it to everyone he met and then he... just walked on… Shouting! OH!.. HALLELUJAH!…..JESUS!…..IS!……COMING!!!YES!.. Elijah Phillips was on a life long mission for Christ and the spreading of the Gospel and he never spoke any other words from or about the Bible to anyone his whole life except those 5 WORDS!


But there is more!!!!....

....Elijah Phillips never owned a car, he never wore suits or ties, he never preached from a pulpit to well dressed people sitting on padded church pews, he wore no robes of any office, had no letters behind his name, never went to a bible school, never wrote a sermon, or played silly church games or built soccer teams on the front lawn of a church, he never argued or worried about the rapture or the tribulation period or who, what, where or when it would occur, he never preached on radio or TV, he never asked anyone for a $2,000 dollar pledge, he never promised any 100 fold blessings to anyone for the support of his ministry, nor did he ever jabber like a magpie in tongues, slay anyone in the so called "spirit"!, wear pink wigs or trashy cloths, nor did he burn anyone's debts on a barbecue grill, he was not a hypocrite, or did he ever sit in judgment of anyone's fruit or their work for the cause of Christ. NO! Elijah Phillips never did anything except what God had called him to do and the thing that the angel of the Lord told him he was to do!

YES!… Elijah Phillips did just thatand ….that ..only!!... for over 70 years! Yes! Rain or shine he performed that precious ministry 7 days a week from daylight to dark and as many as 20 hours a day! God began at once to prosper him as people that he handed the little bible tracts to began to send him love gifts each month and he never worked again for anyone except God and the cause of Christ as he daily went forth in spreading the salvational message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and .....JOYFULLY! ....Shouting!!


Elijah Phillips was a great messenger, a Saint of the living God and a faithful man of God! Yes! Elijah Phillips was a man of great abiding and unshakable faith in his calling! He honored God in all things, his word was good, he had honor and respect, he kept his vows, he never lied nor did he live a life of sin and then hide behind the Gospel of Jesus and pretend to be something he was not like so many preaching from the pulpits and TV platforms of America today!

During his street ministry he was often spit on, hit with rocks, bottles and beer cans, he was cursed and called crazy and several times knocked down and beat up by people who hated God and the work that Elijah Phillips was called to do, but Elijah never gave up and he never stopped no matter what adversity or hardship he had to endure! He just walked on in faith for the Glory of God and the cause of Christ!...Oh Hallelujah!!!!....Thank You Jesus!

ELIJAH PHILLIPS!... was a true man of honor and labored his whole life for the cause of Christ and never asked anyone for anything.......no!..HE JUST TRUSTED GOD! and Honored Him and was always led by the Holy Spirit and having put his hand to the plow never looked back or made excuses about his calling or not Honoring God in all things! YES! The Reverend Elijah Phillips always lovingly and faithfully communicated with his brothers and sisters in this glorious church and he never missed a month for over 70 glorious years and he would always place more than the 10th of the first fruits of his labor into the storehouse of God in this his beloved church just as God commands of all believers in him to do so that the work of our Lords Kingdom and the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the mission fields of the world can continue to go forth! Many today have not and live just on the edge of poverty because they give nothing to the work of the cross and fail to Honor GOD in all things!.....they have a form of Godliness but deny the POWER and the PROMISES of the LIVING GOD ...thereof!

Elijah Phillips faith in Honoring God with his unselfish and precious gifts helped our founding father to build three orphanages and helped to feed thousands of poor people, provide a home for thousands of little children, lifted up dying little lepers from the stinking ditches of India, Mexico and other leprosy missions fields all over the world! YES! Elijah Phillips helped to heal the sick and broken hearted and helped to spread the Gospel all over the world as our founder ordained and fielded honorable ministers, missionaries and great God called men and women of the Gospel all over the world and I was one of those men that became ordained as an evangelist in this glorious Church in 1976 and in 1979 when I was called by a church near Jacksonville to come and preach the Gospel I had the wonderful blessings of meeting the great Elijah Phillips and I spent two precious days walking with him upon the streets and shouting right along with him!!!....


What are you doing for Christ today??? Are there no streets for you to walk down? are there no roads for you to walk upon?….are there no hungry for you to feed?, are there no sick for you to lay hands on and pray for?....are there no homeless, is there no one for you to speak to about the saving grace of JESUS? Are there no sinners to be saved??? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO THIS DAY AND HOUR FOR CHRIST??? If you really know Him and Love Him you will do something!...and do it now!

OR!!! Are you one of
those who think you have to know everything about the Bible before you can begin a great work for Christ, or do you think you have to have a big building or fine clothes or a new car to reach the lost for Christ or to preach HIS Gospel?…if you do you are on the wrong track and you need to pray that God will give you the unshakable faith of an Elijah Phillips who ......SPOKE ONLY 5 WORDS!, For 70 YEARS! and LIVED to be 98 !!! and God prospered him everyday and he never lacked for any good thing for he was indeed the BONDSERVANT of JESUS!....and when his time came to go home to be with Jesus that same angel of the Lord I know carried him home to the bosom of Christ Jesus!..........Oh Hallelujah!........Jesus Is Coming!

We cannot know, but God does how many thousands gave their lives to
Christ because of the faith of this great man of God!
Where is your Faith Today?

OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH! What Have You Struggled? What Have You Sacrificed? What Have You Given?... OH!... What Have You Done For Jesus??? If it has been NOTHING or BEGRUDGINGLY and SELFISHLY Little.....then you cannot be HIS!

"Go Into The Highways And Hedges And Compel Them To Come In"
I send unto each of you this day and hour all of my love and affection and I thank God for your faithful witness for Christ and the love you have for this your church and a beloved family member in this family of God called and led men and women of the cross and we give unto Jesus this day and hour all of the Praise, all of the Honor, all of the Victory and
all of the GLORY!....from the age to the ages!...now and forever!...Amen & Amen!
Dr. Davy Ray Kendrick
A Bondservant Of Jesus
Bishop Of The Church & World Missions Director
First Church Of The Gospel Ministry

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