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The Word Of God In The King James
AV -1611 Bible!

Dr. Davy
The Modern Day So Called Bible Societies Are Really Little More Than Book
Companies Who Think They Have To Come Up With New Versions
Of The Bible So They Can Sell More Books That Look Like
Bibles To The Masses!
$$$It's All About Money & Profits $$$

There is indeed one factor that has caused without a doubt the worst and most serious problems in the world that has brought about so much conflict throughout the Christian world and the dividing of our Christian brothers and sisters all over the globe from the unity that we as Christians should have and that the Bible calls for all believers in Christ Jesus to come out from among them and into the unity of Christ. That factor and devilish division comes about over the question of what version of the Bible is the true and living word of GOD??? Are all books that look like Bibles.... the true Word of God? Can you find Christ and salvation in all the these books and different so called translations? Can you really come into the full knowledge of the TRUTH!....and can you be fed by the HOLY SPIRIT in all of them?

One of the greatest tricks of the devil has been to use Bible Society's, bible book companies, theologians, professors and so called Bible translators to write many books that look like the Bible as they have made very subtle changes here and there to alter the Word and it's HOLY meaning. Every Bible company and Bible Society who periodically come out and promote so called new translations are really just nothing more than book salesmen who are ready, willing and able to prostitute the word of God in order to sell books that look like bibles and their sales pitch is always the same when it comes to so called "NEW TRANSLATIONS" .....They give the same old tired and wore out worldly and money hungry old bible sales pitch every time that always contains a statement like: "NOW YOU CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE WITH THIS ALL NEW TRANSLATION!!!"

IT's All Just....Eyewash to get you to buy a book that looks like the Bible but is nothing more than the devil hard at work to cheat you out of what God really wants you to have which is THE KING JAMES 1611 and THE KING JAMES......HOLY BIBLE!..........Because it is... HOLY!!!... pure and came out of the mouth of The Living GOD and not the mind or understanding of man!

To sell these bastardly books of the devil they even add to and take away from the truth
as they cut up, cut out and recompile the Living Word Of God to suit their own beliefs and to satisfy the world and it's evil ways so that they can enjoy brisk sales of their latest hell bound, bastardly and deceitful translations! These charlatans of these Bible societies have joined with the devil so they and the devil can destroy the Word of God and in doing so, the devil can destroy the plan of salvation by the Word of the living GOD! Satan knows how salvation comes for all, by faith and of hearing.... THE WORD!!! If he can stop the Word, he can stop the light of truth. The fact is that 99.9% of all the lies of the devil now being preached from the pulpits of untold thousands of pulpits and from the mouths of the unholy money grubbing 100 fold make a pledge coat shaking, tongue jabbering TV evangelist come forth from these bastardly books that are now called..... "Bibles!"

LISTEN! It can't be the Word of God if it has been changed, altered or added to, or any part left out. If man has his hand in it, and rewrites it, it is not the Word of God. God does not need the help of any man in His plan of salvation or in the giving of HIS word, the doctrine of hell or any of God's laws or promises! God wrote every line and every word in the Bible in the language it was needed, when it was needed. He can also preserve it even in this the final days! It is working, and there is only one - true word of the living God and it can only be found in ......The KING JAMES BIBLE & The KING JAMES-1611 Bible!

We as the Bondservants of Jesus in these final harvest days must see the wisdom of God to keep only one Bible as His TRUE Word. We must stand up and be counted for God's true Word. We must follow its derivation from Sahidic, Hebrew and Greek, from Byzantine to Greek to Textus Receptus, to the King James 1611 translation of the originals. When God inspired the writers of the old testament and the Apostles to write the new testament that we have, he also preserved the Word until today and will till the very last day that man is to live upon this earth! He inspired it through the Holy Ghost, each book written by each writer in the language of the time it was needed. With each period of time and language change, He picked the people, and again, by the Holy Spirit, He put it in the proper language for all mankind and did so in the AV King James 1611!

There is only one true Word of God... Today and that is in the English translation of God's Word is the King James & the KING JAMES AV- 1611 Bible. It's called the King James Bible because a King, a Christian, was moved to appoint scholars of Greek and Hebrew to translate the Bible into English so that all could read and understand! They took Greek and Hebrew and translated it into English by the true meaning of the words. They did not change it or add to it or take away from it. They did not follow some denominational church meaning, nor of any mans meaning , understanding or thoughts of what man thinks God said or some theologian, professor or the thousands of other sin filled lies and ideas of man! The Holy Ghost guided them. The King James Version has been around for hundreds of years. It came out of the Dark Ages and the Reformation. Many saints were saved by it. Many good teachers used it. THINK ABOUT IT!.... why do greek and hebrew scholars use it today as a copy of the originals??? You have to take a faith step as in all things on the record of the King James & the KJ AV- 1611 bible and stand on it and by faith trust in it and it only!

The Devils Bastard Versions and the new Bible translations that are coming out today are not of God. The devil is slowly changing it so that soon you will not be able to recognize it at all. There are many copies, different interpretations; versions, translations, revisions and cut out and cut up versions out there in the world this very day. The one thing we as true followers of Christ Jesus our LORD must remember is that if God inspired one Bible for His Word, all others are not of God but of men. We know man has changed the Word. He has added to it, taken from it, and changed it to fit his belief. When these changes take place time and again, then the product that comes out of these delusions of so called translations is is not inspired but are little more than a Bastards version of the true and unchangeable word of the living God!....and they are of hell and the devil is thier author!

LISTEN!..If it comes out of the sin filled mind of man and not God, thus it is uninspired and it can save no one and lead no one in the LIVING TRUTH! All of these Bastards versions of the word of God teaches another Christ, another gospel, and each new translation is accursed. Man cannot improve on God's Word. Man cannot improve on it in any form. The Greek and Hebrew language is still the same today as it was in the day that God inspired the writers of HIS Living Word to write it!. There is no better meaning. These hellish bible societies and their so called translators all deny that God left us a true copy for today.

Only the Holy Spirit can teach God's true Word and that is why early Christians used the King James AV 1611 Bible and you can see how many lives were changed by it. Only God's Living word can do that, not man's. Why would you want more than one Bible????, or to use another book that is close to the originals? Watch out for Satan and man in these the final harvest days for God's Word is being changed and many are being deceived and will suffer the eternal fire and torment of a living hell that is reserved for all who have changed and prostituted God's word under the direction of Satan who comes to kill, steal and to destroy even God's true word!

The (NKJ)New King James is one of the most sinful, cut up and bastardly versions of God 's word that has ever been printed in modern times!

Here's A Few Examples Of This HELLISH.... so called Translation!
The NKJV removes the word "Lord" 66 times!

The NKJV removes the word "God "51 times!

The NKJV removes the word "Heaven" 50 times!

In just the New Testament alone the NKJV removes 2,289 words from the KJV!

The facts are clear the NKJV makes over 100,000 word changes and most will match the NIV, NASV, RSV, or RSV and each of them is another cut up and cut out version of the Bible brought about by the hand of the devil!

There are many false professors, theologians and so called "Christians" having the spirit of the anti-Christ and we are warned in the Bible to be on the lookout for they are indeed operating today in abundance among the bible translation and religious Bible societies! Many religions talk of God, of Christ, of faith and of works, of the Law, worship, etc.; but only one Bible talks for the real Jesus and what He did for us and the full truth of God's HOLY WORD and of Jesus Christ is to be found fully just as it was written in the King James 1611 Bible! You add nothing but faith to it. You will believe in Him. You will keep His Word as He wrote it to us! You will live it in love and faith until He calls you home. Take Him as your personal and precious Saviour right now and get into the true word of the living GOD!..........in the KING JAMES & KING JAMES 1611 Bible!

Remember Christianity is not a religion but is a living person!....It is the body of the living Christ and the living body of those who have become the, living loving, true and faithful BONDSERVANTS OF JESUS!

I send unto each you this day and hour the love of Christ Jesus and it is to HIM and HE alone that we give all the PRAISE, all the HONOR, all of the VICTORY and all of the GLORY!..............from the age to the ages!.............now and forever more!....Amen & Amen!

~Dr. Davy
A Bondservant of Jesus!

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